Depression – The Silent Killer By The Caribbean Voice & CADVA

Depression – The Silent Killer

By The Caribbean Voice & CADVA

Related imageFor the average onlooker, it often takes a giant leap of perception and intuition to begin to understand the maze of darkness for which suicide seems a welcoming beam of light for someone suffering from depression. The seeming external calm more often than not, masks a deep-seated turmoil that decapitates the will to do and to be. And so feeling like they no longer belong to anything or anyone, life, for those suffering from depression, literally becomes meaningless, if not burdensome. In effect, depression is often physically and mentally paralyzing, almost bringing day-to-day life to a standstill.

One sufferer from depression disclosed, “With no warning signs, its like the lights just suddenly go out and everything you know and love is meaningless”. Another pointed out, “How do you begin to explain the unbearable, heavy emptiness to someone who’s never experienced it?” Yet another emphasized, “Its so hard when people tell you to cheer up or get over it, there’s nothing I’d like more than for it to be that easy.” For yet another one “Everything did seem like it was falling apart.”

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