Caribbean Life News Update – 23 October 2016

Caribbean Life News Update – 23 October 2016   Caribbean Life

Williams intro­duces Credit Nondis­crimin­ation Act

BY NELSON A. KING  – Brooklyn Council Member Jumaane D. Williams, deputy leader of the City Council, has intro­duced the Credit Nondis­crimin­ation Act, which would outlaw the practice of credi­tors discrim­inating in the issuance of credit on the basis of race, gender, sexual orient­ation, or any of the prote­cted classes.

Privati­zation the problem, rarely the solution

BY JOMO KWAME SUNDARAM – KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Oct. 20, 2016 (IPS) – Privati­zation has been one of the pillars of the counter-revol­ution against develo­pment econo­mics and gover­nment activism from the 1980s.   

T&T’s United National Congress looses appeal

BY AZAD ALI | CARIBBEAN – The Appeal Court in Trinidad and Tobago has dismi­ssed an appeal by the Oppos­ition United National Congress (UNC) to declare five seats in the marginal constit­uencies in the Sept. 7, 2015 General Election null and void based on the one-hour exten­sion given by the Election and Bound­aries Commi­ssion (EBC).

Pakistan defeats West Indies

BY AZAD ALI | CARIBBEAN  – Despite a defiant knock of 116 runs by middle order batsman Darren Bravo, West Indies went under to Pakistan by 56 runs in the opening match of the Haier Cup Test series at the Dubai Interna­tional Cricket Stadium in the United Arab Emirates on Monday, Oct. 17.

ECLAC: Carib economy to contract in 2016, grow in 2017

BY NELSON A. KING | CARIBBEAN – The Economic Commi­ssion for Latin America and the Carib­bean (ECLAC) has revised its economic growth projec­tions for the region for 2016, predi­cting an average contra­ction of -0.9 percent for bean this year.

Bolt to retire next year 

BY AZAD ALI | SPORTS – Jamaica’s Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt has annou­nced that he will run his last race on home soil at the Racers Grand Prix in June next year before retiring from compet­ition two months later.

Independent & Foreign Films

BY KAM WILLIAMS | MOVIES – By Sidney Lumet (Unra­ted) The legen­dary director reflects upon his life and career in this revea­ling biopic based on an intimate inter­view condu­cted a few years before his death in 2011.

Uncov­ering Guillain-Barré Syndrome in the Carib­bean

BY GERARD BEST | HEALTH – The Carib­bean has moved one step closer to uncov­ering the link between the Zika virus disease and a rare neurol­ogical illness.

Carib­bean RoundUp

BY AZAD ALI | CARIBBEAN  – Head of the Barbados-based Carib­bean Develo­pment Bank (CDB) is warning the Barbados gover­nment that it needs to deal urgently with the island’s worse­ning debt situa­tion.

Get your green card through marriage to a US citizen

BY GERTRUDE ONUOHA, P.C. – A foreign national who is married to a United States citizen is eligible to apply immedi­ately for perma­nent resid­ency (Green Card). The proce­ssing time is reaso­nably fast because the applic­ation is proce­ssed under the immed­iate relative category and visas are immedi­ately avail­able.

$2m to const­ruct low cost housing

BY NELSON A. KING – Brooklyn Borough Presi­dent Eric L. Adams on Mondaydetailed more than $2 million in Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17) funds from Brooklyn Borough Hall to const­ruct and preserve hundreds of affor­dable housing units across Brooklyn.

US, CARICOM co-host Security Cooper­ation Dialogue

BY NELSON A. KING | NATIONAL – The United States Depar­tment of State says the United States, the Carib­bean Commu­nity and Common Market (CARI­COM), and the Domin­ican Republic on Tuesday jointly hosted the Sixth Annual Carib­bean-United States Security Cooper­ation Dialogue, part of the Carib­bean Basin Security Initi­ative (CBSI) launched by Presi­dent Obama in 2009.

St. Paul’s Church holds 4th Annual Health Fair

BY NELSON A. KING | HEALTH – The Ministry and Commu­nity Outreach Commi­ttee of St. Paul’s Church in the Village of Flatbush, in collabo­ration with The Haitian Commu­nity Coaliti­on(HCC), last Saturday hosted the 4th Annual Commu­nity Health Fair in the church’s audit­orium.

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