Profile: Ingrid Griffith: The Girl With the Golden Touch! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Ingrid Griffith: The Girl With the Golden Touch!

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Ingrid Griffith

Ingrid Griffith

Ingrid Griffith is one of the bright lights of the Caribbean community. She is talented, innovative, and refreshingly exciting. She captivates her audience with experiences culled from her surroundings and leaves them wanting more. Ingrid combines real life situations with her unique perspective on life. The public can do no more than applaud in appreciation. Ingrid is a social commentator and in the best tradition of dramatists she weaves her stories that tell of the joys and tribulations of her community.

In June 2016 Ingrid thrilled her audience at City Hall in New York as she spun webs of everyday stories from the towns to the global village.  

Ingrid was born in Georgetown, in Guyana. She grew up in Albert Street in Queenstown but the family also lived in Third St, Hadfield Street, and Foreshaw Street. Ingrid is the second of three children. Her mom is Joyce and her dad is Ronald. Ingrid attended Wedgewood All Age School in Cummings Street and then St. Rose’s High School. Her favorite subjects were Math and English; Miss Underwood and Miss Fonseca were teachers that were always helpful.

In 1972 Ingrid’s parents emigrated to the United States and five years later she left Guyana to join them. She was excited at the prospect of a reunion. As the plane landed at JFK on an April evening Ingrid and her sister saw the bright lights and felt the excitement of being in a new home. Long Island was quiet and she was impressed by the space in Wyandanch.

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