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DEAR LAND OF GUYANA-Poems – by Dmitri Allicock


By Dmitri Allicock

Dmitri Allicock


Walk along the rivershore of dreams
Reflection of memories drifting upstream
Voyager of time travel to your heart be true
Pleasant smiles paddling gently in canoe
Woodpecker echoes where clumsy Toucan flies
Fluffy clouds sailing across blue Demerara sky
Green world of dancing sun and wild fruitfulness
Laughing children swimming in fresh waters bless
Distant hums of bauxite mines and passing train  Continue reading

TORONTO TOO COLD – By Bill “Crooner” Newman – music video

TORONTO … TOO COLD FOR ME – By Bill “Crooner” Newman

Published on Mar 31, 2014- Composed and sung by Bill “Crooner” Newman.
Arranged and produced by Ossie Gurley.
Recorded at OSS Studios, Toronto.

Five Signs Solar Power is Taking Over the World – video

Five Signs Solar Power is Taking Over the World

solar panelsThis post originally ran on Juan Cole’s Web page.

Burning fossil fuels (coal, natural gas and oil) is putting 32 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide annually into the atmosphere. Since CO2 is a greenhouse gas that traps heat from the sun on earth and prevents it radiating back out to space, this unprecedented human output is causing climate disruption, a process that will accelerate over the next few decades and will prove extremely costly to human society (if the latter can even survive).

The only energy source that has a hope of fixing this problem and of resolving the coming energy crisis is solar.  The cost of solar panels is falling rapidly, raising the hope that we can put in enough panels quickly enough to avoid the very worst scenario of carbon-induced climate disruption.  (I put in 16 Enphase microinverter panels at my place this winter and they generated 120 kilowatt hours in the past week; my house and electric car averaged 150 kilowatt hours usage per week last month; and that is in Michigan at the tail end of winter).

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Sharon Maas comes to Karanambu, North Rupununi Guyana

Karanambu- North Rupununi

Karanambu- North Rupununi. Guyana

Sharon Maas comes to Karanambu - Karanambu Trust and Lodge

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sharon Maas a very accomplished Guyanese writer.
She is the author of “Of Marriageable Age”, the first book we ever gave Diane. It became one of Di’s favorites too! As it also happens, Sharon is a very dear friend of Salvador’s! They spent years together traveling as adolescents and young adults. And although it had been 30 years since they last saw each other, Sharon and Andrea had been corresponding. Sharon was returning to Guyana after several years to visit her Mother, Eileen Cox.   Continue reading

Gratitude: The Gift Of Life – by Louie Schwartzberg – video

Gratitude: The Gift Of Life – by Louie Schwartzberg

Nature’s beauty can be easily missed — but not through Louie Schwartzberg’s lens. His stunning time-lapse photography, accompanied by powerful words from Benedictine monk Brother David Steindl-Rast, serves as a meditation on being grateful for every day. (Filmed at TEDxSF.)

Louie Schwartzberg is an award-winning cinematographer, director and producer who captures breathtaking images that celebrate life — revealing connections, universal rhythms, patterns and beauty.

Learn more about Louie and Moving Art at


Our thanks to contributor Clyde Duncan for submitting this entry.

Why So Much Anarchy? – By Robert D. Kaplan – commentary

Why So Much Anarchy?

Ukraine protests -2014

Ukraine protests -2014

By Robert D. Kaplan  - STRATFOR

Twenty years ago, in February 1994, I published a lengthy cover story in The Atlantic Monthly, “The Coming Anarchy: How Scarcity, Crime, Overpopulation, Tribalism, and Disease are Rapidly Destroying the Social Fabric of Our Planet.”

I argued that the combination of resource depletion (like water), demographic youth bulges and the proliferation of shanty towns throughout the developing world would enflame ethnic and sectarian divides, creating the conditions for domestic political breakdown and the transformation of war into increasingly irregular forms — making it often indistinguishable from terrorism.   Continue reading

UK’s January flooding surpasses 247 years of records

UK’s  January flooding surpasses 247 years of records 

Article image

As California sees the future impacts of climate change playing out in the form of epic drought on one side of the globe, across the map in the U.K. residents are seeing an opposite but related climate effect: Severe and unprecedented flooding.

According to the world’s longest-running weather station, the Radcliffe Meteorological Station at Oxford University, more rain fell there in January than during any winter month since daily recording started in 1767. Total rainfall last month was around 5.8 inches, more than three times the average.  Continue reading

EU to give G$4b for sea defences but conditions have to be met

EU to give G$4b for sea defences but conditions have to be met

(Stabroek  News  - January 31, 2014 ) –  Guyana’s besieged sea defences are in line for a G$4b injection from the European Union but it will first require the government spending G$5.5b over the next three years and fulfilling a host of conditions.

A release from the European Union office here said that the Government of Guyana, represented by Minister of Finance and National Authorising Officer, Dr. Ashni Singh, on January 31, signed the Financing Agreement for the 10th EDF Sea and River Defence Sector Budget Support Programme, valued at €14.8M (US$19.7m) at the Ministry of Finance. The Head of the EU Delegation to Guyana, Ambassador Robert Kopecký and Minister of Public Works and Communications,  Robeson Benn, witnessed the signing. The Agreement was signed in EU HQ in Brussels by Jolita Butkeviciene, Director for Latin America and Caribbean of the European Commission’s Directorate for Development and Cooperation.

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A Sanctified Bridge – By Dmitri Allicock

A sanctified bridge

A Sanctified Bridge

By Dmitri Allicock

Deep within the realms of flickering reflections
Lives a bridge amidst life’s wondrous connections

A cherish palladium of the world of yesteryear

And sacred script of precious times held so dear

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Green Valley of Guyana – by Dmitri Allicock

Green Valley


By Dmitri Allicock

Receding crags and misty foothill slopes O mighty Roraima

A thousand precipices transcends to the valley of the Kanima

Lapses into a sea of leafy harmonies and botanical luxuriant

Gushing rapids carves ancient strata with frothy braided torrent


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