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GCA September 2014 Magazine – featuring Folk Festival 2014

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GCA September 2014 Magazine

PAGE 3-17: Folk Festival Season editorial & in pictures
PAGE 18-19: Commentary from Dhanpaul Narine
PAGE 20-24: Amerindian Heritage Month
PAGE 25-26: A call to action
PAGE 27-30: Convocation-Institute of Creative Arts
PAGE 31: St. Gabriels International Day 2014

September Editor: Lear Matthews

Homeless Woman Receives $1.5M After CHP Beating Caught on Video

Homeless Woman Receives $1.5 Million After CHP Beating Caught on Video


A homeless woman agreed to settle when two conditions were met. The first condition was enough money to take care of her for the rest of her life, and the second was to protect others from the CHP officer.

A homeless woman suffering from a mental disorder received $1.5 million after a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer was caught on video using excessive force against her. As part of the settlement, CHP Officer Daniel L. Andrew was forced to resign to prevent him from endangering other citizens under color of authority. Continue reading

The changing face of Caribbean migration

The changing face of Caribbean migration
September 26, 2014- Caribbean 360 – By Jewel Fraser
Ruth Osman
Picture: Ruth Osman, 35 – a Guyanese migrant living in Trinidad and Tobago, is one of thousands of women taking advantage of CARICOM’S migration scheme for skilled workers. (Credit: Ruth Osman)
PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, Friday September 26, 2014, IPS – Ruth Osman is attractive and well-groomed in tailored slacks and a patterned blouse, topped by a soft jacket worn open. Her demeanour and polished accent belie the stereotypical view that most Caribbean nationals have of Guyanese migrants.
As a Guyanese migrant living in Trinidad, the 35-year-old is one of thousands of Guyanese to have taken the plunge over the past decade, since the free movement clause of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) regime granted skilled persons the right to move and work freely throughout the region.   
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Capitol News – TV Video reports – 23 September 2014

Capitol News – TV Video reports – 23 September 2014

  • Travelspan to close operations
  • Opposition protests delay in Elections
  • AFC calls for the head of GRA to resign
  • Policeman who lost leg hopes to win in Court
  • Sex Allegations: Speaker files law-suit
  • Rohee says he is not too weak
  • One Billion Rising focuses on protecting women
  • Online streaming of the national assembly
  • Sports
Travelspan to close operations  –  Posted: 23 Sep 2014 03:15 PM PDT –

After restarting its operations here with high expectations this newscast understands that travel span will soon be grounding operations. The airline over the past month or so has encountered many cancelations and flight delays.  But this newscast understands that the airline is having problems with its co partner Vision Airlines that might be financial in […]  Continue reading

Feeding the Homeless – Prank It FWD – video

Feeding the Homeless – Prank It FWD

We pulled a HUGE surprise for about 50 homeless people, and it was awesome! :-)

Artist donates replica of flag to Guyana consulate in NY – By Tangerine Clarke

Artist donates replica of flag to Guyana consulate – 

By Tangerine Clarke – Caribbean Life -NYC

Jonathan Locke

Jonathan Locke

A skillfully crafted replica of Guyana’s national flag – the Golden Arrowhead, now hangs on the wall of the Guyana Consulate of New York, thanks to the generosity of Jonathan Locke, a son of the soil.   Enlarge this image

Locke, a recipient of the Certificate of Excellence for Home & Office Cabinetry from the Association of American Institution of Architects, presented the three feet tall, five feet wide wooden artwork to Consul General Brentnold Evans during a recent reception in Manhattan.  Continue reading

THE THREE PRINCES, E-book #8, – by Peter Halder

THE THREE PRINCES, E-book #8, – by Peter Halder

the three princesTHE THREE PRINCES, E-book #8, by Peter Halder combines a pair of exciting, breath-taking, action filled fairy tale adventures. The Princes are three brothers who sail the seas in search of adventure which they find. In a far off land, the King’s three daughters are kidnaped by three giants, one with 8 heads, one with 9 and one with 10. In bizarre circumstances, the youngest Prince, assisted by a Fairy, battles all three to rescue the Princesses.

In the second tale, The Prince and The Ice Girl, a beautiful damsel is seized by an Ice Giant and held captive in an ice bubble. A young Prince travels to the Land of Ice, meeting strange adventures on the way, and battles the Ice Giant to rescue the girl. Both tales are filled with strange events, thrills, magic and happy endings.

Click:  Go to Peter Halder’s Blog to Share, comment and order book

Whyyyy Do Women Hate Women?!!!

Originally posted on The Journal:


There’s a new craze in China. A group of women will surround a woman accused of cheating with someone they know and strip her completely naked in the streets whilst kicking slapping, punching and even lobbing great lumps of poo at her!

No judge. No jury.

Just a bunch of vengeful witches. Where is the man she was unfaithful with (allegedly) – Either tucked up at home eating food his wife just made or sleeping with someone else. No justice needed for him apparently.
They even did this in front of a bawling child. No one in 3 video’s I have seen stepped in to help.

The goal? Excessive humiliation.


In the modelling industry, the people maintaining the status quo of photo-shopping women into stick insects and unnecessarily abusing and demoralizing young healthy sized women who want to be models are mostly women, not men.


It is…

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Guyana, Cheddi Jagan & the Cold War – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Originally posted on Three Worlds One Vision:

Cheddi and Janet Jagan - Wedding Photo - Chicago USA 1943Cheddi and Janet Jagan – Wedding Photo – Chicago/USA – 1943
Photo Credit: Cheddi Jagan Research Centre

On Saturday, at the People’s Climate Los Angeles – Building Blocks against Climate Change, I had the opportunity to chat with the leader of the small contingent from the Communist Party USA. I learned that he had visited Guyana in 1967.

In the 1960s, in what was then British Guiana, the Catholic Church had drilled the fear of communism into my young impressionable mind. Those were the days of the Cold War. With their dread of the Soviet Union and fear of another Cuba in their backyard, the US government covertly ousted from power Guyana’s populist East Indian leader, the Marxist Cheddi Jagan.

“I met Cheddi Jagan and his wife, Janet,” the white American male said with pride.

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Ageing with grace, with a grin, and in motion! – By Prof. Henry S. Fraser

Ageing with Grace, with a grin, and in motion

By Prof. Henry S. Fraser

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Wednesday September 10, 2014 - Having just celebrated my 70th birthday, the whole question of ageing and how we do it has been occupying my thoughts a bit more than usual. There are so many things that determine how long we live, and how we live long … that is, how we deal with it, and enjoy it. And the quotes above have a great deal of truth.

Research on ageing has been going on for some time, although attempts to slow or stop it, mostly ridiculous, have been made for millenia. And every day we read reports of new research with evidence of some of the factors that may determine if we drop dead at forty, live like a sick frog to ninety or go out sailing and singing at a hundred and two.  Continue reading


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