Is modern technology creating a culture of distraction?

Is modern technology creating a culture of distraction?


By Jun. 23, 2012,GIGAOM

Are all the modern devices and digital conveniences we have at our disposal — from the web and social media to smartphones and tablets — making us more distracted and less able to concentrate? And is this harming our ability to think and be creative, and therefore by extension harming society as a whole? It’s a question that rears its head from time to time. One of the latest expressions of this fear comes from Joe Kraus, a serial entrepreneur who is now a partner with Google Ventures and gave a presentation recently about his concerns, offering an alternative concept he calls “Slow Tech.” But is this really something that we need to be afraid of?

In his presentation, Kraus argues that the incessant demands of cellphones and social media, not to mention email and other forms of distraction, are making it difficult for us to connect with other people — including our families — and also endangering our ability to think about anything other than the next jolt of stimulation from the devices we have all around us, which he compares to the constant stimulus of a slot machine at a casino. As he describes it:   [more]

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  • de castro  On June 25, 2012 at 8:52 am

    what a load of “bull”
    technology has been a success for the planet ….
    we need more “inovative” ideas not “less” !
    even if we only use 10% of the ones we already have.

  • Cyril Balkaran  On June 25, 2012 at 11:33 am

    It is true that the 21 century and onwards belong to the Technological Era,where the benefits os such modern technological applications and accomplishments so far have marvelled the minds of millions. Imagine the Robots in factories doing the assemblages in the Auto industries! Your hand held communication devices have also revolutionized the way we do business and also the emails help us a great deal to respond to the issues as this one without being prejudiced against the writer for his expressed opinions and thoughts. It offers a shelter against prejudices in many ways. I also share the views of Kamptan that “Technology has been a success for this planet” NASA can tell us the rest for inter planetary Communications! Get real friends, Technology can only get better and with deeper researches and more industrially created sophisticated applications for the future as this is the CREATIVE nature of the human mind!

  • de castro  On June 26, 2012 at 8:47 am

    cyril (Balkaran)
    glad you agree … but would much prefer you disagree !
    seriously thanks the “yes” as it is positive !

    could not add a word to your “comment”


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