MacKenzie – Linden History – Guyana

MacKenzie – Linden History – Guyana

Bauxite Plant MacKenzie-Linden Guyana (photo Phillip Llyn-Jones)

More walks down Memory Lane by Bob Wong …

 Bauxite  by Bob Wong

Here Bob Wong – born in 1953 – talks about leaving Georgetown as a little boy when his father joined the Demerara Bauxite Company (DEMBA), the Bauxite company.  Read his story and the many pictures of this isolated town 75 miles up the Demerara River from Georgetown.          

Watooka   by Bob Wong

Watooka was a residential area of MacKenzie Guyana, named after Watooka Creek (an Amerindian name). It was built to house the staff members of the Demerara Bauxite Company (DEMBA).  Bob Wong grew up in Watooka in the 1950-1960’s.

The History of Bauxite and MacKenzie/Linden – Various articles from Bob Wong’s weblog :

  1. Mackenzie History
  2. Bauxite Industry in Guyana – follow the trail with photographs
  3. Beryl Joseph – Recollections
  4. Linden Railroad Yard a possible tourist attraction – from Kaieteur News
  5. Alumina Plant at Spieghtland (Mackenzie) – from Kaieteur News
  6. MacKenzie High School History
  7. Three Lindeners seek to nationalise “blue lake” – from Kaieteur News
  8. R.H. Carr – This ship was an icon from the early days.
  9. Three Friends – More than just a mine.
  10. Modern Day Mackenzie  with Keith Gordon Picture Gallery
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