Guyanese Online – List of Entries – Jan- Feb 2015

Guyanese Online – List of Entries – January- February 2015

Attached is a list of entries made for the months of January and February 2015.

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Guyanese Online – Most Popular Entries – January 2015

Guyanese Online – Most Popular Entries -Top 20 – January 2015

Views: January 2015 = 145,455 (record) – Total at Jan 31 = 2,879,132

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  3. “I will Follow Him” – by a Nun’s Choir – conductor Andre Rieu – video
  4. Old Jet Magazines – from 1950 onwards – updated
  5. Fruits of Trinidad and Tobago – and Guyana
  6. Sixty plus and Going Strong – commentary
  7. A Hundred Years Later – by Uri Avnery
  8. Commonwealth, Britain may penalise Guyana says UK High Commissioner, Andrew Ayre – Rohee replies…
  9. Guyanese prepared foods and fruits in pictures + video
  10. Botlahle: Age 11 – Winner Of South Africa’s Talent 2012 – 3 videos  Continue reading

Welcome to GUYANESE Online Blog and Newsletters

The Newsletter and Blog for Guyanese Associations and Groups, and individuals Worldwide

Welcome to the Guyanese Online Blog.

This Blog was started in March 2010 by Cyril Bryan, as a project to help Guyanese in the Diaspora to be connected to some of the positive news from Guyana, as well as to the work being done by Guyanese organisations around the world.   Blog entries are inserted regularly and there is also a monthly newsletter that is distributed to thousands of Guyanese around the world.

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Shit White Feminists Need To Stop Doing

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:

I’m a white feminist, and let me tell you something: white feminism* is pretty bullshit. It’s exclusive, oppressive, and serves to further marginalize the people who are most impacted by misogyny. Unfortunately, white feminism is also the western status quo of feminism, meaning that white feminists have the biggest platforms, have increased access to resources and media, and are generally considered to be The Voice of Feminism. In theory, someone truly interested in equality would use these assets to amplify the voices of women of colour. In practice, white supremacy is a real thing and white feminists often seem to forget that their white privilege makes it easy as hell to trample over women of colour as they work to dismantle the patriarchy.

So, in honour of International Women’s Day, here is a non-exhaustive list of Shit White Feminists Need to Stop Doing:

1. Believing Their Experiences of Marginalization Are…

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Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 27 March 2015

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 27 March 2015

  • Housing key for APNU/AFC Coalition
  • School girl may have been victim of violent assault
  • Rice farmers to be encouraged to vote for change
  • Crum-Ewing’s Mother will not rest until she gets justice for son’s murder
  • Show me the President asks opposition
  • Ms St Joseph’s Pageant on this Saturday March 28
  • A Look at the Courts
  • Sports

Click links below to view the videos:

Housing key for APNU/AFC Coalition

Posted: 27 Mar 2015 06:09 PM PDT   Continue reading

Crum-Ewing was more a nuisance than a threat – President Ramotar

Crum-Ewing was more a nuisance than a threat – President Ramotar

MARCH 25, 2015 | BY |
Pres. Donald Ramotar

Pres. Donald Ramotar

Even as the police investigations drag on into the murder of Courtney Crum-Ewing, President Donald Ramotar has described the slain anti-government protestor as nothing but a nuisance.

The Guyanese leader while addressing a West Berbice Chamber of Commerce meeting last Saturday dismissed suggestions that Crum-Ewing was assassinated, claiming that his (Ramotar’s) party, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic had nothing to gain from the killing.

“He was no threat to the PPP…he was no threat to the government…he was a nuisance value more than anything else. He was spreading a lot of racist talk on his Facebook, and all kind of things of that nature he was doing,” Ramotar told the Berbice business community. Continue reading

Saudi Arabia and Iran Compete in Yemen – analysis

Saudi Arabia and Iran Compete in Yemen

Analysis   March 25, 2015 - Stratfor
 Militiamen loyal to the government of Yemeni President Abd Rabboh Mansour Hadi sit on top of tanks in the southern city of Aden. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Militiamen loyal to the government of Yemeni President Abd Rabboh Mansour Hadi sit on top of tanks in the southern city of Aden. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)


While the al-Houthi movement struggles to manage multiple regional challenges to its north, its rise to power in Yemen is a setback for Saudi Arabia on its southern flank. After the fall of the Yemeni government, Riyadh will have to capitalize on the al-Houthis’ need for political and financial support to re-establish its influence in the country. But because Iran is trying to fill that support gap, too, Yemen has become another battleground where the two sectarian rivals will struggle against one another.


After being driven from the capital of Sanaa in September, Yemen’s government is at war with itself. President Abd Rabboh Mansour Hadi issued a statement March 19 denouncing the airstrikes on his compound in the southern port city of Aden as an attempted military coup by forces loyal to his predecessor and one-time ally, former President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Earlier that day, soldiers and militiamen loyal to Hadi battled their way into Aden’s airport and stormed a nearby military base, both of which were under the control of Gen. Abdel-Hafez al-Saqqaf, a Saleh loyalist.  Continue reading

Radio-TV: PSC demands equitable elections campaign access for Opposition

Radio-TV: PSC demands equitable elections campaign access for Opposition

Jagdeo’s illegal radio licences refuse to die…

March 28, 2015 | By - issue seen as critical to fair elections
President Donald Ramotar

President Donald Ramotar

The unfair distribution of radio licences by the ruling party in late 2011 to mainly close friends, shortly before General Elections, continues to raise significant concerns among the Opposition.

Now, more than three years later as early elections looms, the issue is continuing to embarrass the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C).

This is because political parties have been complaining incessantly of being refused access to the radio stations and even television operations closely linked to Government.
The matter is so serious that the business advocacy body, the Private Sector Commission (PSC), has written President Donald Ramotar, urging him to take action to ensure equitable coverage for political parties, during the lead up to the General Elections on May 11, and afterwards. Continue reading

Guyana: New passports to be issued starting March 30, 2015

Guyana: New passports to be issued starting March 30, 2015

March 27, 2015 · Stabroek News

 The Ministry of Home Affairs today announced that a new passport with upgraded security features will be issued from Monday, March 30, 2015.

The press statement from the ministry follows:

The Ministry of Home Affairs wishes to refer to the 2014 End of Year Address made by the Honourable Minister of Home Affairs on 31st December 2014 at the Guyana Police Force Officers Training Centre, Kingston, Georgetown.

In that address the Minister indicated that a contract was signed with Canadian Bank Note Company Limited (CBN) to upgrade the security features of Guyana’s Machine-Readable Passports in order to safeguard the integrity of the documents.    Continue reading

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 26 March 2015

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 26 March 2015

  • Interesting figures on migration over the years
  • Another body turns up dead on the Seawall
  • Opposition to meet GECOM on PVL
  • Coalition calls for calm after president’s comments on Crum-Ewing
  • Bank of Guyana launches coin to mark its Golden Anniversary
  • Giftland Mall opening draws closer
  • Another Look at the Courts
  • Sports

Click links below to view the TV News videos:

Interesting figures on migration over the years

Posted: 26 Mar 2015 06:08 PM PDT     Continue reading

Music Therapy Brings Alzheimer’s disease and dementia Patients ‘Back to Life’ + video

Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era


Music Therapy Brings Dementia Patients ‘Back to Life’

Deborah Brauser – August 23, 2012.

The surprising popularity of a 6-minute video uploaded to YouTube last spring (2012),  is bringing enthusiastic attention to music therapy programs as a possible way to improve symptoms in patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and dementia.

With more than 10 million views (March 2015 update), the clip features “Henry,” an elderly man with dementia who is first shown slumped over in his chair, barely acknowledging those around him. But after headphones are slipped on him, he instantly lights up and becomes more animated, even humming along with the music.  Continue reading

Top Gear host Clarkson fired: The Jeremy Clarkson story – BBC News

The Jeremy Clarkson story

Jeremy Clarkson will not have his contract at the BBC renewed, in the wake of allegedly punching a producer. But how did he get to where he is now?

“In the competition between fame and fortune, you’d take fortune every day of the week,” Jeremy Clarkson once said. “Fame is almost constant pain.”

But the 54-year-old has made a career from being publicly controversial. The Top Gear host has managed to offend Argentines, Germans, Mexicans, Romanians and a host of others. Known for a fashion-proof love of tight denim, he’s a friend of Prime Minister David Cameron and writes columns for two national newspapers. Continue reading

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 25 March 2015

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos –  25 March 2015

  • ABC Diplomat meet opposition Coalition
  • Caribbean leaders including Ramotar to meet Obama soon
  • Crum-Ewing mom not happy with Ramotar’s comments
  • Cross-border crime under the microscope at seminar
  • Woman found dead on Georgetown Seawall
  • Items smuggled into prison used in violent attack
  • A Look a Courts
  • Sports

Click links below to view the TV News Videos:

ABC Diplomat meet opposition Coalition

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 07:09 PM PDT     Continue reading


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