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Welcome to the GUYANESE Online Blog – Now over 5 Million views

The Guyanese Online Blog celebrated its Seventh Anniversary on February 9, 2017

Now over 5 Million views


The Newsletter and Blog for Guyanese Associations and Groups, and individuals Worldwide

Welcome to the Guyanese Online Blog.

This Blog’s first entry was on February 9, 2010 and the first Newsletter was published in March 2010. It was created by Cyril Bryan, as a project to help Guyanese in the Diaspora to be connected to some of the positive news from Guyana, as well as to the work being done by Guyanese organisations around the world.   Blog entries are inserted regularly and there was also a monthly newsletter, emailed to thousands of Guyanese around the world.

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Guyana Census 2012 highlights decline in main ethnic populations

Guyana Census 2012 highlights decline in main ethnic populations


The Bureau of Statistics announced, on July 18, its publications of Compendiums One and Two further detailing the findings of the 2012 Census.

This recent publication, Compendium Two, was disseminated earlier this month. It provides further information about the country’s population composition in terms of Ethnicity, Age structure, Dependency Ratios & Religion.  

Additionally new information about the population trends such as national population size by Region and population growth patterns are also detailed in this latest publication.

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Guyanese Associations: Events, Conferences, and Publications


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  1. The New York Tutorial Support Group – Christmas Dance – Brooklyn NY – December 15. 2017
  2. RAY LEE O’WN and Triple Play – Dinner/Dance – Toronto – New Years Eve 2017
  3. 2018 BHSAA-QCAA Twelfth Night Gala – Toronto – January 13. 2018)
  4. Guyana Christian Charities (GCC) – Toronto – Valentine Dinner/Dance – February 10. 2018
  5. The 15th Annual Walter Rodney Symposium – Atlanta. Georgia – March 23rd – 24th, 2018

                  Announcements and Newsletters:

  1. GCA -Guyana Cultural Association NY – E- Magazine – December 2017 (New)
  2. Cuso International – Guyana: Volunteer Opportunities – December 2017 (New)
  3. The Linden Fund USA 2018 Calendar Available Now (New)
  4. Guyana Institute of Historical Research (GIHR)- 2017 Christmas Edition Newsletter
  5. Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – November 2017
  6. H.E.R.O.C. INC. Cancer Mission Trip to Guyana – October 22 – November 4, 2017
  7. CSJAD Newsletter: Special Edition – November 2017
  8. Cuso International – Guyana: Volunteer Opportunities – November 18, 2017
  9. CSJAD Newsletter – November 2017
  10. Guykids Inc: Guyanese Educator Gives Back: Helping Neediest Kids in Guyana
  11. Guyana Christian Charities Canada Newsletter – October 2017

Website/ Blog: Guyanese Online:

Published by Cyril Bryan –

Updated on December 10, 2017.


Here is the latest list of the various Ministries in the Government of Guyana. Information is automatically updated by GINA. This website also has links to all of the Ministries:

Previous ministerial announcements are below:




President David A Granger this afternoon (20 May 2015) at the Presidential Complex ( renamed Ministry of the Presidency), swore in several Members of the Cabinet of the APNU+AFC government.

  • Moses Nagamootoo, Prime Minister and First vice-President,
  • Minister of State Joe Harmon,
  • Basil Williams, Attorney General,
  • Khemraj Ramjattan, Minister of National Security (still to be sworn in),
  • Winston Jordan, Minister of Finance,
  • Carl Greenidge, Minister of Foreign Affairs,
  • Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, Minister of Education,
  • Nicolette Henry, Minister within the Ministry of Education,   Continue reading

Violent when in power, still violent when out of power –  Freddie Kissoon 

GUYANA:  Capitol TV News Videos – 12 December 2017

GUYANA:  Capitol TV News Videos

Local NGO organised career fair to empower young people and expose them to employment opportunities

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 07:42 PM PST

A member’s refusal to withdraw from Parliament’s Chamber was the first in Guyana’s history – Speaker

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 07:23 PM PST

Speaker’s refusal to return time loss after Edghill’s failure to leave National Assembly saw the opposition walking out of the chamber

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 06:52 PM PST

While Edghill was being escorted to the Brickdam Station, a motion was moved barring him from the National Assembly for four sittings

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 06:23 PM PST

Suspended opposition MP arrested after attempting to gain entry to the house

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 06:14 PM PST

Democrat Doug Jones defeats Roy Moore in Alabama race, dealing setback to Trump

Democrat defeats Roy Moore in Alabama race, dealing setback to Trump

Doug Jones

Doug Jones has become the first Democrat in 25 years to win a US Senate seat for Alabama after a bitter campaign against Republican Roy Moore.

His unexpected victory deals a blow to President Donald Trump, who backed Mr Moore, and narrows the Republican majority in the Senate to 51-49.    Continue reading

Jay-Z Opens Up About Race in America, Therapy, and ‘4:44’

Jay-Z Opens Up About Race in America, Therapy, and ‘4:44’

In the recent issue of T: The New York Times Style Magazine, hip-hop artist and mogul Jay-Z sat down with the newspaper’s executive editor Dean Baquet for a wide-ranging conversation about black identity and success, the state of leadership in America, and emotional healing and vulnerability.

The artist’s latest album, 4:44, released last summer, gave listeners a raw and moody look into many of those themes, and bristled with discomfort and regret. It earned eight Grammy award nominations, the most of any artist this year.

Read more :

Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – December 11-12. 2017

News –12 December 2017

Parliament descends into chaos after Edghill disobeys Speaker’s order to leave

Freedom House staffer jailed for throwing faeces on Freddie Kissoon

Auditor General to probe collapsed GECOM Office

Norway refuses to work with Guyana on oil and gas

Controversial Parking Meter Project… Profit sharing agreement high on agenda for M&CC renegotiation team

Bauxite workers up pressure on RUSAL; complains to President

President, Opposition Leader should meet on rapid Parliamentary slippage into disorder – Trotman   

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A Roy Moore Victory Should Make Your Stomach Churn With Fear – Paul Mason | The Guardian UK

The Prospect of a Roy Moore Victory Should Make Your Stomach Churn With Fear

Paul Mason | The Guardian UK

Despite allegations of sexual abuse and hard-right views, Moore is supported by the Republican establishment – the cumulative radicalisation of the American right is fully under way

At what point does corporate America start disinvesting in the Republican party?

Not any time soon seems to be the answer. Having rushed a tax bill through the Senate that will deliver tens of billions in tax cuts to rich people and corporations …,

Why should it bother the average business owner if the Republicans want to put an Islamophobe into the Senate to represent Alabama?      Continue reading

“All the Signs That You’re Not Drinking Enough Water” – video

“All the Signs That You’re Not Drinking Enough Water” – video

BRIGHT SIDE –  Published on Jun 2, 2017

GUYANA: Capitol TV News Videos – 12 December 2017

GUYANA: Capitol TV News Videos

Jason Abdulla sentenced to six months for throwing feces on newspaper columnist Freddie Kissoon

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 04:03 AM PST

Three dead in horrific Mahaicony accident

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 04:01 AM PST

Consideration of 2018 budget estimates suspended after opposition member refused to leave parliament

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 03:59 AM PST

PPP members of parliament accused of making a mockery of rape

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 03:25 AM PST

Police investigating murder of East Coast Demerara Woman

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 03:20 AM PST

The Africa you won’t see on TV – Video


The Africa you won’t see on TV – Video

DuAfricaTV –  Published on Jan 3, 2015

All pictures are owned by their respected owners. Please comment, share and lets us know which country you are from or would like to visit. Our goal is to digitize everything about urban Africa

Category Travel & Events

Donald Trump and Jerusalem: ‘I Don’t See Potential Upsides’ – Richard Haass

Donald Trump and Jerusalem: ‘I Don’t See Potential Upsides’

Richard Haass, 66, is a former U.S. diplomat and current director of the Council on Foreign Relations. He says that the timing of President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel is troubling and potentially dangerous.

Interview Conducted by Samiha Shafy | Der Spiegel

DER  SPIEGEL: U.S. President Donald Trump has been heavily criticized for his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and decision to move the U.S.A. Embassy to the city. The United Nations, Arab leaders and even the Pope are opposed to the move. Why is it so controversial, and so significant?      Continue reading

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