New President—Radical Morality— Where will it all lead? – By Yvonne Sam

New President—Radical Morality— Where will it all lead?

By Yvonne Sam


Yvonne Sam

Opinion - commentary -analysisIt has been a long recognized fact by nations that growing populations go hand in hand with national prosperity. Four years before he became Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan declared, “If you ask me what the biggest problem in America is, I’m not going to tell you debt, deficits, statistics, economics—I’ll tell you it’s moral relativism. A quick glance over our shoulders tells us that 2016 is past, but it also reveals an undeniable reality– a growing estrangement of the nations from God and conventional morality.

Recent polls conducted in both America and Canada corroborates the ongoing drift from a belief in God and long-standing values towards a humanist view that endorses radical new views on abortion, homosexuality, assisted suicide, and a host of other issues.  

Speaking from both a politically and religiously correct angle, in the race for the affection and admiration of the general public, God is certainly trailing. The nation on whose money is imprinted “In God we Trust” has largely stopped respecting and following God’s teachings.

Yes, the 21st century has brought a renewed attack on values, and while this may sound blunt or somewhat too direct, it is nevertheless true that American children have been taught to reject all traditional values and morality as unimportant and useless. Acceptance of abortion, gay marriage, assisted suicide and even polygamy is soaring.

Schools have been transformed into laboratories for social experimentation.  In May 2016, dearly departed President Obama and his Administration through the Department of Education distributed a directive that required public schools to allow transgender students to use locker rooms and bathrooms that are uniform with their chosen sexual identity. In other words a boy who thinks himself as a girl can now legally enter a girl’s bathroom and the converse also holds true.  On a similar note nothing in the said ruling protects the rights of the vast majority of children who want privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms and who may rightfully be disgusted and shocked by this behavior.

The transgender movement also comes into play. No one considers the obvious embarrassment that children will undergo seeing someone of the opposite sex in their bathroom. Has it been considered also what gender neutral bathrooms does to gender identity during a child’s vital and crucial years when children become aware of their sexual identity.

Declining birth rate

Although not widely publicized, the birth rate in America has dropped below replacement rate. Early 2015 Forbes magazine reported the official birth rate per 1,000 women between the ages of 15-44 dropped to 62 per 1,000. (U.S Birthrate Falls Again, Jan.28, 2015).

Some observers have also questioned if the widening acceptance of gay and lesbian couples which cannot produce children would not serve to further retard the already declining birth rate. Redefining marriage in genderless terms destroys the critical link between marriage and procreation

While the world watches on to see how President Trump will do, it turns out that even polygamy is benefitting from the growing acceptance of gay and lesbian marriage. Fuelled by the LGBT gains in the courts, polygamists are now beginning to push for the rights to have multiple wives and husbands. Although still officially banned nationwide, the May 2015 Gallup poll reveals that acceptance has more than doubled since 2007, a fact that was supported by the Washington Post.  In 2012 when Vice President Joe Biden came out in support of same-sex marriage, he said that the television show Will and Grace did more to educate the public than anything else, just the same as Sister Wives did for polygamists.

In a society that wants to think of itself as becoming equal, then it is blatantly obvious that polygamy flies in the face of equality.

The sanctity of life is also under attack.  The same Gallup poll of 2015 revealed that 68% of Americans are in favour of supported suicide, categorically that doctors should be legally allowed to assist terminally ill patients in committing suicide.  What does this forebode for the future? Currently assisted suicide is done when a person requests it, usually terminally ill individuals. It does not take imagination or a rocket optometrist to envisage a future where many considered unfit to live, could have their lives brought to an end totally against their will.

History has a strange way of repeating itself in more ways than one. In 1939 Laws were passed in Germany by Adolf Hitler that decreed euthanasia for the mentally handicapped, those with incurable diseases, the insane and others who the Nazis felt were not worth living.  Is it possible that widespread acceptance of assisted suicide is the initial step down that path?


The Army Chaplain Corps is one of the oldest branches of the United States Military, established almost a full year before the 13 colonies had declared their independence from Greta Britain.

Even as General Washington battled the British Redcoats he knew that he needed God on his side, hence he petitioned the Continental Congress to authorize a monthly salary for religious chaplains.  The chaplains were to be men of good character who could minister to the soldiers and help their morale and morality. The military under Commander –in-Chief Obama made it known that Christian chaplains are expected to enthusiastically endorse homosexual activity in the ranks regardless of their religious beliefs. IN 2014, at Fort Benning in Georgia Army Chaplain Lawhorn was reprimanded for quoting the book of Psalms during a lecture on depression and suicide prevention.  Another chaplain Wesley Modder was relieved of his duties for using the Bible to counsel students against premarital sex and homosexual activity. These moves are indicative of repression of rights to practice one’s religion, and not about religious freedom. The United States military is currently in the midst of a moral crisis, with rising suicide rates, widespread pornography addiction and rising reports of sexual assaults.

America still stands divided with growing evidence of failure. While a proportion of the country is convinced of its own rightness, another proportion is looking, waiting and hoping against seeming odds that the new president is going to make America great gain and avert disaster. Is anyone really looking to God?

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  • demerwater  On January 26, 2017 at 3:28 am

    Every so often we, individually at first, collectively as time tests us, come to a fork in the road.
    We, individually at first, collectively as time tests us, choose.
    Time moves on, “the moving finger writes”; and the pendulum – also – seems to choose; to continue on its arc or to change direction.
    Revisit physics lab. here.
    Wasn’t that a bit of a challenge to what we learned at home and in school and in church?
    It offers me the opportunity to evaluate my “heritage” (sorry; can’t think of the mot juste) learning against the “political correctness” of my everyday life – today.
    As I type this I recall my grandmother’s anguish – wha dis wurl coming to? – as the spark of the first public homosexual wedding, took hold on the latent fuel of rumor in the vicinity of James and Hogg streets in Albuoystown in nineteen fifty something.
    Today I read that, “The transgender movement also comes into play.” And I recall my mother telling me of that time of my life that I can scarce remember.
    “You used to want to wear ‘bloomers’ – like your sister”.
    I think; and my heart goes out to the ‘small boy’ of four going on five, whose mother lovingly seeks to guide her No.1 son;
    and his developing mind, trying to cope with the clashing image of his school’s transgender bathroom.

    • Alan Mandal  On January 27, 2017 at 1:37 pm

      I think that God is always there. I think that if he let Trump win it is a teaching experience for America. Most of my life my teaching experiences have come thru him and I await his goodness again. I Believe…..

  • Albert  On January 26, 2017 at 11:45 am

    Yvonne Sam……..”is anyone really looking to God.”

    These issues are much more complex. Maybe they cannot find or understand this “God.” you are referring to. That’s the problem.

    Whats the purpose of life anyway.

  • Denise  On January 26, 2017 at 2:04 pm

    I don’t think people are moving away from God at all. I personally think that people have started to re-evaluate the teachings of the Bible, which was written by man and translated more than once by different men. They no longer believe in “religion” which is just all about business nowadays. For example, the Catholic Church….look at the corporate structure here…..The Vatican is the Head Office, the Pope is the CEO, the churches around the world are the sales offices and the priests and nuns the sales people. God does not come into this mix, except to use the name of God to add unsuspecting members to its congregation….cha ching, cha ching as the saying goes. For me, God is a supreme being and creator of the universe and every person and thing in it. All the things that Yvonne has mentioned in her article that she claims to go against the teachings of the Bible, because that’s what it is….it’s about the Bible….not about God. God did not write the Bible,… is God’s way of teaching human beings to be tolerant of those who are different and also to be able to have the free will to make our life choices, whether it’s about pro-life or abortion, choosing your right to die, and all the other issues that have come about that goes against religious beliefs and teachings. According to the Bible, we were given free will. That means that if we choose to interpret our belief in God differently, more spiritually rather than religiously, then we have that right to do so. God does not make mistakes and, therefore, we have to view every person that’s different as a child of God and not judge them nor treat them as evil.

    • Albert  On January 26, 2017 at 10:06 pm

      @Denise………. “For me, God is a supreme being and creator of the universe and every person and thing in it”

      While my belief is along the same line reality drives me to a different line of thought. The universe consist of billions of other planets orbiting around suns (stars) like ours. We humans with our limited mental capacity and communicative skills are incapable of comprehending the universe and more so the power behind it. In summary how could our finite minds understand an infinite universe.

      I truly agree with your take about the bible. It is not often to find people expressing this truth.

      • Thinker  On January 31, 2017 at 6:05 am

        WE know NOTHING about the physical world that is not explained to us by scientific research and knowledge. Positing gods are neither here nor there. Many would have us believe that with all the knowledge we have about evolution of mankind this God would have waited to reveal himself only to the Jewish people. Are we to presume that all that has happened since (including Trump) is his will? Grow up, folks.

  • ndtewarie  On January 26, 2017 at 3:39 pm


    • Alan Mandal  On January 27, 2017 at 1:41 pm

      I am part of the universe which is totally connected with everything in the universe. I am a christian Catholic and believe that God and I are connected thru the universe Amen

  • Observer21  On January 26, 2017 at 3:49 pm

    Change has come to America. We must now wait for end result.

  • demerwater  On January 27, 2017 at 4:05 am

    “I personally think that people have started to re-evaluate the teachings of the Bible, …”
    My opinion is that this has always been the case. It is by this thought process that astrology was the forerunner of astronomy; alchemy the forerunner of chemistry etc.
    I freely confess to a lamentable lack of appreciation of history; but Martin Luther is like a lighthouse on a stormy sea of my religious edification.
    I remember with fondness, the Rev. Charles Byrne SJ; who encouraged our questioning of our Faith; and always provided answers or further questioning from that group of “radicals” that left ‘Saints’ – but not for good – in 1959.

  • walter  On January 27, 2017 at 11:37 am

    Did I see Muslim mentioned once?

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