Mark Holder: Still ‘Something of Value’

Mark Holder: Still ‘Something of Value’

Posted By Stabroek staff On May 29, 2010 In The Scene

Mark Holder

“She doesn’t stand out in a crowd//She might not merit a second glance//But to me, she’s a treasure//And I’ll tell the world that she’s something//She’s something//She’s something of value…” Wherever the opening bars of this song is played, Guyanese, especially those who enjoy ‘oldies’ will come up with the name Mark Holder. They might wonder where he is today and what he is doing these days.

[1] Mark Holder

When he produced the album ‘All The Way’ at Coach House Studio in England in 1977/78, in collaboration with Mark Holder, Guyanese international recording artiste Eddy Grant had said that he felt Mark was destined for “greater things than his already considerable success in Africa and the West Indies….” He had added, “Mark Holder, we at Coach House know that you will go ‘All The Way’.” Mark Holder has been ‘all the way’ there and then some.

The “Something Of Value” singer, who will release his latest album ‘All My Love Is For You’ in July, has enjoyed considerable success in his musical career in the years since he has not been on these shores. Though when asked how long ago it was that he left Guyana, Mark’s answer was “As a son of the soil, I have never left Guyana. In my daily lifestyle, Guyana is and will always be in the forefront of my goals and achievements.”

Mark, who is currently negotiating a Caribbean tour, has Guyana on that schedule and hopes to be here in July.

[2]In a series of online interviews with The Scene, which started late last month, Mark revealed that at ‘The Gala’ in Canada—the final celebration for Black History Month this year—he performed one of his new songs, “Rise Up Haiti”. He said he composed this song while he was “viewing a broadcast of the devastation in Haiti and saw a picture of a young rescue victim begging her mom not to let her die. These words touched my heart and motivated me to compose the lyrics.” It also touched others, because at ‘The Gala’ the “enthusiastic audience… were on their feet dancing and holding hands during my performance,” he added.

Read Full article here: Mark Holder- Something of Value

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