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Hindu Communities in Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad, South Africa, Fiji, and East Africa

New Homelands: Hindu Communities in Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad, South Africa, Fiji, and East Africa

Book  305 pages – By Paul Younger
Book cover New Homelands: Hindu Communities in Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad, South Africa, Fiji, and East Africa

When the colonial slave trade, and then slavery itself, were abolished early in the 19th century, the British empire brazenly set up a new system of trade using Indian rather than African laborers. The new system of “indentured” labor was supposed to be different from slavery because the indenture, or contract, was written for an initial period of five years and involved fixed wages and some specified conditions of work.
From the workers’ point of view, the one redeeming feature of the system was that most of their workmates spoke their language and came from the same area of India. Because this allowed them to develop some sense of community, by the end of the initial five years most of the Indian laborers chose to stay in the land to which they had been taken. In time that land became the place in which they joined with others to build a new homeland.
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Cricket: ICC proposes sweeping changes for the game

Cricket: A new Imperium – Sweeping changes for the game

Stabroek News – 27 January 2014 - Tomorrow, the Board of the International Cricket Council (ICC) will begin deliberations on a proposal by its Finance & Commercial Affairs (FCA) committee for sweeping and astonishing changes in the way the game is run and how tours are scheduled. At the core of the proposal is that India, Australia and England would take charge of the game and that they would be immune to relegation in the two-tiered system that is also being promulgated.

It is in essence the cricketing version of the permanent five of the United Nations Security Council, as regressive and in need of urgent reform as that model is. And just as the permanent five were installed as the victors at the end of the Second World War, it is proposed that these three be ordained on the basis of the money they bring to the game and the level of the public interest in their teams.   Continue reading

My visit to Cape Town, South Africa – by Lear Matthews

In Memory of Mandela: Impressions of my visit to Cape Town,

South Africa

by   Lear Matthews

Rejoice in the dawn of Pan African light.
Mandela! Mandela! Weep not for Nelson
But sing a thousand hosannas for Madiba
Our sacred Liberator (J.G.Morris)

Lear Matthews

Lear Matthews

I recently visited Cape Town as part of a team project focusing on adult higher education within the context of local and global struggles for equity and social justice, principles espoused by Nelson Mandela.  Following are impressions of this maiden sojourn, the highlight of which was a visit to Robben Island, the notoriously infamous island-prison where Mandela spent more than 17 years.  Continue reading

André Rieu – A Tribute To Nelson Mandela

André Rieu – A Tribute To Nelson Mandela

Published on Dec 10, 2013 -A Tribute To Nelson Mandela performed by solist Kimmy Skota, André Rieu and Johann Strauss Orchestra. Recorded Live in Wembley Arena on December 7 2013. My African Dream.

Concert in Wembley Arena is part of the André Rieu UK Tour 2013.

The Caribbean: Standing by Mandela – by Sir Ron Sanders


By Sir Ron Sanders

In memorialising Mandela, Caribbean people can proudly say that they stood with him in the time of the great struggle against apartheid – and he showed his appreciation says Sir Ronald Sanders.

A single word appears on the stone marking his burial place.  It is “Mandela”; and it is enough

Since December 5, that fateful day when Nelson Mandela left the world bereft of a leader the like of whom mankind had seldom experienced, much has been written and spoken in deserving tribute to him. But, it should not be forgotten that he was once called a “terrorist”; and apartheid – the system of institutionalised racism against which he fought, losing 27 years of his freedom – was justified by many governments for whom the Cold War alliance with the racist regime that controlled the country was more important than the rights of non-white South Africans.

The purpose of this commentary is to recall the role played by Caribbean people in freeing Mandela and ending apartheid.   Continue reading

Mandela – documentary, interviews and speeches -8 videos

An inspirational story of one man’s resistance to white domination.
Nelson Mandela – interviews and speeches – 8 videos

On His 95th Birthday, the Story of Nelson Mandela’s Struggle

July 18, 2013: On His 95th Birthday, the Story of Nelson Mandela’s Struggle –Told Outside His Old Soweto Home

Published on Jul 18, 2013 -http://www.democracynow.org -

As the world marks the 95th birthday of Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president and a beloved symbol of the country’s struggle to end apartheid, longtime South African activist Trevor Ngwane takes Democracy Now! on a tour of the township of Soweto. Speaking outside of Mandela’s former home, Ngwane recalls when the ANC leader was first captured, leading to a 27-year imprisonment before his release in 1990. Ngwane was active in the struggle against apartheid that culminated in Mandela’s 1994 election and today remains a leading South African voice for human rights.

Lucky Dube - House of Exile

anglinthemtns  Uploaded Mar 14, 2009:

This song says a lot for the people of S. Africa who have been exploited and oppressed by the British. People say that racism doesn’t happen much anymore and that if the British weren’t in Africa when they were, well, then the Africans would have been killing each other off even more. Whatever the case may be, there are still major issues to be dealt with in S. Africa that the British have walked away from and continue to ignore.   Continue reading

Bad news chasing good money away from the Caribbean

Bad news chasing good money away from the Caribbean

caribbean mapInternational expert says profit-seekers do not lend to governments “that cannot return their money with agreed interest payments”.

Lloyd Nicholas

NEW YORK, United States, Monday July 1, 2013 – Some relationships just don’t last too long; some don’t even get started if the other is broke.

This is exactly what happened some 10 weeks ago when investment suitors came rushing to the emerging markets with bags of money to mop up US$20 trillion of cheap government securities going below a one per cent return and now the tide of lenders is ebbing.    Continue reading

Our image of Africa is hopelessly obsolete

Our image of Africa is hopelessly obsolete

The huge advances the continent has made in recent years have yet to be acknowledged by the west

The Observer,   Sunday 26 August 2012
BOB GELDOF, Ethiopia

 The way it was: Bob Geldof in Ethiopia in 1985. Photograph: Rex Features

Think of Ethiopia and what do you see. Perhaps a starving child, flies in her eyes and belly distended. Painfully thin adults in raggedy clothes, staring balefully at the camera in a fetid refugee camp. Or possibly a famous self-declared saviour from the west, striding purposefully past the decaying corpse of an animal beside a dusty road.

Think again. See, instead, a booming capital city, its cafes filled with graduates and cranes lining the horizon. A nation that is one of the world’s largest livestock producers and recently became the second country to take delivery of Boeing’s new 787 passenger jet. An economy that doubled in size this century and is growing at 7.5%.                        [Read more]

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Lucky Dube – Reggae singer from South Africa – 3 videos

LUCKY DUBE – No Truth to the World  {His story of why he sings Reggae}

Reggae superstar Lucky Dube and his band  deliver infectious roots rhythms to the people in this fiery live concert performances filmed in South Africa and elsewhere. Lucky Dube presents his message of liberation and social justice in uplifting and unforgettable songs such as “Truth in the World,” “House of Exile,” “War and Crime,” “Back to My Roots,” “I’ve Got You Babe,” “Reggae Strong,” “Remember Me” and many more.
He recorded 22 albums in Zulu, English and Afrikaans in a 25-year period and was South Africa’s biggest selling reggae artist. Lucky Philip Dube (August 3rd, 1964 — October 18th, 2007) was a South African reggae musician.

Here, we present three of his recordings… the first has an interview  where he explains that during apartheid reggae was banned. It is followed by the song “No Truth in the World”.  The second song is one of his most popular songs “House of Exile” recorded here at a concert in Uganda – (Lyrics are included).  The third is a “Mandela Tribute” celebrating the end of Apartheid and the freeing of their people.

Enjoy these videos and related ones that appear after them.  Click to view videos…>>>> Continue reading


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