Guyana 411 – Projects: Featuring Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples – video

Guyana 411 – Projects: Featuring Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples – video


GINA Guyana

GINA GuyanaPublished on Jun 9, 2017

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  • Gigi  On June 25, 2017 at 6:05 pm

    Interesting. I see a lot of focus on pineapple but is pineapple much of a desired fruit to attract foreign dollars? I don’t much care for it and it seems most Americans don’t either – and I don’t even have to peel the thing as I can buy it already peeled and cored. However, folks here have developed a taste for mangoes, avocados, jalapenos, coconut water, cashew nut, plantain chips (some of these crops, if not all, do grow in sandy soil) that exporting these type of crops might be more profitable. I imagine with expected and increased floodings, loss of these type of ground crops will be a loss cause. Whereas, growing above ground crops mentioned above may be more practical?

    Also, there are a lot of other uses that can be found with the coconut husk and branches. I was in Georgia during spring break and I went to several West Indian places looking for pointer brooms and none had any. And, how about really nice quality baskets, mats, ornaments, jewellery, etc? I don’t have anything from Guyana in my home because the stuff and quality of it isn’t that nice. But I do have nice pieces from Colombia, Peru, Chile, Indonesia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico. I recently purchased a small long neck jug-shaped basket for $18 because I liked the design. It has no practical purpose except its unique shape. Gourds also make pretty and practical things. Find your niche and make it great.

    It is nice to see that these folks are trying despite the never ending exploitation and theft of their resources. Not like those do nothings sitting on their arses and bawling about being robbed. Your robbery took place on the continent of Africa not South America. Your physical features are no way similar or even remotely related to the Native Peoples so you were NEVER there first.

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