Top posts October 2014 – Top 20 of 498 posts

Top posts October 2014 – Top 20 of 498 posts

TOP 20 – Most popular of 498 entries. Full List: Most Popular October 2014

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  4. Fruits of Trinidad and Tobago – and Guyana
  5. “I will Follow Him” – by a Nun’s Choir – conductor Andre Rieu – video
  6. Five-star gated community being built at Providence
  7. Africa: Beware of China’s $$$ – NYT commentary
  8. Little Guyana, an Indo-Guyanese enclave in Queens
  9. Queen’s College of Guyana celebrates 170th Anniversary  Continue reading



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Guyana floods update: Country braces for more heavy rains – 22 November 2014

Country braces for more heavy rains

November 22, 2014 | By |    …as city grapples with flood aftermath
City still under water following Thursday's flooding.

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Businesses and civilians in Georgetown and surrounding areas are still grappling with the effects of the major flood which occurred on Thursday. Even as many are counting their losses, there is the promise of more heavy rainfall in the upcoming days.

Thousands of Guyanese in the capital city, and other coastal districts, awoke on Thursday to find their homes and environs inundated. This was caused by incessant overnight rainfall. The inclement weather also forced the closure of both public and private schools for the remainder of the week.

Checks around the city yesterday by this newspaper revealed that civilians and business persons are still reeling from damages to their homes and entities. Several persons, who spoke to Kaieteur News, said they tried to take swift action to decrease the damage associated with floods. Continue reading

Guyana Sugar: GuySuCo on track to meet annual target

GuySuCo on track to meet annual target

November 19, 2014 | By | Filed Under News

With four weeks left before the crop closes, Government says it is confident that the 216,000-tonne sugar target

Agriculture Minister,  Dr. Leslie Ramsammy

Dr. Leslie Ramsammy

originally set for this year will be reached. As a matter of fact, Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy says the country is likely to meet the 200,000-tonne mark by next week.

Last year, the industry fell to a 23-year low of just 187,000 tonnes. But with a better than expected first crop, the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) had earlier this year confidently revised the target upwards to 219,000 tonnes.

“We have enough cane in the fields, and therefore once we have the right weather, I have no doubt that we will be able to meet that target. I am hopeful that by the end of next week we will surpass the 200,000-tonne target mark,” Ramsammy said in a Government-released statement. Continue reading

The Thinking That Drives the PPP – By David Hinds

The thinking behind the Proroguing of Guyana’s Parliament: What drives the PPP?

Dr. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

Calls by Dr. Rupert Roopnarine and Ms.Lurlene Nestor, members of the opposition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU),  for boycott of the Guyana Times and the State media and businesses  that aid the PPP’s authoritarian rule respectively have drawn swift and sustaining  vitriol from the PPP, its sympathizers , Guyana Times and the State media.

Why this outcry from the PPP and its friends over two routine non-violent calls to action from opposition figures? Boycotts are standard fare in the politics of protest all over the world. It has been used in Guyana by all parties, including the PPP. Most of the time it is an ineffective tool of mobilization; it serves more as a threat against opponents. So why is the PPP making a big deal over these two calls? The answer lies in an understanding of two levels of PPP’ thinking—the sub text behind what appears as normal politics.   Continue reading

Five Million Down.. Another 6.5 Million More To Go

Five Million Down.. Another 6.5 Million More To Go

By Felicia J. Persaud

Obama - Immigration announcementPhoto: President Obama announces executive action on immigration from the East Room of the White House on Nov. 20, 2014.

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 21, 2014: One hundred and two open letters to President Barack Obama, undocumented youth risking arrest and deportation each time they occupied offices of members of Congress; parents who participated in direct actions and sit-ins in front of the White House; countless immigrant activists, and organizations rallying the President and Democrats, all came down to Thursday night, November 20th, and excitement over the long overdue and much publicized executive immigration action announcement.

For some five million undocumented immigrants in the U.S., Thanksgiving came early. It now means an opportunity to apply for a work permit and travel documents and step out of the so-called shadows and into the light.  Continue reading

Victoria Kings and Queens Black Tie Fundraiser – Brooklyn NY – Dec. 27, 2014

Victoria _Kings and Queens -Dec 27

Click photo to enlarge

 Victoria Kings and Queens Black Tie Fundraiser – Brooklyn NY – December 27, 2014

Info – Call 347.513.2866

MP Community Hall. 407 Remsen Ave. Brooklyn

Between Lenox & East 58th on Kings Hwy.




Multi-stakeholder flood control committee required.

November 21, 2014 | By KNews | Features / Columnists, Peeping Tom

When people’s homes are under water; when their lives are disrupted because of floods; when they suffer losses because of inundation, there is bound to be high levels of frustration.
In such scenarios, it is often the practice of those affected, egged on by the “specialists” that we have in the media, to cast blame. This is in part a human reaction and even a rational reaction.

The blame game is not going to help the present situation. What is not needed also is a re-analysis of the causes of the flooding. What is equally not required is propaganda showing that other countries in the world are experiencing adverse weather conditions. What is needed is action, collective action.

Certain things, however, must be made clear. A national clean-up exercise which expends hundreds of millions of dollars is not a flood control plan.   Continue reading

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 20 November, 2014

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 20 November, 2014

  • NOT ENOUGH Done by authorities to prevent flooding
  • Government failed Citizens – APNU
  • No talks outside of Parliament – Granger
  • Taxi driver shot during robbery
  • Sports

Click links below to view the TV News videos:

NOT ENOUGH Done by authorities to prevent flooding   Posted: 20 Nov 2014 01:09 PM PST   Continue reading

10 Inspiring Quotes by the Great Nelson Mandela

10 Inspiring Quotes by the Great Nelson Mandela

These quotes are full of the wisdom of this former South African freedom fighter, writer, politican and leader. A wise man and, above all – a peaceful man, Nelson Mandela was a person the world was sad to lose last year. But even if he is no longer around, some of his wisdom will always remain.
nelson mandela quotes Continue reading

Dr. Juliet Emanuel – contributing to the community – By Dr Dhanpaul Narine

 PROFILE of the Week: Dr. Juliet Emanuel, Associate Professor, BMCC/CUNY.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

By Dr Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Juliet Emanuel is a distinguished lady of letters. She attended some of the top schools and what is even more significant is that she has dedicated herself to sharing her knowledge with others. Juliet was born in Kitty in Georgetown, Guyana. Her mom was Mary Rosetta Douglas and her dad was Richard Douglas Joseph Emanuel from New Amsterdam. Juliet has a sister Shirley and a brother Richard.

Juliet attended school in Alberttown and later Kitty Methodist School. She was a bright student and after a stay at Tutorial High School she went to Bishop’s High School. Juliet loved literature but when she was at Tutorial one of her best subjects was geometry. Juliet was attracted to reading biographies and when she discovered Guyanese and Caribbean literature it was the beginning of a wonderful journey. Continue reading

Guyana wins Caribbean Motor Racing Title: CMRC 2014

Jeffrey, Seereeram, Thompson cop top awards in CMRC

November 19, 2014 | By Glitz and glamour inaundate Parc Rayne

The kings of the Caribbean (from left)- Superbike champion Nikhil Seereeram, Group 4 and overall champion Kristian Jeffrey and Group 2 champion Mark Thompson pose for a photo op with their hardware..

Photo: The kings of the Caribbean (from left)- Superbike champion Nikhil Seereeram, Group 4 and overall champion Kristian Jeffrey and Group 2 champion Mark Thompson pose for a photo op with their hardware.. 

Amidst the glitz and glamour that inundated the impressive Parc Rayne Hall with motor racing royalty in attendance, host Guyana easily retained the Caribbean title after amassing the highest aggregate of points over the three legs that the Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship was contested in.

Continue reading


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