Exit Polls: NBC News’ Analysis of 2016 Votes and Voters – analysis and videos

Exit Polls: NBC News’ Analysis of 2016 Votes and Voters – analysis and videos

What are the early exit polls saying about why Americans voted the way they voted?

Broad Dissatisfaction Leaves Winners With Little Direction

The exit polling data are throwing up a real puzzle for elected officials and political analysts alike — voters are pretty clear they’re unhappy with government, but they don’t know how they want to change it.

More than half of voters, 53 percent, approve of how Barack Obama is handling his job as president. But at the same time, 62 percent say the country is on the wrong track — indicating a deep dissatisfaction with government institutions in general. Those voters went for Donald Trump by more than 2-to-1.  

And asked whether Obama’s policies should continue in the next administration, voters split almost evenly: 45 percent say they should continue or become more liberal; 47 percent say they should swing right.  [Read more]

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  • Clyde Duncan  On November 10, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    Something to Think About – James Hartsfield – 09 Nov 2016

    Sometimes being right is just plain wrong. Long ago, I picked Donald J. Trump as the winner in this presidential election. I don’t consider myself to be particularly smarter than anyone else, but I observed an American characteristic that most people couldn’t feel because they couldn’t fathom a return to our anarchical past;

    A dangerous form of racism, sexism and hate that has lay dormant like a virus, waiting for just the right time to surface. Yesterday was a perfect storm for it to come out and while the “Fat Lady” did sing, democracy practiced a perverted autoerotism.

    I am a great fan of the amazing poet and social activist Gil Scott Heron. His words have rung clear in my head since the Trump revolution, “Just how blind will America be? That we all could see the plot and still could not……

    Reminiscent of 1933 Germany, good, well-intentioned people passively acquiesced to the man driving the horse-driven cart with “Elixir – Cures Everything Just $1” written in large letters on the side. Not only did we gather around and watch it with curiosity, by ignoring all of the perilous warnings, we drank the Kool-Aid – all of it.

    At the root of this situation is the disenfranchised silent majority; poor uneducated Whites, delusional African Americans, misled Hispanics and educated Whites (particularly woman) that needed the cover of an election booth to finally reveal themselves. He went after them like a “bitch”.

    He knew he could do everything he wanted and he did. It was not one group that elected Trump, it was a movement. A movement that hid behind emotion to shield themselves from facts and truths and rather they turned to the “Boogieman” and his disciples. They wanted change at all costs and they got it by delivering the Congress, Supreme Court and Presidency at his feet.

    They did it. They elected a 7-year old to hold the nuclear football; we gave our fragile economy to the school bully at lunchtime and we surrendered our character to a “Power Ranger” with morphing speed that exceeds anything that we have ever seen.

    Not long ago, I couldn’t have imagined longing for the good old days with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, but they were stable, predictable adults that made arguable policy. I’m greatly saddened that Barack Obama’s greatness was cremated last night. Richard Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover are heroes again.

    “Halderman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell and Dean, it follows a pattern if you dig what I mean” only this time we’re not starring in a big movie, the insane have taken control of the asylum and we’re in the ultimate reality TV show, but don’t get it twisted, Steve Harvey doesn’t really control the answers to the questions!

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