GTLime selects its Charity of Choice in Guyana

As we celebrate GT LIME REUNION’S 10th Anniversary, we have selected The Ruimveldt Children’s Home and Care Centre as our Charity of Choice. 
For the past 10 years the GT Lime community has supported several worthy and needy Charities in Guyana at our Annual Reunion and this year the Ruimveldt Children’s Home and Care Centre is most deserving of our support.
And so we are asking that all attending our Reunion donate any of the items seen in their newsletter link below or clothing, toys  and books. We will have a “drop off bin” at the event which will be shipped to Guyana by Laparkan at the earliest opportunity. These children are referred to as the “Forgotten Children” of Guyana and so let us show that we remember them as we “ Lime” again this year and bring some smiles, hope and love to these children of Guyana.
Information and details about The Ruimveldt Children’s Home and Care Centre below from Marva Williams Director and please visit their website, , click on Newsletter link , and scroll down to view article “A Peek Into Our Monthly Life” to view list of items needed by the facility .
Please post any questions and suggestions and thank you again GT LIMERS !
Mark Bannister
Website updated daily
Letter below from Director Marva William
Dear GT Lime Members,
Thank you for selecting the Ruimveldt Children home and Care center for assistance .We operate a 24 hr care facility for children who have been impacted by HIV/AIDS .Of the 20 children currently in our care 12 are infected while the others have parents who have died .
We have been in operation over the past four years but have kept a low profile only because we wanted to protect the children from stigma.Some insensitive journalism has caused  the information  to be in the papers recently but may be it will bring the necessary funds we need to continue to provide quality care for our wonderful family.
As part of our staff we have a professional counselor,Trained nutritionist , 5 care givers,a cleaner and a home manager.
A previous funding provided a nurse for the home but that came to an end 2010. Our children however receive medical attention from St Joseph Mercy Hospital and we are doing every thing to maintain our counselor who is especially good to the older girls who are in the challenging period of adolescence.
So, there are 20 children, 13 girls between the ages 13  and 5 years 7 boys between and  the ages of 10 and 1year.
All the children are at school except for the toddlers both 1+ years.
Should you need any other information we will be ready to provide.
Thank you so much.
Marva William.  (Director)  


Remember to attend the ……..

GTLIME-10th Anniversary Dinner Dance –Toronto – July 30,2011  < click link for the flyer and ticket information

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