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Drug purchases…New GPC invoices contradict Govt’s defence

Billion-dollar drug purchases…New GPC invoices contradict Govt’s defence

JULY 27, 2014 | BY
Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop’s

Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop

Invoices supplied to a New York court by the Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop’s New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation (New GPC) have clearly contradicted the Guyana government’s defence of drug purchases from his company.

Yesterday Head of State, Donald Ramotar, echoed the sentiments of Minister of Health, Bheri Ramsaran. They both tried to defend the purchases from New GPC, which has been supplying Government with drugs to the tune of billions of dollars for 15 years – since 1999 to be exact.Members of Parliament and other pharmaceutical suppliers had raised concerns about the seeming exorbitant prices that the government was paying to the New GPC for drugs.
Reports on the comments by the critics led to the pharmaceutical company taking legal action in the courts of New York, and in Guyana, against Kaieteur News.

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Rodney inquiry – commentary

Rodney inquiry

Dr. Walter RodneyMarch 9, 2014 · Stabroek News – Editorial
The government received justified commendation for announcing last year that a commission of inquiry would be held into the death of Dr Walter Rodney in 1980. Never mind that it has taken two decades for it to reach this point, or that key potential witnesses, not the least of whom is Gregory Smith, are now beyond the reach of earthly interrogation. 
It is unfortunate, of course, that this is likely to be an election year of some variety or other, and the possibility that an inquiry might be seized on for partisan purposes in an election campaign cannot be dismissed out of hand. That said, however, in and of itself there is no reason why 2014 should be ruled out as the year for holding the inquiry if it is handled in a straightforward way.   Continue reading

Amaila Falls: A picture is worth a thousand words – Ralph Seeram

Amaila Falls: A picture is worth a thousand words

OCTOBER 20, 2013 | BY  |

By Ralph Seeram

An overhead view of the dried out Amaila Falls

An overhead view of the dried out Amaila Falls

Just when you think the controversy over the Amaila Falls has died down, another round of doubts about the feasibility of this project has erupted, creating another Public Relations nightmare for the PPP government.

The PPP spent the greater part of this week defending and justifying going forward with the project, in face of doubts created by that iconic picture published by Kaieteur News of a near dried up Amaila Falls— the same falls that the government planned to spend  US$850M. When I saw that picture of a dried up falls, it created doubts in my mind about this project.

My idea of a waterfall is water roaring ferociously over the precipice, cascading down to rocks below, in full fury, certainly not one that flows less than I can urinate figuratively speaking.    Continue reading

Venezuela releases oil research ship arrested in Guyanese waters

Captured survey ship Teknik Perdana with Venezuelan warship

Captured survey ship Teknik Perdana with Venezuelan warship

Venezuela releases oil research ship arrested in Guyanese waters

Tuesday, 15 October 2013 – Demerara Waves

(BBC).-The owners of a US-contracted oil ship which was detained by the Venezuelan navy on Thursday say the vessel has been released.

The Venezuelan navy had boarded the Teknik Perdana on Thursday in disputed waters off the coast of Guyana and sailed it to Venezuela’s Margarita island.

Caracas accused the crew of operating illegally in Venezuelan waters.

Its owners said all 36 crew, among them five US citizens, had been released.    Continue reading

Ruling PPP concludes its 30th Congress in Berbice – no surprises

PPP concludes its 30th Congress in Berbice – no surprises

Capitol News August 5, 2013  – Predictability was the hallmark of this PPP Congress; from its tight control of any dissenting voices, choosing the obvious leaders to run the party, and so much more; but one thing was for sure – it wants back control of the National Assembly.

Leading the charge was General Secretary and Head of State Donald Ramotar. The party chose him to lead it to victory at the last elections; he brought in the worst defeat the party has seen since it took the seat of Government in 1992. Delegates at the Congress have kept their confidence in him nevertheless, scoring him the highest at the elections to elect a new central committee, with former President Bharrat Jagdeo coming in just behind. Now, Ramotar wants to steer the party back to where it should be, majority control of the National Assembly.   Continue reading

Guyana now has until November to amend laws on financial crimes – Ramotar

President Ramotar confirms Guyana now has until November to amend laws governing financial crimes

Speaking in Port of Spain Trinidad, President Donald Ramotar confirmed that Guyana now has until November to come up to speed laws governing the financial crimes of money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Ramotar had dispatched Attorney General Anil Nandlall to Nicaragua where the country was expected to bring the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force up to speed with Guyana’s progress in countering financial crimes.           Continue reading

Gov’t is courting several Airlines to connect Guyana to new destinations – Pres. Ramotar

President Donald Ramotar confirms Administration is courting several Airlines to connect Guyana to new destinations – 13th May 2013

President Donald Ramotar points fingers at Judiciary – video

President Donald Ramotar points fingers at Judiciary

January 23, 2013  Capitol News :

While President Donald Ramotar said his administration supports the independence of the Judiciary, he still has some concerns with the decisions being made against the state.

The President said, he had wanted to make his position known for some time, but did not find any context or authority to do so.    Continue reading

Guyana Diaspora Project – launch by President Ramotar in NYC – video

Wednesday September 26,2012. NYC- - 

Audrey Johnson Show showcases The President of Guyana, Donald Ramotar, as he announced the launch of Guyana Diaspora Project in NYC at New York Marriott East Side. Guyanese from around the world and NYC were presented by several of the officials including MC Bayney Karran, Ambassador of Guyana to the United States of America. Hon. Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, M.P. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guyana Mr. William Lacy Swing Director General International Organization for Migration. Mr. Brentnold Evans, A.A. Consul General of Guyana.

Sufficient evidence of corruption exists – Dr. Roger Luncheon

Sufficient evidence of corruption exists – Dr. Roger Luncheon

JULY 8, 2012 | BY  |

Corruption is said to be a disease that eats away at the confidence, a people have in their Government, and while the government isn’t denying the outright existence of corruption in Guyana, it is questioning the motivation behind those on the ‘corruption crusade bandwagon.’
This was expanded on by Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon during a post Cabinet Press briefing at Office of the President, yesterday morning. (July 7, 2012)

Pres. Donald Ramotar

Head of State Donald Ramotar takes a swipe at the corruption crusaders. He was speaking mere hours after Head of State Donald Ramotar sought to castigate those whom he says label every project being undertaken by Government in its developmental drive, as being tainted by corruption.
Ramotar’s comments were made at the opening ceremony of the Third Annual International Building Exposition, being held at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence.

Hundreds packed the tarmac of the National Stadium to listen to the President launch the Expo.
Ramotar as he delivered his verbal vitriol said that “There seems to be a mentality created to try to criticize projects that can transform our country and bring a better standard of living for our people”            Continue reading


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