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The Diaspora is a diminishing Phenomenon – By Hubert Williams


    By Hubert Williams

Boston, Massachusetts — Nostalgia is a constant repetition of a lived experience; so few children based outside of their parents’ home country and who have not really shared their parents’ past should be expected to feel as fervently as their parents do about the “homeland”… so, with each succeeding generation, I expect that the fervour about “our home” will be increasingly depleted, as will the flow of “remittances”, barrels and sundry packages which have helped considerably to sustain relatives during those parlous times in Guyana approaching the end of the last century… and even up to now.

What applies to Guyana is as well the experience of Barbados and other Commonwealth Caribbean countries where the human flow outwards followed Independence, burgeoning economic stringencies and social challenges – not the least of them being corruption, crime and violence.  Continue reading

Guyanese Pioneer Fund-Raising Group: Pre-Xmas Brunch -Toronto- Nov 23, 2014

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Guyanese Pioneer Fund-Raising Group: Pre-Xmas Brunch -Toronto- November 23, 2014

GCA September 2014 Magazine – featuring Folk Festival 2014

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GCA September 2014 Magazine

PAGE 3-17: Folk Festival Season editorial & in pictures
PAGE 18-19: Commentary from Dhanpaul Narine
PAGE 20-24: Amerindian Heritage Month
PAGE 25-26: A call to action
PAGE 27-30: Convocation-Institute of Creative Arts
PAGE 31: St. Gabriels International Day 2014

September Editor: Lear Matthews

SAD OLD HOUSE – By Dmitri Allicock

Sad Old House


By Dmitri Allicock

Abandoned house sits beneath a breadfruit
Broken down entwined memories of roots
Rusting roof, faded paint and wood rotten
Empty of happier days that’s now forgotten
Yard overgrown with trees and vine

Read more — Go to the Dmitri Allicock Blog to comment and share

The changing face of Caribbean migration

The changing face of Caribbean migration
September 26, 2014- Caribbean 360 – By Jewel Fraser
Ruth Osman
Picture: Ruth Osman, 35 – a Guyanese migrant living in Trinidad and Tobago, is one of thousands of women taking advantage of CARICOM’S migration scheme for skilled workers. (Credit: Ruth Osman)
PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, Friday September 26, 2014, IPS – Ruth Osman is attractive and well-groomed in tailored slacks and a patterned blouse, topped by a soft jacket worn open. Her demeanour and polished accent belie the stereotypical view that most Caribbean nationals have of Guyanese migrants.
As a Guyanese migrant living in Trinidad, the 35-year-old is one of thousands of Guyanese to have taken the plunge over the past decade, since the free movement clause of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) regime granted skilled persons the right to move and work freely throughout the region.   
Continue reading

Expect a “different” Guyexpo 2014 – Tourism Minister

Expect a “different” Guyexpo – Tourism Minister

SEPTEMBER 26, 2014 | BY |

Staying true to this year’s Guyexpo theme, “Developing Guyana through Innovation”, Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce Irfaan Ali, expressed confidence at a press briefing yesterday, that this year’s exhibition will be bigger and better than previous ones.
As it stands, the National Exhibition Centre in Sophia has registered 353 exhibition booths with the Minister stating that the planning committee is aiming for 400.

Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali (centre) with members of the Guyexpo Planning Committee

Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali (centre) with members of the Guyexpo Planning Committee

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Capitol News – TV Video reports – 23 September 2014

Capitol News – TV Video reports – 23 September 2014

  • Travelspan to close operations
  • Opposition protests delay in Elections
  • AFC calls for the head of GRA to resign
  • Policeman who lost leg hopes to win in Court
  • Sex Allegations: Speaker files law-suit
  • Rohee says he is not too weak
  • One Billion Rising focuses on protecting women
  • Online streaming of the national assembly
  • Sports
Travelspan to close operations  –  Posted: 23 Sep 2014 03:15 PM PDT –

After restarting its operations here with high expectations this newscast understands that travel span will soon be grounding operations. The airline over the past month or so has encountered many cancelations and flight delays.  But this newscast understands that the airline is having problems with its co partner Vision Airlines that might be financial in […]  Continue reading

Rohee’s threat against Granger and APNU must not be taken lightly by Prof. David Hinds

Rohee’s threat against Granger and APNU must not be taken lightly by Prof. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

24 September 2014 – Demerara Waves

There comes a time when a nation must sit up and take note of where it is and do something to halt its deterioration. Sometimes a nation get so tired of being abused, terrorized and pulverized by its government that it takes such a situation for granted. Government bullying becomes normative. We may be almost there in Guyana, but it’s not too late to do something about it. Take the following statement from a high government functionary that appeared in one of the daily newspapers.

“If Mr. Granger thinks I am weak…You know, he has launched a countrywide protest exercise to hasten the government’s’ signature on a number of Bills. I would like Mr. Granger to know… and I am not threatening or warning anybody. I am just saying that he announced that these things will be peaceful and so forth. If they are not peaceful and should there be any diversions from the peacefulness of any of those protest activities organized by Mr. Granger resulting in upsetting of the peace and good order of our country, then he will see who is really too weak to fight.”  Continue reading

Blossoms of Guyana requests your help – Please donate!


Hello Mr. Bryan, Guyanese Online

The organization that I volunteer with Blossoms of Guyana is currently participating in a global giving challenge where we had to raise $5000 within the month of September to fund a project.

We adopted St Agnes Primary School in Georgetown; our goal is to donate computers to build a computer lab and to provide school supplies to the teachers and students.  I was hoping that you could assist is by sharing our link to your audience online.  We have only a few days left but have not met half of our goal.  Any assistance that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

You can make your donation at the link below:


Thank you.

Lianne Thompson Totty  lianne.totty@gmail.com

Also,  you could also visit our website at www.blossomsofguyana.org

Book: British Guiana – By Raymond T. Smith – 1962

British Guiana   –  By  Raymond T. Smith -1962

Oxford University Press 1962, Reprinted 1964. Reprinted in 1980 by Greenwood Press, Connecticut.        

In 1958 or 1959 I was asked by the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London to write a general book on British Guiana.  I readily agreed to do so in spite of the fact that I was about to leave the Caribbean to take up a post at the University of Ghana in West Africa.  The bulk of the book was written during the first half of 1959, in Jamaica and then in Ghana.  Things were changing rapidly in British Guiana during this period and then even more rapidly after the book was published.  I returned to Jamaica from Ghana early in 1962, just before publication.

Although the book was favourably received there were notable exceptions.  Sir Jock Campbell, Chairman of Booker Brothers, a company that had subsidized research in British Guiana through the Commonwealth Foundation’s grant to the Institute of Social and Economic Research at the University of the West Indies, wrote a strong letter complaining that I had accused him, and Bookers, of insincerity in their attempts to introduce a more humane form of capitalism in the management of their sugar enterprises.   Continue reading


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