Examination of the Facts underlying the threatened Acts towards North Korea – By Yvonne Sam

Examination of the Facts underlying the threatened Acts towards North Korea

By Yvonne Sam

Trump’s don’t- mess- with- America rhetoric and hardcore approach is superior to his predecessors’ playbook on foreign affairs.

It is obvious to the most myopic that President Donald Trump is hell bent on breaking free of Obama’s policies. Such became a reality when North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un became the recipient of his threat of “fire and fury” if Pyongyang continued to threaten the United States. After Trump’s comment the dictator weighed in by announcing, via a statement from its army to state-run news, that it is assessing plans to attack Guam, the home of America’s Andersen Air Force Base. Yes, the dictator was on the receiving end of the alliteration that was heard worldwide, but Trump’s spoken words reflect a desire to do, or at best utter something different following three visible years of bipartisan failure on North Korea.   

As inflammatory as the statement may appear, in no way or form does President Trump occupy a unique position. On August 6, 1945 after Hiroshima, President Harry S. Truman, 33rd president of the United States was quoted as saying,”  “They may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this Earth.” And no one doubted that he meant it.

As the world ponders the meaning of President Trump’s rhetoric on North Korea, one should at the selfsame time also pause and address the reason(s) why his predecessors never took steps in stopping North Korea’s nuclear program.

It is not just recently that North Korea has been sending messages of aggression in America’s direction, but has been doing so for years in prior administrations—-as will be shown later.

While there are many that dislike Donald Trump and all that he says and stand for, such a fact bears little or no impact on the current truth—Trump inherited a mess from his predecessors. According to a recent  report in the Washington Post, Kim Jung Un is not only testing ballistic missiles at an alarming rate, but also the Defense Intelligence Agency now assesses North Korea can miniaturize a nuclear warhead so that it can fit inside a missile. Game, Set, Match.

Neither Kennedy, nor L.B Johnson, nor Nixon, nor Ford, nor Carter, nor Reagan, nor G.H.W Bush, nor Clinton, nor George Bush, nor Obama ever confronted the North Korean dictators. Instead they assuaged them, giving them backing to continue their depredations.  Here is a recent example:


There is a Persian proverb that runs thus—He who wants a rose must first respect a thorn.  It is impossible to attain the rose if no respect is shown towards the thorn.

Military force was considered by Bill Clinton when faced with the threat of North Korea’s exit from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. This was not done, as he opted instead for negotiations in what later became known as the Joint Framework Agreement. In exchange for fuel shipments and a light water reactor from the U.S., the North Koreans froze their plutonium program. Neither side ever fully delivered.  Then along came George W.  Bush who did not like North Korea, and put the nation in the “axis of evil”.  During his tenure, the United States discovered that Pyongyang had a secret uranium enrichment program, which was in total violation of the spirit underlying the Clinton deal.  In 2006, North Korea tested its first nuclear device, and by 2007 President Bush had lifted crippling sanctions and entered into new negotiations.

Surprisingly, at the end the North Koreans also backed out of these talks. They then resumed building up their nuclear program by the time Barack Obama came into power, perfecting missiles, sinking a South Korean ship and shelling a South Korean island. The present tyrant Kim Jong Un, rose in power and set about strengthening his position, killing his uncle and was later implicated in ordering the assassination of his half-brother Kim Jong Nam. All the while Obama followed a policy of “strategic patience”, geared towards not rewarding Kim’s regime for its provocations and rogue behavior.

Now the question of the moment is, why did the last three presidents not take out North Korea’s nuclear facilities when they had the opportunity?  Does the answer lie with Seoul, North Korea’s thriving capital? The North possesses an adequate supply of artillery pieces within range of this metropolis to kill hundreds of thousands of people, which could very well start a world war and consequently throw the global economy into a tailspin. Without a doubt, attacking Seoul, a civilian population center, is different from attacking a remote military outpost. It is extremely

risky. Please do not misunderstand me, but while everyone expects better chosen words from the President, at the same time nothing that he has said has been that different from the implicit threat against North Korea, or any power that threatens American cities with nuclear destruction. The president just repeatedly says things in a manner that presidents before him have not. Although he may be culpable of hyperbole, it is far less damaging to American credibility than the failure under Obama to invoke the ban on Bashar al Assad’s regime use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Currently is there any among us who can say with certainty that plain speech is not the way to make Kim Jong Un understand?  The reaction from President Trump is well merited as the regime brought it on itself. Despite the fact that North Korea is on an extremely bad trajectory, Democrats and their allies are still suggesting that a nicer approach be adopted towards the dictator to prevent the likelihood of killing Americans.  Here is America, after eight years of the Obama approach—on the verge of permitting a seeming lunatic to have the capability to kill millions of American allies as well as fellow Americans. This is certainly not the time to continue whining about Trump and whether he is liked or likeable. Say what you want about him but he is the President that Americans have elected.  It may be a blessing in disguise to have someone in charge who is not afraid of meeting fire with fire, or go crouching in a Security Council corner, huddling heads to come up with the next best strongly worded statement to issue in the adoring press.

Great crises, of which this is one, calls for great presidents and prime ministers who are capable of thinking  quickly and improvising. The pace of this likely conflict is quickening.   Before an attack is the President and his team ready and able to engage diplomatically with the skeletal staff at the State Department? How far is President Trump ready to go? Will an invasion of North Korea be ordered to overthrow the regime? If so, would the President commit manpower, and time not to mention capital to stabilize the country once the dynasty topples.  Is the Trump team prepared to achieve the best possible results? President Trump must a sound decision make as the future of America is at stake. His predecessors all dropped the ball so now it’s entirely his call.

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