Donald Trump can be a Great President – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Donald Trump can be a Great President

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

‘He is shallow, superficial and frightening.’ The New York Times said that ‘he seems not to relish the complexity and subtlety’ of the presidency. The American people, it was argued, would not select a 70-year old to be president in a divided nation. According to the pollsters more voters, ‘held negative attitudes towards each presidential candidate than in any campaign since polling began.’ If these comments appear to be familiar they were made about Ronald Reagan prior to the 1980 Presidential Elections.

When Reagan was elected many thought the world would collapse. There was the view that we would witness another World War. Despite the uncertainty and panic in some quarters Ronald Reagan went on to win the hearts and minds of many Americans. 

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The Best of Ronald Reagan – video

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  • Clyde Duncan  On November 21, 2016 at 9:59 am

    As a British Pakistani, Donald Trump reminds me of the abusive husbands in my community – but their wives can teach us how to cope

    A peek under the covers of these doomed unions offers many lessons we can draw to help us survive Trump and beyond.

    – There are ways of living with someone that you hate

    Salma Shah | Independent UK

    We are preparing for the impending gloom of a Trump presidency. As we enter our new world order, as a British Pakistani woman I believe there’s much we can learn from the women in my community who have been forced to live under a domineering husband, and how they have coped.

    The arrival of Donald Trump in a role of such global power has many parallels with how a newly-wed bride from India or Pakistan learns to live and survive if she is unlucky enough to have been paired up with a traditional, domineering husband.

    The groom typically picked from a shortlist of potential candidates by ill-informed naïve hoodwinked parents. The match is usually negotiated and agreed through self-serving community elders with hidden agendas. For the young bride, she is suddenly and permanently bound to a man who will control every aspect of her life, from clothes to friendships – even how often she is allowed to visit her parents.

    In my youth, I witnessed many such marriages in my community. Women who were verbally abused and crushed. Today these women, now in their seventies and eighties are the wise elders, surrounded by loving grandchildren. Their husbands, however, are lonely, isolated and barely tolerated by those around them.

    A peek under the covers of these doomed unions offers many lessons we can draw to help us survive Trump and beyond. There are ways of living with someone that you hate.

    With her henna yet to fade, the newly-wed bride quickly learns that she is shackled to an egotist. Reasoning with him, applying logic or appealing to his better nature and she will end up emotionally punched and battered. Remind you of anyone?

    Desperate and terrified, a young wife will often seek solace in the arms of her helpless parents, who are tortured by their bad decision. Prior to the wedding, unsuspecting parents anxious to marry off their daughters are usually swayed by future promises of wealth and security. Like Trump, these men are skilled at pitching and know just what to say to get a “yes”. Now guilty of choosing the wrong candidate, her parents suffer forever the catastrophic consequences of the ill-fated match.

    The wives must prepare themselves for the long-haul to survive. They usually have older women in the background teaching them patience and self-protection, giving them the inner strength to carry on being themselves, and not let the bully destroy their soul, the essence of their power and goodness.

    These women have usually lived through and witnessed many Trump-style fiefdoms. They raise their sons to be strong fathers, teaching them how to respect women and empower daughters. As a society, we need to channel the wisdom of these women.

    With the advice of her family and the wisdom of elders a plan is hatched: biding time, and shifting the balance of power. The shift eventually comes through her children. Once children come of age, an abused wife gains power. Her children become her metaphorical castle, withstanding attack from the enemy. The bullying husband is lost, defeated, vilified for his past behaviour.

    Boris Johnson might have a point when he told EU leaders to stop whining. Instead, we – the dominated and bullied wives of our new political reality – should start working hard at engaging with disappointed, disaffected and ultimately abused Trump voters in preparation for 2020 (or before, if things blow up earlier). There may be difficult years ahead, but Trump’s behaviour cannot sustain him for long. In the end, it is those who act with kindness and respect, whose power will endure.

    Salma Shah is a psychologist and coach who specialises in helping women achieve their goals

  • Clyde Duncan  On November 21, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    Before I put my own thoughts down on this President-elect – I will remind myself about how WRONG we have been – Half of the World, anyway.

    Check this out – this is only one guy reporting:

    Donald Trump NOT Even President Yet and He is Losing The Plot …..
    By Hunter at Daily Kos

    President-elect and gigantic rubbery man-child Donald Trump was all over Twitter this weekend. His newest grievance is that Saturday Night Live made fun of him last night. This, the soon-to-be leader of the United States of America declares – will not stand.

    You don’t get equal time, you pompous suit balloon. The American president has zero protections against comedians mocking him on television or in print — he doesn’t appear on the network afterwards saying “I’m da president of the United States, and I strongly disapprove of that last sketch in which I was portrayed as a luxuriously coiffed show rabbit duct-taped to the top of a steel coatrack.” You self-absorbed git. You citrus-faced two-bit monorail salesman. You great gilded walking Viagra advertisement. You woman-grabbing, teen-ogling professional fraudster and con.

    But wait! He also just cannot stop being obsessed over Mike Pence being talked-at by the cast of Hamilton. (Pence is doomed for the next four years to play Ronald Reagan to Donald’s Bonzo, and if you think that is a compliment to Mike Pence you are unfamiliar with your Ronald Reagan movies).

    Donald will freely tell you which minority groups in America are the most full of rapists and is willing to torture and kill the families of suspected bad-doers for the sake of fulfilling his turgid campaign vows, but talking back has him in flop sweat for an entire weekend:

    He deleted yet another one, one which criticized the Hamilton cast for reading their appeal to Pence from a note rather than memorizing it backstage first. Because Donald is, yes, nothing but an enormous poop.

    This man is going to melt down before he ever reaches his own inauguration. He’s completely unprepared for not just the duties of the office, not just the pressure of the office, but with being criticized on television.

    He’s still sorting out how to arrange things so that he only conducts important meetings with other family members present so that they can explain the big words to him after everyone else has left.

    How does this toupee-wearing ball of spite and uncooked bread dough survive an office that so visibly withers even the most prepared and level-headed?

    Trump’s weekly address will simply be Donald Trump reading off a list of Americans who said bad things about him during the previous week, each followed with a grade-school rejoinder along the lines of “I know you are but what am I …” and, presumably, a back-channel instruction to the IRS as to who should be receiving new audits this week.

    The man is not merely incompetent and unqualified; he is not even a fully developed adult. He is a spoiled child. He can barely register the presence of other persons in his field of view, so absorbed he is in his own self-estimations.

    Donald, you stubby-fingered coatfart, we are going to make your life hell.

    Americans are going to invent insults for you never before seen in English or any other language. There’s going to be a Manhattan Project of insult development, every researcher looking to craft the three or four biting words that will reliably make you wet your pants onstage. Insulting the world’s most easily insulted fascist buffoon is going to become the next planking.

    There is no way this man makes it through a four-year term in the most pressure-laden office in the nation. And he’s going to be absolutely floored when he finds out he can’t just retire to one of his gauche and overpriced resorts and appoint Ivanka the new president in his stead.

  • Malcolm Heydorn  On November 21, 2016 at 7:20 pm

    Salma Shaw, whoever you are ,are you talking about yourself as well? Then take note; look into the mirror and ask yourself a few questions: why did I subject myself to the caste system, and the religious bigotry, such as you did. Further, why did I condone the expectations of my parents, and their choice of someone with whom I would have to live the rest of my life, without some imput; am I that dumb? You claim that you are a psychologist, whose mission is to help women achieve their goals. Well if you were one of my patients, I would suggest that you get some proper therapeutic training,yourself before you make any attempt to counsel the “battered” folk. After all, you claim that the woman eventually gains great power within the family structure, by virtue of the children presenting a WALL,(sounds familiar), through which the husband would break his hand while attempting to punch through; he then becomes a non-entity. But this takes a few decades, during which the children are learning to repeat the same practice. Sounds like a waste of time to me. Take my advice, have a roti, and read a few more books. PS. I still don’t see how Donald Trump gets into this configuration.

  • Malcolm Heydorn  On November 21, 2016 at 11:41 pm

    If ever there was a jackass, Hunter, at “Daily Kos”, you are. You have shown your head, ass, and legs all together. You are rife with spite, and malice, and smell like the swamp that the Democratic Party, and its supporters have been fermenting in for the last dozen years. To poor you, crooked Hillary, farthouse Barak Obama, Michelleeeeeee., and the rest of the defeated, get out of the White House; you should never have been there in the first place. Grab a therapeutic dog to lick your wounds, some colouring books, crayons, and play dough, and head for the sanctuary cities, and there, continue the fermenting, grieving process, for at least the next dozen years. The silent majority of the people of the USA. have spoken; now tuck your tail between your legs, and “hit the road, jack, and don’t come back no mo, no mo…..”

  • Tata  On November 22, 2016 at 12:30 am

    To all you DUMB pundits, who have and still continue to make predictions about our president-elect Donald Trump’s future as President of the United States, well, all of you should worry about the future of your children, whom most of you have failed to parent. Sure enough, the results we’ve seen on the streets of America; burning and shredding the the United States flag and destroying what they never build or will never build. So, Is this the future of America? Then, the future of America is very bleak and this has nothing to do with Donald Trump because he did a “hell of a good job” raising his kids. Interesting, Trump’s children is what every parent dream about but most wake up to the worst nightmare. In truth, this man is blessed with tremendous work ethics and a discipline many of your loser fathers, brothers and husbands can never ever emulate.

    Yes! You talk about a “man” who has done it all. What an achievement? Yes! This is a man every woman should have as a father, husband and friend.
    Yes, Not the “man” with 9 or more “baby mamas” who lives with a woman he never marries but continue to rape and disrespect. Not the man who has children and treat them as a bowel movement; moving on to the next flush.

    And, not the woman who lacks respect for herself and sleeps with every married man

    You know, there is an old saying “jackass got big ears but he don’t know he own story.” So, all of you with so much animosity for Trump, check yourself at the door.

    Your candidate LOST…be an example for your children to emulate. . Teach them that in life they are winners and losers as with everything in the world.
    The Democratic Party is unfit to govern at this time because of the many unethical problems, voters were very concerned about.
    So, please go away and take care of your children.

  • Malcolm Heydorn  On November 22, 2016 at 11:40 am


    Well said. The pundits are still in a state of “Virtual Shock”, in their world of Virtual Reality. I do not think that I can add too much more facts to your perspective of real life that matters, with the possible exception that these same pundits pontificated, that the Stock Market will belly out at a Trump victory, when in fact I’ve just heard, that because of the “Trump Effect”, it has just reached its highest level ever; another bit of egg, if not dirt in their faces.; a blessing this Thanksgiving Weekend, for Americans. May they enjoy their dinners for a change. PS .Just wondering if the President -Elect is going to pardon that turkey crocked Hillary, “in time”, or is the current president going to do so soon?

  • Tata  On November 22, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    But Hey! As a citizen of this beautiful country, I would like to know more about the Clinton Foundation. Truthfully, the Clintons are the powerhouse and money makers for the Democratic Party so they got away with murder. These two very savvy lawyers, wrote the book on dishonesty and were given Carte Blanche status by the Democratic Party.
    Some example must be set or else politicians will get away with murder.

    So pardon the turkey PLEASE!

  • Clyde Duncan  On November 22, 2016 at 11:01 pm

    I am quietly thinking that the
    FIRST Monday after the SECOND Wednesday
    in December ….

    — is D-Day – the Electoral College Vote

    I am quietly thinking – Leicester Football Club
    had a 5,000 to 1 chance of winning the
    Premier League Championships – the same
    odds as Elvis Presley showing up alive in 2016

    and Leicester Football Club WON in 2016

    Over the years there have been about 157
    “Faithless Electors” – that is Electors who
    voted against their party’s wishes without
    changing anything.

    The man that was supposed to be President
    was elected President of the USA.

    Of the 157, about 70 died before casting their vote.

    Remember: 5,000 to 1 odds is NOT impossible odds
    – I am not a betting man and I would not bet on it.

    But if you buy a lottery ticket that is 14-million to 1

    I am looking for 38-Faithless Electors showing up
    and voting for Hillary Clinton [but not necessarily]
    and Donald J Trump will be defeated on the

    FIRST Monday after the SECOND Wednesday
    in December 2016 [19 Dec 2016]

    That will save the world from this shit!!

  • Malcolm Heydorn  On November 23, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    To the dumb Democrats, the odds of a Trump victory was placed at far in excess of 5000 to 1, the same as them having more than two brain cells hanging around between their ears. They must now pick up their belongings, go to the “Oracle”, get some real advice there, then head for the hills, where they will become acquainted with real suffering, and place their bets there. Take a page out of the President- Elect’s book, and make America Great AGAIN.

  • Clyde Duncan  On November 24, 2016 at 10:26 am

    MSNBC Rachel Maddow – Rhodes Scholar – Oxford Graduate tells it better:

  • Clyde Duncan  On November 24, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    Here’s why Donald Trump believes he doesn’t need President’s Daily Briefings

    Reports state that Trump has refused opportunities to meet intelligence officers on several occasions.

    Namrata Tripathi | International Business Times

    Reports state that although the team of intelligence analysts remain ready everyday waiting to provide Donald Trump with the confidential briefing, Trump has only accepted them twice.

    The billionaire has reportedly turned down the classified meetings to focus on other meetings with possible Cabinet members in his administration, business associates and even media executives.

    Pence, however, has been reportedly receiving the intelligence briefings almost every day since he won the elections on November 8.

    The Post reported that the Republican’s last three predecessors received daily intelligence briefings during their transition period and President Barack Obama along with taking regular briefings also scheduled “deep dives” on important security issues related to the United States like the Iran nuclear program.

    Trump has always had a distrust of the intelligence community in the United States. Just days before he was scheduled to meet the intelligence analysts, Trump had told Fox News that he did not have much trust in the experts he was slated to meet after his elections win.

    “Not so much from the people that have been doing it for our country. Look what’s happened over the last 10 years. Look what’s happened over the years. It’s been catastrophic,” Trump told Fox News.

    According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) website, President’s Daily Brief contains the Directorate of Intelligence’s highest level intelligence analysis targeted at the key national security issues and concerns of the President. The PDB is given only to the President, the Vice President, and a very select group of Cabinet-level officials designated by the President.

    Reports state that Trump received his first presidential briefing as per norm on November 15. Trump had received the same briefings as US President Obama, the process is a part of US tradition to facilitate a peaceful transition from one presidential administration to the other.

  • Gigi  On November 25, 2016 at 11:47 am

    @ Dr. Narine, there is no need for Trump to listen to the protesters in the streets. Why? Most of them are paid to protest. They are not authentic and are deserving of contempt and ridicule. They could care less about the signs given to them to carry or the scripted lines they are told to scream out. Organizers generally target college campuses, craigslists, or job centers when they are looking for paid protesters. I laughingly told my kids that they can get a job protesting for $15.00 an hour. They did not believe me until I showed them ads on cragislists. One wanted to know if protesters still get paid if they got arrested and held for hours. I still am not sure if they do but I would think they ought to. They where shocked and disgusted by the whole thing but agreed it was easy money.

    Then there are those protestors/agitators who are paid to infiltrate and instigate violence at other peaceful events with the intention of distorting public perception. The democrats did this at many of Trump events. Alas, all of their dirty tactics have backfired spectacularly. Karma?

  • Malcolm Heydorn  On November 28, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    Ditto to Gigi.

  • demerwater  On November 29, 2016 at 6:25 am

    ‘Dr. Narine, there is no need for Trump to listen to the protesters in the streets. Why?’
    Because he has PR people to do that and distill their conclusions and pass them on to him for his action(s).
    There was the funny story about Forbes Burnham and Kit Nascimento in an small plane over Georgetown. LFSB remarked that he was feeling so good that he felt tossing a $20 bill out of the window and “make somebody happy’. Whereupon Kit advised him, “Better to toss out twenty $1 bills and make twenty people happy”.
    PS. If you remember the circumstances and punch line of that story, feel free to post.

  • Dhanpaul Narine  On November 8, 2017 at 10:24 am

    Well Gigi and the others, the elections yesterday show that Trump may very well become a liability to the Republicans. How say you?

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