Caribbean Life News Update – 17 October 2016

Caribbean LifeCaribbean Life News Update – 17 October 2016

Carib­bean joins in appoi­nting next UN secre­tary general

Carib­bean Commu­nity (CARI­COM) diplo­mats have joined the United Nations General Assembly in appoi­nting the former Prime Minister of Portugal, António Guterres, as the next United Nations Secre­tary-General.

Sir Viv calls for expan­sion of cricket

BY AZAD ALI | SPORTS – Legen­dary former West Indies Captain Sir Vivian Richards has called on the Interna­tional Cricket Council (ICC) to expand cricket to the non-tradit­ional nations.              

Carib­bean Life’s senior writer honors wife, sister

Carib­bean Life’s senior writer Nelson A. King on Sunday, Oct. 9 honored his wife, Dofflyn King, and his sister, Clarice King-Richards, at a gala event in Brooklyn, celebr­ating his lifetime achiev­ements.

Independent & Foreign Films


American Pastoral (R for profa­nity, graphic sexua­lity and brief violent images) Crime drama, set in 1968, about a succe­ssful, suburban couple (Jenn­ifer Connelly and Ewan McGre­gor) whose idyllic life comes apart at the seams when their radica­lized daughter (Dakota Fanning) commits a deadly act of terro­rism in protest of the Vietnam War.

PAHO warns of cholera outbr­eaks in Haitian towns


With more than 1.3 million Haitians affected by Hurri­cane Matthew, Pan American Health Organi­zation (PAHO) warns that acute diarr­heal diseases, inclu­ding cholera, threaten parts of the popul­ation.

Carib­bean center sending clothes and funds to Haiti


The Carib­bean American Center of New York will send donat­ions to Haiti to assist in the relief effort in the after­math of the devast­ating hurri­cane.

New Guyana envoy presents creden­tials to OAS chief


The Organi­zation of American States (OAS) says the new Perma­nent Represe­ntative of Guyana, Riyad Insan­ally, has prese­nted his creden­tials to the Secre­tary General of the instit­ution, Luis Almagro.

Mission in Haiti seeks smooth, safe aid delivery


While Haiti is still counting its dead and asses­sing the damage in the after­math of Hurri­cane Matthew, the powerful Category 4 storm that battered the French-speaking Carib­bean country last week, a senior United Nations peacek­eeping official says that signif­icant headway is being made in clearing the roads to facil­itate the movement of humani­tarian aid.

Carib­bean RoundUp


The decision by interna­tional banks to termi­nate relatio­nships with banks in the Eastern Carib­bean Currency Union (ECCU) is encour­aging money laund­ering and terro­rist finan­cing.

UK clamps down on CARICOM migrants


CARICOM natio­nals and other forei­gners would no longer be able to take up jobs in the UK that Britons can do, while the number of migrants coming to Britain to work and study will be signifi­cantly reduced.

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