Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission – Report on 2016 Mission to Guyana

Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission – Report on 2016 Mission to Guyana


canada-guyana-outreach-logoOn October 18, Yvonne Joseph Triesman and Judith (Judy) Harrison, two members of the Organizing Team of the Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission’s (a.k.a. CanGO) left Toronto for Guyana.  They were joined by two additional members, Conrad and Marlene (Annie) Joseph on October 21.  Our task was to finalize arrangements for the upcoming mission.

The Organizing Team met with Hon. Carl Greenidge, Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Dr. George Norton, Minister of Public Health, Hon. Sydney Allicock, Minister of Indigenous Peoples Affairs, Ms. Anyin Choo, Head of the Diaspora Unit and Sophia Darlington, Foreign Affairs Officer (both of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).  Discussions centered on the healthcare needs of the Guyanese people and how CanGO could best assist Guyana to meet those needs.

Read Full Report: canada-guyana-outreach-mission-2016-mission-report

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