France: Brand new Macron, same old colonialism – By Eliza Anyangw

France: With this slur against Africans, Macron’s radical pretence is over | Eliza Anyangw

Emmanuel Macron

The French president’s casual slur against Francophone Africans over birth control bodes ill for a progressive French presidency. Plus ça change

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  • George Dias  On July 13, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    So what is the problem with Macrons comments. Is it true African women are having to many children and are unable to support them? They do have a Civil societal pproblem. They are corrupt, they spend too much money on war materials instead of using that money for education, water, medicine and housing. We are too quick to blame others for the African malaise.

    • Justin Jarrette  On July 14, 2017 at 9:31 am

      George Diaz you need to inform yourslef before you make such hollow comments. You obviously know nothing of the rapport between Africa and France and France’s historical hand in many of the problems currently faced by French-speaking Africa. By the same token I suppose Caribbean countries need to reduce their populations too, seeing as they are so small poor and relatively corrupt. Go read a book. Countries that went through war systematically regenarate their population and it ends up growing past what it was in the first place. Should Germany cut its population? Almost 90 million people in a country smaller than most US states. And the UK is even worse.

      • George Dias  On July 14, 2017 at 12:22 pm

        Good Morning to you Justin. I am so happy you have read all the books and got the information correct. Germany did not have a war with itself. They had a war with the rest of the world and even though they were completely destroyed used the Marshall Plan to become the great country it is today. The African countries including the French ones which you claim to know so much about. They along with the British, Spanish and Portuguese colonies have been given Billions yes Billions of dollars in foreign aid since becoming independent. How long are they expected to be going cap in had to their ex colonial masters begging for handouts.
        You like most of of your elitist bretherin blame colonialism for the state Africa and the Caribbean are in. The despots who took power after the Western powers left have been ignoring the plight of their people. They buy guns to kill each other. They have special aircraft to fly to Europe to do their shopping. The purchase chateaus and palaces in Europe for themselves and their cronies. Shall I go on. The use the aid which they should use to build schools, clinics, hospitals etc for themselves. You now have the nerve to blame the Colonial powers for the state of affairs these counties are in. Keep on playing the blame game and see where it will lead to. NOWHERE, Wake up and smell the coffee.

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