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Smart kids’ life advice – Playlist (7 video talks)

Playlist (7 talks)

Smart kids’ life advice

These young speakers encourage us to ask bold questions, think creatively and dream big. It’s spot-on life advice that adults may just want to listen to.

Playlist (7 talks): Smart kids’ life advice

  • 8:12

    Child prodigy Adora Svitak says the world needs “childish” thinking: bold ideas, wild creativity and especially optimism. Kids’ big dreams deserve high expectations, she says, starting with grownups’ willingness to learn from children as much as to teach.

Feeding the Homeless – Prank It FWD – video

Feeding the Homeless – Prank It FWD

We pulled a HUGE surprise for about 50 homeless people, and it was awesome! :-)

Grounding your body improves your health

GROUNDING Article/Documentary

Story at-a-glance

  • Walking barefoot on the Earth transfers free electrons from the Earth’s surface into your body that spread throughout your tissues providing beneficial effects. This process is called ‘grounding.’
  • Grounding has been shown to relieve chronic pain, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, thin your blood, enhance well-being and much, much more
  • Wearing plastic- or rubber-soled shoes effectively disconnects you from the Earth’s natural electron flow
  • In the Grounded documentary, you’ll hear first-hand accounts from residents of Haines, Alaska who have overcome chronic pain, sleep apnea and much more simply by getting grounded Continue reading

Pope Francis’ top 10 tips for happiness

Pope Francis’ top 10 tips for happiness


Pope Francis

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, Tuesday August 5, 2014 – Pope Francis’ reputation for being approachable and down-to-earth has earned him the soubriquet “The People’s Pope” and factored significantly into his choice by Time magazine as their Person of the Year 2013. “In a matter of months,” the Time profile said, “Francis has elevated the healing mission of the church — the church as servant and comforter of hurting people in an often harsh world — above the doctrinal police work so important to his recent predecessors.”

Now, Pope Francis has outlined a ten-point plan for happiness. The Top 10 list appeared in an interview for the Argentine magazine Viva, which was released to celebrate the Pope’s first 500 days in office.   Continue reading

The Caribbean Voice is tackling suicide in Guyana – press release

Caribbean Voice LogoContact: Annan Boodram                                                Press Release

718-542-4454, 646-461-0574,       Norkah Carter at

 The Caribbean Voice is tackling suicide in Guyana

 New York City (June 28, 2014): Suicide seems to be fast becoming the ultimate answer for every kind of interpersonal problem in Guyana, usually catalyzed by alcoholism, domestic abuse and other forms of violence, dysfunctional and triangular relationships and teenage pregnancy.  In fact, Guyana has the second highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the Caribbean.

The average Guyanese drinker consumes 13.7 liters of pure alcohol each year with 6.1% of the population considered heavy drinkers and of the more than 60 percent of women who were involved in a relationship or union, 27.7 percent reported physical abuse, 26.3 percent had experienced verbal abuse and 12.7 percent experienced sexual violence.   Continue reading

The Census and its Political Implications – By Ralph Ramkarran


Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Posted on July 12, 2014 by Ralph Ramkarran

 The census figures substantially confirm the analysis I made in an article “The Future of the PPP” published in November, 2012. I had argued at that time that declining Indian population had an impact on the election results of 2011, having regard to ethnic voting patterns. I had also indicated that the effect of a slowly decreasing Indian population could be seen in voting patterns and results since 1992. The census results show that in Region 6, a stronghold of the PPP, the population declined by 15,000 at the end of 2012. Adding Regions 5 and 3, also strongholds of the PPP, there was a total decline of 20,000 persons.

There was no publication of figures indicating the sizes of the various ethnic groups in Guyana. I had predicted at that time that the Indian population is likely to have gone below 40 percent. The census of 2002 showed the Indian population to be 42 percent and I had based my prediction on the prior rate of decline. I do not know the reason for the non-publication of these figures but it is quite possible that it is because the Indian population is now below 40 percent. Continue reading

Rtd Major Joseph Skeete of the Guyana Defence Force, has died

Rtd Major Joseph Skeete (Joe or Archie) of the Guyana Defence Force, has died.

Naj Joseph Skeete

Maj Joseph Skeete

Rtd Major Joseph Skeete transitioned from this life on Thursday, July 9, 2014.  Joseph Skeete was also a former Master Mariner (Ship’s Captain) at ESSO Standard Oils. He adjusted to life as a quadriplegic and was extremely successful … a great lesson to us all.  Here are some details of his life at the GDF, and later after he retired:

On January 9, 1967 the Maritime Arm of the Guyana Defence Force was established. On its formation it had strength of one Officer and twenty two (22) other Ranks. SPO St Lewis the longest serving member of the Coast Guard was amongst the twenty-two (22) other Ranks. The Unit was originally located in Ayanganna and was accommodated in close proximity to the gym.

This unit was first commanded by Lt Joseph Skeete who was responsible for organising such administrative duties like grass cutting to instituting routine Coast Guard operations. In 1969, during a joint military exercise between the GDF and the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guards, he dove into shallow and muddy waters, hitting his head on a tree stump that was not visible from the surface. Twenty-six-year-old Skeete suffered irreversible damage to his spinal column and from then on has had to adjust to life as a quadriplegic.  Continue reading

The sex-starved marriage: Michele Weiner-Davis at TEDxCU- video

The sex-starved marriage: Michele Weiner-Davis at TEDxCU

Published on Apr 29, 2014

Michele Weiner-Davis is a renowned relationships expert, having appeared on many major network TV shows. Hear her advice to improve the relationships in our lives, current or future.

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                   MOTHER’S DAY GREETINGS

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  Mother’s Day Speech – by Randall Butisingh – 1912-2012


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