Trump – His story making History all the way – By Yvonne Sam

Trump – His story making History all the way

Oh say can’t we wait to see how Trump will make America great

By Yvonne  Sam


Yvonne Sam

His story continues to make history all the way—— Walls and all.Opinion - commentary -analysis

After leaving graduate school, with successful completion of psychology courses under my belt,  I was firmly convinced that I had humans pretty well figured out, —how their brain functioned (or was expected to), and the complex mental processes that dictated their actions. However, current ongoing events in the U. S are serving to render my beliefs erroneous.

January 20, 2017 would go down in the annals of American history, as the day when the reins of power of the greatest nation on Earth passed from the grasp of a community activist and Harvard educated constitutional law professor to a billionaire businessman with global real estate holdings. Before even being sworn in as the 45th president, he had already made history being the first American president that has never served in the military or held elected office.   

 Donald John Trump became the 45th president, and although some inaugural speeches occupy favored positions in oratorical history, others dwindle to anonymity assured only of their presence along with others, nevertheless that of Donald Trump stands renowned in its own right. If there were any naysayers who thought that he was making things up as he went along on his campaign trail, then his inaugural address certainly served to put their hearts and minds at rest. In his speech, which was clearly different in style from all presidents who preceded him, he plainly outlined what he planned to do, that the themes would dictate both his policy making and thinking for his entire presidency. It was further plainly articulated that he regarded the government as a continuation of the campaign by other means.

Donald J Trump did not run for presidency as a candidate who now discards the egalitarian suit and rules as a bureaucrat. No way!He intends to govern the American populace exactly as he ran his campaign — raw, unpolished, clear and decisive.  Let us take a quick walk down the election trail.  He ran a contentious campaign under the banner Make America Great Again, with promises to strengthen the economy, construct a wall on the border of Mexico and the United States, and to temporarily ban immigration by Muslims “until our country’s representatives can figure out what isgoing on”.The promises were clear, and his behavior now indicates that he means what he says. He is making good on his promises so what is the shenanigan all about, one may ask? Why are people sporting the “Who let the dogs out?’ look on their faces.

There is no nation in the world that leaves its borders open, yet America is being castigated for doing what every other nation does.Aaron Miller, advisor to both Democratic and Republican Secretaries of State and Vice president for New Initiatives at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars says that America, the only great power in the history of the world has been fortunate in having good neighbours to its north and south and fish to its east and west. President Trump’s executive orders that deal with immigration are the most testy and likely to be the longest lasting of the batch of first orders.  The President’s border wall is the latest effort of the nation to enforce order, and the last recourse of a nation whose patience is exhausted against the challenge of an abundance of illegals eager to get in the country.

In 2015 Jeb Bush, the early Republican presidential nomination favorite, remarked that someone entering America illegally is only doing so out of love. Under direct questioning Bush concurred with the fact that America needed to secure her borders form the rush of illegals coming from the South. He further went on to state that he had a comprehensive plan to secure the borders and had discussed it with some governors and border patrol agents.  While America does not need to erect a visible from space wall of American superiority, she does need to secure her borders to curbing the tsunami of illegal immigrants.  While the wall may have been the expressed brainchild of President Trump, halting the flow of illegal immigrants was also on the minds of other Republicans. His approach is less refined than others, in that he understands that while America will always be a nation of immigrants which is a source of strength, yet she does not have to be a nation of saps.

Restoring immigration sanity and who will lead the way has always been a political issue. In 1986 Ronald Reagan pushed legislation officially called the Immigration Reform and Control Act and later termed the Simpson –Mazzoli Bill, heralding the first attempt in three decades  to enact extensive immigration legislation. George W. Bush tried to distance himself some twenty years later from the Bill, as he did not like the amnesty provision of the Bill. The Simpson-Mazzoli Bill failed as many both in Congress and elsewhere thought that it would.  According to Edward Meese the then U. S Attorney General attributable causes were a failure of political will to enforce new laws against employers.

After a brief decline, illegal immigration returned to high levels and continued unstoppable, forming the crux of today’s large population of illegal aliens residing in America. Today no one speaks of amnesty  because amnesty, by its sanitized name, is assumed. Barack Obama simply threw open the doors, instructing the Border Patrol agents to stand down, and the gates were soon overrun.  Both the legal and illegal type of immigration is doomed to be a factious issue eternally. That is the cost of residing in a place where everyone wants to be.

Incidentally, some countries have not only taken a page from Trump’s book but have also have had  a headstart on measures to keep illegals out.  In a desperate global effort to throw physical barriers in the way of historic streams of migration, France and Britain have started building a wall along their border. The project informally known as the Great Wall of Calais is a roughly mile long concrete barrier, considerably shorter than Trump’s proposed partition of America and Mexico. In 2015 Hungary completed a four metre razor-wire topped border fence to deter desperate Serbian migrants from entering the country illegally.Along its frontier with Croatia, Slovenia has built a razor-wire fence, to curb the 30, 000 migrants that were arriving daily at its borders. Bulgaria completed its 15 feet, five foot wide fence that sealed its southern border with Turkey.

So Trump’s wall is not a strange call, he is just uniting with others who have found a way to keep others at bay. Normally it takes American presidents hundreds of days before they reach a majority disapproval rating. Here again President Trump scores a first, as he smashes the record to get the fastest ever majority disapproval rating.  His latest executive orders have sent America reeling, adding to their already disgruntled feelings. One killed the grossly despised multinational Pacific Rim Trade deal, others include the opening of the Keystone XL Pipeline, a hiring freeze of federal workers (except for in the military), and reintroducing the Mexico City policy of international organizations that receive federal funding being prevented from conducting abortions.

The President has openly declared the cessation of globalism, particularly stressing that the leading nation of the world was going to make its own need a foremost priority.  Additionally, he also alerted the world’s most controlling organization that the goals of the average American would remain supreme. The style and vogue of Paris and German salons or the consensus of self-interested bureaucrats will no longer be prevailing. In addition the President continues to trump forward meeting with leaders in every sector of American business.

The President has oft repeated that everything will be judged by one criterion, what is best for the people who own the nation,–the American people.

He has pledged to make America great—Oh say can’t we wait?  For it is the very same people who will decide if America became great or suffered an ill- deserved fate.

Yvonne Sam.

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  • demerwater  On February 2, 2017 at 4:20 am

    My opinion is that we are firmly in the era of ‘Globalization’.
    No wall; no razor-wire fence; no river or sea, will stop the internet – with its attendant peril of hacking.
    I still do believe that “Jonestown” was an attempt to attenuate the border dispute between Guyana and Venezuela. Any incursion by the latter would be deterred by (and from!) the settlement.
    In a similar manner, if the countries bordering Syria can be persuaded to let NATO or the UN or the OAS or the OAU or any other acronym maintain a zone of safety / peace / peacefulness / AOTA extending even one mile into each border state, we might be spared these images.
    Do we human beings have a collective conscience any more? Or as my grandmother would declare in disgust, “Cockaroach eat am out!”
    Do we, parents, remember our toddlers’ first steps, their first attempts at stringing words together?
    And the unbridled joy and pride that we felt!
    Now, if the POTUS were to address “World Peace”, “the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” – I would believe that he truly and sincerely desires to ‘put America first’, ‘make America great… Now!’ ‘make America great… Again!’
    Or merely – ‘make America great …now and again!’

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