New Book: Foundation of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF)


GDF BOOKLt. Col (ret) Compton Hartley Liverpool
began his military career in 1955 in the British Guiana Volunteer Force as a Private.

In 1965, he transitioned into the newly formed Guyana Defence Force as a Corporal.  Thereafter, he rose to the rank of Lt. Col. On soldierly abilities alone, learning each day.

He served as Platoon, Company, Battalion, Base and Garrison Commander.

He is the only soldier in the Guyana Defence Force to be awarded a Medal for Valour.


 Khalilah Megan Campbell is a member of the Guyana Ex-Soldiers Association (Canada) serving as the Welfare Officer.

Ms. Campbell’s professional career has included responsibilities as a Conflict Resolution Mediator, Special Education Mediator and a Writer.  Her service in the Canadian Armed Forces – 735 Winnipeg Communication Regiment and the Guyana National Service contributed direct relevance to the intuitive understanding of this book.

PS: Every veteran should get a copy of this book.
To purchase a copy contact Megan Campbell (Co author) at (416) 732-9390.

DOWNLOAD THIS ENTRY: Foundation of the Guyana Defence Force

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