Tutorial High School Alumni Association -13th Triennial Reunion -July 30 – August 6, 2017


13th Triennial Reunion of the Tutorial High School
Alumni Association

JULY 30 – AUGUST 6, 2017


BROOKLYN, NEW YORK (February 11, 2017) –The New York Tutorial Support Group (NYTSG), will host the 13th Triennial Reunion of the Tutorial High School Alumni Association from July 30, to August 6, 2017. A number of activities are planned for that week, with the signature event, the Grand Gala Ball at Terrace on the Park, Queens, NY.

Incorporated in the State of New York in 2004, NYTSG is one of the more active of the many Guyana and Caribbean High School Alumni Associations in the city of New York. It also supports two major Brooklyn community organizations.  

Tutorial High School was founded in British Guiana in 1939 by Austin Castello with seven (7) students to provide secondary school education to a large underserved section of colonial Guiana, at a time when secondary education was the preserve of the privileged. In retrospect, that was a substantial achievement for a young 27 year old teacher with only a few years’ experience.

Applying boundless energies and talents to his fledgling school, Austin Castello taught Mathematics, English language, French and Latin to students, often substituting for absent teachers. His efforts were the fulfillment of a dream to provide a high school education to the many black and brown (Indian) children of his native Guiana. Joined by his brother Joseph in 1954 who introduced the idea of students’ joint pursuit of academics and sport, Tutorial High School, over the succeeding years, produced a veritable cadre of scholars and athletes, many of whom represented Guyana in a variety of sports. Many are now New York residents and professionals who continue to contribute to its development.

When he passed on August 23, 1991, Austin Castello left a significant and indelible mark on education in Guyana. Tutorial High School continues to be a beacon of light to many children inGuyana. And because of that, NYTSG anticipates in excess of 600 alumni may attend some or all of the activities planned for Reunion week. Mark these dates on your calendar and join us in New
York for this triennial celebration honoring the founding father of Tutorial High School, Austin Castello.

Download – Press Release Document  – ths-press-release-document



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  • Frank A Small  On May 12, 2017 at 11:45 am

    The article regarding Tutorial High School Alumni states that Joseph joined his brother Austin in 1954. I attended Tutorial High between 1947 -1951 and Mr. Joseph Castello taught me Latin during that period. I am forever grateful for the education I received at that school.

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