News Americas Now Headlines – 27 January 2017

News Americas Headlines – 27 January 2017

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  • ndtewarie  On January 28, 2017 at 10:51 am

    “There is great power in the seed of God’s name. It destroys ignorance. A seed is tender, and the sprout soft; still it pierces the hard ground. The ground breaks and makes way for the sprout” Ramakrishna

    > THE REALLY LOST PEOPLE > > We complain all we want with even shucks > About the indentureship and its by products > Bless the bakrah for bringing them across the kala pani > Today we are alive, thriving and abroad and very happy > Surely one goes with the other in accord > So today we can enjoy a good life abroad > > Our forefathers and mothers did > The onus which they secretly hid > Went through and kept working > To eke out a miserable living > We’re the ones have to uphold their brave spirit > For reaping their turmoil it was all for our benefit > > They planted the sugarcane in the hot sun > Drank the rum from the sugar at sun-down > Then they go home beat the wife as an excuse > Because of all that pent up emotional abuse > From narcissistic managers and abetted lead-hands > And slow witted lecherous foremen making demands > > They thought with the end of indentureship > Will come freedom to India with a return trip > Many went but felt like foreigners in a very strange land > Like out-casts with a language they couldn’t understand > They realized India was not their India > They wanted to return back to Guyana > > Indentureship ended and the locals took over our > agriculture > We’d our share of troubles from which since we haven’t > recover > Politics raised its ugly head and our peoples suffer > The Guyanese ran away abroad to find better pasture > They preferred to take the cold wind and snows > For they saw no compromise with racial blows > > Of course there was a brain drain and Guyana drifted > From ballata whips as rigged elections were crafted > Corruption, nepotism garnered with a dose of dictatorship > 50 years after independence from England same ole ship > Today a Parliamentary war was declared amidst tension > As some call for elections and others call for negotiation > > And the poor Guyanese left adrifting jobless and listless > Ripe ammunition for racial war, bloodshed and badness > To get hand-outs from abroad some are fortunate > Raises and bribes in parcels and even in a crate > As lame-duck governments spend and steal > The country’s natural resources so unreal > > From paupers to millionaires some over nightly become > As they shamelessly defended these stark conundrum > These are the children of the colonial era > Who threw out British and white bakrah > Now they are in charge we hope it would be better > Not using the whips now but emptying the coffer > > Some of our nation’s leaders’ve set a bad example > For as they abuse, exploit, mow down and trample > The very good people who put them in power > Yet when rebuked or condemned they shower > Them with new promises and more propaganda > And the poor gets poorer and the rich gets richer > > > Thanks > Naraine Datt——————————————–

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