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Aquaculture, livestock farms among plans for Wales – Agri Minister, Noel Holde

Aquaculture, livestock farms among plans for Wales
Noel Holder

Noel Holder

 Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder has unveiled that among other things there are plans in place to study the possibility of opening an aquaculture and livestock farm among others at the Wales Sugar Estate.

This is after Government had announced that it plans to close the Wales Sugar Factory at the end of 2016 since it would be unable to upkeep operations at the plant.

Before laying the plans for the estate, Holder stated that the present attack from the Opposition on the proposed closure of the Wales estate factory is political rhetoric.    Continue reading

Update: Drought Effects of El Nino – Guyana 411 – February 6, 2016 – video

GINA logo

Update: Drought Effects of El Nino – Guyana 411 – February 6, 2016

High Suicide Rate among Young Indo-Guyanese: Political Pessimism? – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Suicide by Poison - Guyana

Poison preferred method of suicide in Guyana
Photo Credit: Guyana Chronicle

In his article, “Guyana’s breakdown is connected to our high suicide rate,” published in Kaieteur News on February 6, 2016, Freddie Kissoon posits that an underlying cause of Guyana’s alarming suicide rate is “the political pessimism that has dogged this country since Independence.” Bear in mind that the controversial columnist, a former social science university lecturer, has been highly critical of the former ruling East Indian left-wing political party (1992-2015).

A small developing Caribbean nation with a declining population of less than 750,000 people (Census 2012), Guyana topped the chart of the World Health Organization’s 2014 report on suicide worldwide, based on data for the year 2012. With a suicide rate of 44.2 per 100,000 persons, Guyana beat South Korea (28.9) and Sri Lanka (28.8). At the time, Guyana’s health authority claimed a much lower rate…

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Debate: To close or not to close Wales Estate – two articles


Saturday, 23rd January 2016  – Written by Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

It is only after the magnitude of the potential disaster became apparent to the public that the Government began to scramble for a plan to protect workers of Wales Estate and farmers who supply cane. The closure of Wales Sugar Estate would impoverish the 1,700 workers and their families, cane farmers and their families and all others who are sustained by the existence of Wales Estate. The Government’s plan, announced in bits and pieces and later advertised in the media, is likely to fizzle as rapidly as it was hastily concocted. Offering some workers jobs at Uitvlugt and the vague notion of a waterway to transport farmers’ canes are not enough.   Continue reading

GUYANA – Latest News from various sources – January 25, 2016

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 25 January 2016  – Kaieteur News

         (see other News sources at the end of this entry

Guyana – Capitol TV News Videos – 22 January 2016

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Guyana – Capitol TV News Videos – 22 January 2016

Sattaur dismissed as GRA Head

Posted: 22 Jan 2016 02:09 PM PST

Bank of Baroda East Coast location robbed

Posted: 22 Jan 2016 02:08 PM PST

Find root causes to eradicate violence in society advises President Granger

Posted: 22 Jan 2016 02:07 PM PST

DEA office opening delayed to February 15

Posted: 22 Jan 2016 02:06 PM PST

Sugar workers protest

Posted: 22 Jan 2016 02:05 PM PST

Find solutions now urges bauxite union officials

Posted: 22 Jan 2016 02:04 PM PST


Posted: 22 Jan 2016 02:00 PM PST

Guyana – Government News Brief – January 18, 2015

GINA logoGuyana – Government News Brief – January 18, 2015

A New Story of the People – video by Sustainable Human

A New Story of the People – video by Sustainable Human

“A New Story of the People” examines the role that stories play in how we think about ourselves and each other and offers a glimpse at a new emerging story that can help bring about a more sustainable world.

Participate in helping humanity change the story of the world:

Why We Exist             …………. 

Continue reading

Guyana Government News Brief – January 12, 2016

GINA logoGovernment News Brief – January 12, 2016

GUYANA – Capitol TV Videos – 24 December 2015

Capitol TV logoGUYANA – Capitol TV Videos – 24 December 2015

Corruption worries top cop

Posted: 24 Dec 2015 02:09 PM PST

Last minute Christmas hustle continues

Posted: 24 Dec 2015 02:08 PM PST

Sugar future for review by National Assembly

Posted: 24 Dec 2015 02:07 PM PST

President pardons more non-violent female prisoners

Posted: 24 Dec 2015 02:06 PM PST

Mother seeks urgent financial assistance for son’s surgery

Posted: 24 Dec 2015 02:05 PM PST


Posted: 24 Dec 2015 02:00 PM PST


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