The Dalai Lama Comments on “Humanity”

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  • Gigi  On August 11, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    And he should have never really been born…the majority, that is. If I were a god believing person, I would agree that god created man in his image and disposition, and being the warring, vicious, hateful, jealous, envious, nihilistic, psychopathic and pathological narcissist that he is, he can never entertain the thought of man behaving any other way. Thus, man is the way he is because his god controls his every breathing action. Just as well that I don’t believe in this god, so my belief is that there is a minuscule minority of men who make a DELIBERATE AND CONSCIOUS effort not to follow the majority down this godlike path. Kudos to them wherever they may be for I have yet to meet one, except for my son, of course, and therein lies our subjective confusion.

    Ah well, I too shall die never having really lived – having been bought into my existence by man and his contretemps…

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