US Politics: Different Names – Same Masters: – By David Icke- video

US Politics: Different Names – Same Masters: – By David Icke

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  • Gigi  On March 4, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    The frightening reality is that the shadow govt already has control of people actions by providing them with the necessary happy meds and distraction to keep them from wanting to act. America’s drug epidemic is not happenstance. The American govt has a long and documented history of street drug experiments on people. Today, access has been legalized through prescriptions.

    What strikes me is the unabashed hubris of the neocons pushing this agenda by making this document so public. I have known about the American Project for some years now. Paul Wolfowitz, is one of the co-authors and he was a high-ranking member of Bush Jr’s administration.

    Having military folks in all these govt position allows for greater control of these organizations by the shadow govt. Military types are traditionally ‘yes men’ who dutifully follow orders because they lack the capacity and wherewithal to question or to succeed in civilian society, but possess the deep desire to be seen. They’re usually shallow preening buffoons much like Trump – and Guyan is full of them on display now. In successful democracies, higher ranks are usually highly selected and highly educated. In a crap shoot like Guyana, the intelligence of these folks is no higher than a foot soldier chosen for his chest thumping and stupidity. But we all know that the same shadow govt in America is also controlling things in Guyana.

    Mr Icke, you are forgiven for confusing Bush and Trump while including but excluding Obama. Bush and Trump are both white males cut from from the same cloth – white, privilege, old money, successful. Whereas Obama remains a mutt, lacking pedigree but giving every back alley mutt hopes that they too can be given the privilege of serving their masters well – cue uncle tom Granger et al.

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