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The Guyanese Online Blog celebrated its Seventh Anniversary on February 9, 2017

The Newsletter and Blog for Guyanese Associations and Groups, and individuals Worldwide

Welcome to the Guyanese Online Blog.

This Blog’s first entry was on February 9, 2010 and the first Newsletter was published in March 2010. It was created by Cyril Bryan, as a project to help Guyanese in the Diaspora to be connected to some of the positive news from Guyana, as well as to the work being done by Guyanese organisations around the world.   Blog entries are inserted regularly and there was also a monthly newsletter, emailed to thousands of Guyanese around the world.

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Guyana Census 2012 highlights decline in main ethnic populations

Guyana Census 2012 highlights decline in main ethnic populations


The Bureau of Statistics announced, on July 18, its publications of Compendiums One and Two further detailing the findings of the 2012 Census.

This recent publication, Compendium Two, was disseminated earlier this month. It provides further information about the country’s population composition in terms of Ethnicity, Age structure, Dependency Ratios & Religion.  

Additionally new information about the population trends such as national population size by Region and population growth patterns are also detailed in this latest publication.

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Guyanese Associations: Events, Conferences, and Publications


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  1. Queen’s College (Guyana) Alumni Asso. Central Florida (QCAACF) Golf Tournament – April 8. 2017
  2. The Toronto Kaiteur Lions Club – 25th Anniversary Ball – April 8, 2017
  3. Guyana Medical Relief – First Fundraising Cruise from L.A. – April 21, 2017
  4. GUYDA Gospel Concert – Brooklyn NY – April 23. 2017
  5. R.O.C. Annual Tea Party – Brooklyn NY – April 23, 2017
  6. Stanislaus College Alumni Toronto – Annual Spring Dance – April 22, 2017
  7. BHS Guyana Alumni Association – May Hatters Tea Party – Toronto – April 29, 2017
  8. Guyana Cultural Association of Montréal – Annual Tea Party – May 7, 2017
  9. GCC – Guyana Christian Charities – Spring Dance -Toronto – May 20, 2017
  10. Ottawa City to Host May 21, 2017 Guyana Day in Celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary
  11. Guyana: U.G. Diaspora Engagement Conference – July 23-28, 2017(new)
  12. Tutorial High School Alumni Association -13th Triennial Reunion – July 30 – August 6, 2017

Announcements and Newsletters:

  1. Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – February 2017
  2. Guyana Cultural Association of New York – E-Magazine – February 2017
  3. Guyana’s First Lady meets with Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission
  4. GCC – Guyana Christian Charities February 2017 Newsletter
  5. The Caribbean Voice Invites Nominations for the El Dorado Awards 2017
  6. Bishop’s High School Old Students Association Newsletter – November 2016
  7. University of Guyana (UG) – Renaissance Magazine – November 2016
  8. Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission – Report on 2016 Mission to Guyana
  9. GIHR NEWS Christmas Edition 2016 – newsletter

Updated on March 26, 2017


Here is the latest list of the various Ministries in the Government of Guyana. Information is automatically updated by GINA. This website also has links to all of the Ministries:

Previous ministerial announcements are below:




President David A Granger this afternoon (20 May 2015) at the Presidential Complex ( renamed Ministry of the Presidency), swore in several Members of the Cabinet of the APNU+AFC government.

  • Moses Nagamootoo, Prime Minister and First vice-President,
  • Minister of State Joe Harmon,
  • Basil Williams, Attorney General,
  • Khemraj Ramjattan, Minister of National Security (still to be sworn in),
  • Winston Jordan, Minister of Finance,
  • Carl Greenidge, Minister of Foreign Affairs,
  • Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, Minister of Education,
  • Nicolette Henry, Minister within the Ministry of Education,   Continue reading

Dudley Charles Art Exhibition at Guyana Embassy – By Francis Quamina Farrier

Dudley Charles Art Exhibition at Guyana Embassy

By Francis Quamina Farrier

Dudley Charles

Famous Prize-Winning Guyanese artist DUDLEY CHARLES has mounted an Art Exhibition at the Guyana Embassy in Washington, DC, as part of Guyana’s 47th Republic Anniversary celebrations. Some of the classic paintings by the talented veteran artist, were put on display at a special ceremony on February 24, 2017.

In his address to the gathering, Guyana’s Ambassador to the United States, and Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States, Dr Riyad Insanally, expressed his delight as he welcomed those who attended the Launch Ceremony of the exhibition.     Continue reading

Guyana: THE FALLING DOLLAR – commentary


Something is terribly wrong in Guyana. The value of the currency has plunged. But then again, this has been a trend dating back more than four decades. This is happening because we remain primary producers even as the world makes huge profits from primary products and return the refined product to the producers of the primary products.

It is critically important to understand precisely what makes the economy tick, and how different components must work with each other to produce positive outcomes. The Finance Minister was crucial to the budget presentations during the previous administration. When the situation worsened he was there when the then President Bharrat Jagdeo opted to close two sugar estates—at LBI and at Diamond.  Continue reading

Queens Rally Calls For Humane Immigration Policy – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Queens Rally Calls For Humane Immigration Policy

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

The sun peeped from the sky to brighten up a chilly wintry day. It allowed the Interfaith Council for Community Development to hold an Immigration Rally on Liberty Avenue. The purpose of the Rally was to draw attention to the flaws in the US Immigration system and to ask the Trump Administration to redress them.

The Rally appealed to the Trump Administration to treat two categories of persons with compassion and humanity. Who or what are these categories? It is well known that many immigrants came to America in search of a better way of life. They have lived in the US without breaking the law and have deep roots in the country.    Continue reading

Guyana Nurses Association of America- Annual Breakfast Morning- NYC – April 15, 2017

Guyana Government News Brief – March 27, 2017 – video

GINA Guyana

Guyana Government News Brief – March 27, 2017



Remembering Peter Tosh and the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre – By Ajamu Nangwaya

Resistance against South African Apartheid, Racism and Settler-Colonialism: Remembering Peter Tosh and the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre

la-marche-pour-l-egalite-et-contre-le-racismeMarch 21 was the 57th anniversary of the Sharpeville Massacre that was carried out by the South African apartheid regime against protesting Africans in 1960. This protest was organized by the liberation organization the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC). It targeted the pass law of the settler-colonial regime that regulated the movement and residential pattern of the indigenous Africans. International opinion was so outraged by the murderous behaviour of the apartheid system that the United Nations’ General Assembly was inspired to declare March 21 the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (IDERD).     Continue reading

Walk with me on Robb Street. Georgetown. Guyana – Video by Raphael.

Walk with me on Robb Street. Georgetown. Guyana – Video by Raphael.

Guyana Government News Brief – March 24, 2017 – video

GINA Guyana

Guyana Government News Brief – March 24, 2017

Guyana News Headlines – March 25-26, 2017

News – 26 March 2017  – Kaieteur News

News Americas Headlines – week-ending March 24, 2017

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