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The Guyanese Online Blog celebrated its Seventh Anniversary on February 9, 2017

The Newsletter and Blog for Guyanese Associations and Groups, and individuals Worldwide

Welcome to the Guyanese Online Blog.

This Blog’s first entry was on February 9, 2010 and the first Newsletter was published in March 2010. It was created by Cyril Bryan, as a project to help Guyanese in the Diaspora to be connected to some of the positive news from Guyana, as well as to the work being done by Guyanese organisations around the world.   Blog entries are inserted regularly and there was also a monthly newsletter, emailed to thousands of Guyanese around the world.

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Guyana Census 2012 highlights decline in main ethnic populations

Guyana Census 2012 highlights decline in main ethnic populations


The Bureau of Statistics announced, on July 18, its publications of Compendiums One and Two further detailing the findings of the 2012 Census.

This recent publication, Compendium Two, was disseminated earlier this month. It provides further information about the country’s population composition in terms of Ethnicity, Age structure, Dependency Ratios & Religion.  

Additionally new information about the population trends such as national population size by Region and population growth patterns are also detailed in this latest publication.

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Guyanese Associations: Events, Conferences, and Publications


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  1. BHS Guyana Alumni Association – May Hatters Tea Party – Toronto – April 29, 2017
  2. Guyana Ex-Police Association of Canada – 20th Anniversary Ball -Toronto – April 29, 2017
  3. Queen’s College Alumni Association – Toronto- Silver Jubilee Dinner/Dance – May 6, 2017
  4. Guyana Cultural Association of Montréal – Annual Tea Party – May 7, 2017
  5. GAC Annual Fundraising Brunch – Cristo Rey Brooklyn- May 13, 2017
  6. Guyana Cultural Association of Montreal – Oldies Celebration – May 13, 2017
  7. GCC – Guyana Christian Charities – Spring Dance -Toronto – May 20, 2017
  8. Ottawa City to Host May 21, 2017 Guyana Day in Celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary
  9. Bishops’ High School Alumni – NY Tri-State Chapter – Jazz – May 27, 2017
  10. Indo-Caribbean Federation – Talent Competition – Richmond Hill NY – June 4, 2017 (New)
  11. H.E.R.O.C. presents DEMERARA GOLD By Ingrid Griffith – Brooklyn NY – June 11, 2017 (New)
  12. Guyana Independence Anniversary – NYC Celebration – May 26 – June 11, 2017
  13. Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission – Golf Tournament – Putnam Ontario – July 22, 2017
  14. Guyana: U.G. Diaspora Engagement Conference – July 23-28, 2017
  15. Tutorial High School Alumni Association -13th Triennial Reunion – July 30 – August 6, 2017
  16. Guyana- Jamaica Friendship Association NY – Biennial Ball – October 7, 2017 (New)

Announcements and Newsletters:

  1. Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc – e-Magazine – March 2017
  2. Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – March 2017
  3. Guyana Cultural Association of New York – E-Magazine – February 2017
  4. Guyana’s First Lady meets with Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission
  5. GCC – Guyana Christian Charities February 2017 Newsletter
  6. The Caribbean Voice Invites Nominations for the El Dorado Awards 2017

Updated on April 25, 2017


Here is the latest list of the various Ministries in the Government of Guyana. Information is automatically updated by GINA. This website also has links to all of the Ministries:

Previous ministerial announcements are below:




President David A Granger this afternoon (20 May 2015) at the Presidential Complex ( renamed Ministry of the Presidency), swore in several Members of the Cabinet of the APNU+AFC government.

  • Moses Nagamootoo, Prime Minister and First vice-President,
  • Minister of State Joe Harmon,
  • Basil Williams, Attorney General,
  • Khemraj Ramjattan, Minister of National Security (still to be sworn in),
  • Winston Jordan, Minister of Finance,
  • Carl Greenidge, Minister of Foreign Affairs,
  • Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, Minister of Education,
  • Nicolette Henry, Minister within the Ministry of Education,   Continue reading

Easter in Georgetown | Follow me Around – video by Raphael

Easter in Georgetown | Follow me Around – video by Raphael

Published on Apr 26, 2017 by Raphael

Easter means kite flying in Guyana, Follow me as I walk on Regent Street and Camp Street on Easter Sunday and on the East Coast of Demerara on Easter Monday morning, as the vendors and the kite flyers come out.

Donald Trump’s Failing Presidency – By Robert Parry

Donald Trump’s Failing Presidency

April 25, 2017  – Consortiumnews.com

President Donald Trump

Special Report: After his election, Donald Trump had a narrow path to a transformational presidency, but it required breaking the neocon grip on U.S.A. foreign policy and telling truth to U.S. citizens. Already, Trump has failed, says Robert Parry.

By Robert Parry

The 100-day mark may be an artificial measuring stick for a U.S. president. Obviously much can happen in the remaining 1,361 days of a four-year term. But Donald Trump’s decisions in his first three months in office have put him on an almost irreversible path to failure.      Continue reading

Blacks, Bleaching and the Willie Lynch Letter – By Yvonne Sam

Blacks, Bleaching and the Willie Lynch Letter

Yvonne Sam

Black is Beautiful but Bleaching does not guarantee Reaching.

On April 11, 2017 detectives assigned to the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Branch (C-TOC) in Jamaica, seized 78,000 tubes/jars of assorted bleaching creams, and in relation to the find charged the vendor with Breaches of the Pharmacy Act, Food and Drug Act and Customs Act. Skin lightening trends or skin bleaching has continued to be practiced in Jamaica despite governmental crack-down measures.

Individuals especially females with lighter skin are thought to be favoured by the elite, leaving many to seek lightening treatments when looking for employment.  It is also associated with privilege.    Continue reading

Guyana Government News Brief – April 25, 2017- video

GINA Guyana

Guyana Government News Brief – April 25, 2017- video

Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – 26-27 April 2017

News – 27 April 2017

 News – 26 April 2017

Trump Takes Aim at the H-1B Guest Worker Visa Program

Trump Takes Aim at the H-1B Visa Program

The president signed a new executive order yesterday targeting the controversial guest worker program.

By Dwyer Gunn

President Donald Trump signs an executive order to try to bring jobs back to American workers and revamp the H-1B visa guest worker program on April 18th, 2017, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

On Tuesday April 18, 2017, at a factory in Kenosha, Wisconsin, President Donald Trump signed a new executive order calling for stricter enforcement of both the federal government’s “buy American” mandate and the rules governing the H-1B visa, the temporary, non-immigrant guest worker program.    Continue reading

Guyana – MY HEART GRIEVES FOR THEE – By Yvonne Sam


Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam

My heart grieves for the country that I was born and raised in; the country I love.

It is so hard to sit back and look, and not be grieved at what is happening in the country that claims to be founded as a God-fearing nation.

My heart grieves at the continuous, self-inflicted violence and murder that we see daily.

My heart grieves for the trend of authoritarianism that is once again raising its head in Guyana?

My heart grieves at the way we continue to overlook and ignore certain issues in our   community, such as mental illness, incest and abuse, which negatively impact so many.   Continue reading

Reminder: Guyana Day Celebrations in Ottawa – May 21, 2017

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Caribbean Life News Headlines – 26 April 2017

Caribbean Life News Headlines – 26 April 2017  

Community News Group
One Metrotech Center North, Suite 1001. Brooklyn, NY 11201

WOMI honors women of purpose at gala


Themed “Know Your Purpose” Brooklyn-based non–profit Women of Mission International (WOMI) honored the best and brightest women for their outstanding accomplishments in the community during the organization’s second Annual Awards Gala at Crystal Manor Ballroom in Brooklyn, on Friday, April 21.

Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – 24-25 April 2017

News – April 25, 2017

News – April 24, 2017

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