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Africa: Beware of China’s $$$ – NYT commentary
Old Jet Magazines – from 1950 onwards – updated
“I will Follow Him” – by a Nun’s Choir – conductor Andre Rieu – video
Fruits of Trinidad and Tobago – and Guyana
Georgetown. Guyana: Fire destroys Umana Yana
Botlahle: Age 11 – Winner Of South Africa’s Talent 2012 – 3 videos
A Hundred Years Later – by Uri Avnery
Guyana has the highest suicide rate in the World– WHO – UPDATED
White Media Falsely Link Brooklyn Shootings to West Indian Day Parade
Book: British Guiana – By Raymond T. Smith – 1962

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  1. Magazines and Announcements by Guyanese Associations
    1. Guyana Shoe Drive by Guyana Community Outreach Fund – Donate! (NEW)
    2. US Medical Team to visit Buxton on October 30, 2014 (NEW)
    3. GCYA Youth Mentorship Program – Toronto (NEW)
    4. Queen’s College of Guyana celebrates 170th Anniversary
    5. The Queen’s College of Guyana Alumni Asso. (Toronto) – Bursaries for 2014
    6. Report of the 2014 Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission
    7. Guyana Foundation Newsletter – September 2014
    8. Buxton-Friendship Newsletter — September 2014
    9. Blossoms of Guyana requests your help – Please donate!
    10. Guyana Christian Charities requests help for Rev. John O’Conner teaching nurses in Guyana.

    Upcoming Events by Guyanese Associations

    1. Senior Guyanese Friendship Association – Fall Dance – Toronto – October 25, 2014
    2. Caribbean Association of Texas – Fundraising Fete – Plano TX – Oct 25, 2014
    3. Guyana Christian Charities – Bake & Food Sale – Toronto – October 26, 2014
    4. Alliance of Guyanese Canadian Organizations – Casino Rama Trip – Nov 1, 2014
    5. BCOCCA presents: “Taking Our Health to Heart” – 08 Nov 2014- Vancouver BC (NEW)
    6. Guyana Ex-Police Assn of Canada Brunch – Toronto – November 9, 2014
    7. XGDF Association NY – Black & White Affair – Nov.15, 2014
    8. Guyanese Pioneer Fund-Raising Group: Pre-Xmas Brunch -Toronto- Nov 23, 2014
    9. DCMCO – Black Tie Dinner & Awards Ceremony – Lanham MD. – Nov 28, 2014
    10. Last Friday Oldies in London – 20th Anniversary – November 28-29, 2014
    11. Guyanese Old Hits & Blue Ribbon Farewell Dance – London – December 6, 2014
    12. Guyana Ex-Soldiers Asso – Canada – Xmas Dinner/Dance – December 6, 2014
    13. Ex GTC/GT&T Members Association NY – Holiday Dance – December 20, 2014 (NEW)
    14. Jahrusalem Christmas Dance – Toronto – December 20, 2014
    15. COTAB Annual Xmas Dance – Toronto – December 27, 2014 (NEW)

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Guyana’s no-confidence vote: “A common fight must have a common strategy” – David Hinds

Commentary: A common fight must have a common strategy: The fate of Guyana’s no-confidence vote
Published on October 27, 2014

Dr. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

By Dr David Hinds

Many people have asked me why, despite their legislative majority, the opposition in Guyana has, since 2001, allowed the PPP and its executive government to out-maneuver them. They are of course referring to the latest confusion surrounding the AFC-sponsored no-confidence vote.

Dr David Hinds, a political activist and commentator, is also an Associate Professor of Caribbean and African Diaspora Studies at Arizona State University. Send comments to More of his writings can be found on his website. Continue reading

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 29 October 2014

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos –  29 October 2014

  • Scandal-hit Anil Nandall has no plans to resign
  • AG suing Kaieteur News over recorded phone conversation
  • Ramotar says “foolish” for Local Gov’t polls given No-Confidence motion
  • Date to be announced this week for reconvening of National Assembly
  • Amerindian leaders in town for biennial conference
  • Sports
  • Anil Nandlall must go; opposition
  • Former Presidential Adviser on the Environment dead
  • Shot Woman clinging on to life
  • Queen’s College celebrates 170th anniversary
Scandal-hit Nandall has no plans to resign  Posted: 29 Oct 2014 01:09 PM PDT
AG suing Kaieteur News over recorded phone conversation   Posted: 29 Oct 2014 01:08 PM PDT   Continue reading

Dialogue with Wilson Harris – by Stanley Greaves – November 2014 Georgetown

Painting Exhibition

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Pilot error caused 2011 plane crash in Guyana, says report

Pilot error caused 2011 plane crash in Guyana, says report
Published on October 27, 2014 – from Trinidad Express

Flashback: The Boeing 737-800 Caribbean Airlines jet which overshot the runway and burst through a perimeter fence after arriving at Georgetown’s Cheddi Jagan Airport. No one on board the jet was killed when it crashed in July 2011

By Curtis Rampersad

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — A Caribbean Airlines (CAL) aircraft crashed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) in Guyana in 2011 because of a number of factors, including a lack of effective communication in the cockpit, an official report released in the South American country has said.

CAL said on Friday the captain of the Boeing 737 flight remains employed as a first officer.

The former first officer left the airline in 2012.

A CMC report out of Georgetown said on Friday that country’s Ministry of public works said it hoped the findings into the July 30 crash of the Boeing 737-800 with 157 passengers and a six-member crew on board, will aid in preventing aircraft accidents.  Continue reading

What need is there for General Elections in Guyana Now? – By Hubert Williams

By Hubert Williams

Boston, Massachusetts, October 23, 2014 — I wonder at the need for general elections in the Co-operative Republic of Guyana in the immediate future? Campaigning will very likely revive old animosities, fan new hatreds, bring fear to many, possible death to some, likely cause considerable social dislocation and property destruction, and create an environment unattractive to badly needed-foreign investment. And after the poll, it is going to be the “same-old same-old”. Even if, perchance, there is a change in majority party, hasn’t the country had its fill of musical chairs?

Yet all the visible signs indicate the country’s major political groups are preparing for a poll: published statements from relevant quarters declare that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is ready, willing, waiting, and able.

It seems the country is approaching a dangerous time. Evidently, each party’s leaders are hoping to emerge with a clear majority so that they can ‘rule’ and reap the spoils of being in ‘office’ (Caribbean politicians usually say ‘power’). It would demonstrate such maturity to negotiate an effective national coalition without holding general elections, but have local government elections not held since 1994. Continue reading

Brazil’s Rousseff wins reelection to serve a second term -updated


This is an updated report of the elections in Brazil.

Originally posted on Guyanese Online:

Brazil’s presidential election – A riven country
Oct 27th 2014, 3:54 BY J.P. | SÃO PAULO – The Economist

brazil elections

Click to enlarge

IT WAS a wild ride. After a tight and tetchy race, marked by innumerable twists and turns, Brazil’s left-wing president, Dilma Rousseff, was re-elected on October 26th to a second four-year term with 51.6% of valid votes. Aécio Neves, of the centre-right opposition, notched up 48.4%. It is the fourth election in a row won by her Workers’ Party (PT). But her margin of victory is the slimmest in Brazilian electoral history.

Perhaps Ms Rousseff’s victory was inevitable. Only three Latin American presidents have lost re-election bids in the past three decades. Odds are stacked in favour of incumbents, with all the machinery of power and patronage at their disposal. Ms Rousseff can point to record-low unemployment, rising wages and falling inequality under the PT’s watch. But Mr…

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Indians stashing ‘black money,’ beware. High court wants your name

Indians stashing ‘black money,’ beware. High court wants your names

Supreme Court in Delhi tells lawmakers that a list of secret foreign bank account holders that may be hiding illegal funds must be handed over


The Government of India submitted the list of all black money account holders to the Supreme Court on Wednesday as directed. Attorney General of India Mukul Rohatgi said that the government has submitted a list of around 627 names who have their accounts in HSBC bank. He added that all assessments have to be completed by 31st March 2015. The sealed covers will be opened by SIT which will proceed according to law after opening the seals.

Christian Science Monitor By Syed Nazakat – October 28, 2014 7:45 PM
The Government of India submitted the list of all black money account holders to the Supreme Court on Wednesday as directed. Attorney General of India Mukul Rohatgi said that the government has submitted a list of around 627 names who have their accounts in HSBC bank. He added that all assessments have to be completed by 31st March 2015. The sealed covers will be opened by SIT which will proceed according to law after opening the seals.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange once said that Indians have more black money stashed in tax havens than any other nationality.  Continue reading



By Dmitri Allicock


Innocence smiles and optional clothes
Water from standpipe slowly flows
O’ sweet water washes the mud away
Guyana’s countryside back in the day
Laughter of simpler times that quiver
Teeth chattered with splashes of shiver

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Guyana mistaken for Guinea in NYC Ebola report – apology requested

Guyana mistaken for Guinea in NYC Ebola report – apology requested

 ISSA  NYC Ebola reportPicture: Congressman Issa on CNN on Sunday Oct. 26, 2014. (CNN image)

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Oct. 27, 2014: A Caribbean American Institute is calling on Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, chair of the House Oversight Committee, to apologize after erroneously stating that the medical doctor who is now hospitalized with Ebola in a New York hospital returned from “Guyana” with the disease.

Issa, the U.S. Representative for California’s 49th congressional district at a House Oversight hearing on the US’ Ebola response on Friday, October 24th in Washington, D.C., three times misstated the country where the outbreak of Ebola originated was Guyana. The first time he stated: “… in the West African nation of Guyana, the world first learned about yet another new outbreak of the Ebola virus” several months ago. Continue reading

Canada to get first national Caribbean television station

Canada to get first national Caribbean television station
Published on October 22, 2014-

TORONTO, Canada – Fitzroy Gordon, founder and president of Toronto-based radio station G98.7FM “The Way We Groove,” has been granted approval from the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to operate a national television station focused on airing programs for the black and Caribbean population of Canada.

news2.jpg “For years the black and Caribbean community in Canada has expressed the need to have easier access to media that reflects their identity, culture, values and issues. By obtaining approval to establish this television station we have taken a significant step in bringing this shared vision to life,” said Gordon. Continue reading


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