Guyana: Heavy Rains and High Tides flood Georgetown and coastlands – Dec 23, 2016

Guyana: Heavy Rains and High Tides flood Georgetown and coastlands

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  • demerwater  On December 24, 2016 at 6:33 am

    Same old story. Spin! Palliative speech!
    As far as I remember, rainfall over the coastland of Guyana was easy to track; and therefore predict. It consisted of tracking the speed and direction of the ITCZ – Inter Tropical Convergence Zone – a rain bearing mass of clouds that drifted to and fro, over the tropical zones. So, if it is 300 miles away and drifting in your direction at 5 mph, you can safely predict rain in 60 hours time.
    “Yuh kyaan wait till yuh ready to T*H*I*S before yuh build closet!” My grandparents’ pithy and pointed observation is more applicable in this context than any other. Transporting a ‘dragline’ or ‘irrigation pump’ in the night, in pouring rain, on a narrow, slippery sideline dam is no picnic; no matter what the tourist brochures say about “Tropical Paradises”.
    There is an abundance of literature featuring names like Jock Campbell, Harold Davis and a few others whom I call the ‘big wheels’ of the industry.
    But there are cogs in the machinery.
    We only hear from those old enough to remember, of men like Bacchus who could do anything with a “D9”, Peanker Persaud (no relation), ‘Geesy’ Naipaul Genghis Khan, Sam Deen. Mulchand, Crandon; and others from that group of pioneers (no less) – Tractor Field!
    Some stout hearts with primitive machines did it.
    And you want to tell me that in the 21st Century, with all its available technology the struggle is still continuing?
    I refuse to buy it.
    What is absent is – the Will!.

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