Where Kathak and Bomba Meet in Me – by Romanee Kalicharran of Romanee and Company

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Where Kathak and Bomba Meet in Me

Romanee Kalicharran of Romanee and Company LAUNCHES a series of interactive presentations in New York City (Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn) beginning Tuesday, November 8th and culminating on Sunday, November 20th with a spectacular intercultural performance: “Where Kathak and Bomba Meet in Me”.

October 19, 2016 (New York City) “Where Kathak and Bomba Meet in Me” as described by the artist is an explorative journey into our true selves – who we are, and how we came to be where we are.  It appeals to a generation of forward thinkers, a deep understanding of the soul as portrayed though remarkable insight and melding of her Puerto Rican and Guyanese (East Indian) extractions. Moreover, the artist seeks to appeal especially to hybrid cultures within the young in the diaspora, many of whom are on a quest to find and define themselves in an era of volatility.    

Romanee employs music and dance as the artistic connection to ancestry. For those grappling with the peculiarities of cultural identity, this will be an engaging demonstration of ideas and lessons in streamlining one’s existence.

 “While the series highlights my countries of heritage, this project is beyond me, beyond the countries shown. It is about the appreciation of both the distinct and similar artistic dynamics and common ancestral experiences across the globe, throughout history and in current times.” –Romanee R. Kalicharran

Some of the presentations that will be exhibited during this series are:

  • A unique insight into male Bomba dance technique through exploration of movement vocabulary, correlating rhythms and context, which is instructed by Master of Bomba, Don Angel “Balance’” Reyes.  
  • Artiste Lecture and Intercultural performance which features a “Taste of Culture” of foods from countries in the intercultural series. Hear from the artists about their craft as well as their experience in participating in the intercultural series and performances.  
  • The Indian and Indo-Caribbean View: Exploration with Tabla Maestro, Naren Budhkar and Dance Artiste, Romanee R. Kalicharran. Unravel the mysteries behind the concept of classical Indian music and dance. Discover the correlation between Kathak and Indo-Caribbean dance. Enjoy a display of Tabla Rhythms. Open drum circle to follow. 
  • The Puerto Rican View: Informative Class and Drum Circle with Don Angel “Balance” Reyes and Dr. Drum. A comprehensive class which introduces Bomba history, display of rhythms and practical dance technique. Live drumming and student participation leads into an open drum circle. 
  • Grand Finale Performance – “Where Kathak and Bomba Meet In Me”.Enter the realm of intercultural performance as artistes go back in time and return to the present in this inspiring narrative of being conquered and later triumphing. The character gives both a reaction and reenactment of plantation life, a common denominator in both Puerto Rico and Guyana. Listen carefully to the references to Spanish, Guyanese Creole, Hindi and English as the story unfolds. Leap into the rhythms as the drummers respectfully exchange, influence, and borrowing of from each other while freeing the chains of the past through music and dance, ultimately cultivating cultural identity.  Featured Sitar performance by Shri Kinnar Seen

Come join Romanee Kalicharran of Romanee and Company on their launch of WHERE KATHAK AND BOMBA MEET IN ME – An Intercultural series from Tuesday, November 8th to Sunday, November 20th in New York City (Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn) to learn and engage in a fun intercultural series of events. For more information and venue listings, visit the event calendar here: http://www.romaneeandcompany.com/upcoming-events.

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