Chris Hayes on the Twilight of the Elites and the End of Meritocracy

Chris Hayes on the Twilight of the Elites and the End of Meritocracy

By Julian Brookes July 11, 2012 – Rolling Stone Magazine

Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes

If history is “one damned thing after another,” the short history of 21st-Century America looks like one damned gigantic clusterfuck. First, and worst, national security and intelligence failures enabled the 9/11 terrorist attack, the largest mass murder on the continent in the nation’s history. Then came Enron, a colossal fraud and the largest corporate bankruptcy ever. Next we had the pointless and devastating Iraq war, the biggest foreign policy disaster since Vietnam.

At mid-decade, we watched a major American city, New Orleans, drown on national television, killing a thousand people. A few years later, the housing bubble popped, wiping out trillions of dollars of wealth and precipitating the largest financial crisis in 70 years and the worst economic recession since the Great Depression.     

Unbelievably, very few people have been held to account for this catalogue of scandal and disaster – not in Washington, not on Wall Street, not, for the most part, in America’s corporate boardrooms. [Read more]

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