Simone Biles – wins women’s gymnastics Olympic gold in style

Simone Biles soars above the women’s gymnastics world to Olympic gold

Rio 2016 Olympics: Day 6 – By Liz Clarke August 11 at 7:27 PM

simoneRIO DE JANEIRO — If there’s a quibble to make with Simone Biles, it’s that she competes with such joy and weightless effervescence that she does herself a disservice, in a way, by making gymnastics look so easy.

You won’t catch her grimacing. She will never double over with exhaustion, tongue dangling, between routines. For Biles, flipping through the air is such fun, such a party, that no theatrics are needed other than the few flecks of glitter she lines her eyes with so they match her sparkly leotard.  

At Rio Olympic Arena on Thursday afternoon, Biles invited a raucous crowd in the stands and millions of viewers at home to her Olympic coronation, which concluded with a floor exercise that exploded with high-flying acrobatics and radiated sheer abandon.     [read more]

Simone Biles – Floor Exercise – 2016 P&G Gymnastics Championships – Sr. Women Day 2

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