Down Liberty Avenue 5 – “Scared of ICE” – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Down Liberty Avenue 5 – “Scared of ICE”

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

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What do plants have to do with it? The vendor at 123rd Street did not mince his words. His eyes scanned Liberty Avenue and the sky and he said, “Everything.” He explained that around the first week in June last year he had sold many plants and that he had to order more.

The weather was kind, money was circulating and people came from as far as Brooklyn to buy his plants. The wiri wiri peppers were a big hit. The US has banned the small round ball of flavor, citing the smuggling of drugs to be the reason. It is difficult to see how drugs could be smuggled into those tiny peppers. But this was small comfort to the vendors. 

Why was business so slow? The man thought he knew the answer. “They are not buying because of ICE. Look around,” he said. “This is a warm day. People should be flocking to the Avenue but the place is ‘deady.’ People are scared of ICE. More people on the streets mean more money and this leads to more spending. Right now things are bad.” This was simple economics and it made sense. He was not the only one to complain.

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