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Guyana 411 – April 22, 2016 – featuring Black Bush Polder

GINA logoGuyana 411 – April 22, 2016 – featuring Black Bush Polder

Arbor Day – By Ron Persaud

Arbor Day – By Ron Persaud

“Man, despite his artistic pretensions, his sophistication and many accomplishments, owes the fact of his existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains”. ~ John Jeavons

Celebrate Arbor Day

Celebrate Arbor Day

The quote has been attributed to many; but its essential truth is applicable to all of us. Without plants we would not be here.

“What is so magical about plants?” The answer is not so much the plants themselves; but a process which takes place in their leaves.

National Arbor Day is April 29, 2016. So let’s get together and celebrate the importance of trees! 

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Book: Road to Belwasa – Paperback – by Reuben Lachmansingh

Road to Belwasa –  Paperback – Published March 16, 2016

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Guyana – Capitol TV News Videos – 30 March 2016

Guyana – Capitol TV News Videos – 30 March 2016

LGE 2016… Beterverwagting (BV) – has won the right to govern itself

Local Gov’t elections… BV – the community that has won the right to govern itself

SOME 177 years ago (1839), 62 freed African slaves learnt that the owner of the East Demerara plantation of Beterverwagting was about to sell the land, and they decided to make the gutsy move to buy it.

Quickly, they summoned the one who would save their money in a hole under a tamarind tree to see if they had enough. They did! And so, they took a wheelbarrow and loaded up the 52,000 Dutch Guilders to effect the transaction on May 8th, 1839.

Just two decades later, they would take another bold step – form a council to govern the village.   Continue reading

“Guyana and Barbados, inseparable” – Robert ‘Bobby’ Morris

Guyana and Barbados, inseparable

MARCH 27, 2016 | BY | There is an unbreakable link between the people of Guyana and Barbados. That island’s High Commissioner to this country, Robert ‘Bobby’ Morris, made it clearly known during a public discussion on the history of the two countries.

The occasion was a panel discussion, Tuesday night (March 22, 2016), when three Guyanese resident in Barbados for decades got together with Morris to form a panel to discuss ‘The History of Guyana-Barbados Relations, and where we are now’.

The other panelists were former Guyana Bauxite Company Chief Executive Officer, Pat Thompson; retired Senior Research Fellow in Lexicography, Dr. Jeanette Alsopp and retired Barbados Ambassador to Venezuela, Frank DaSilva. (See photos below).   Continue reading

Update from Moray House Trust: February 2016

Moray House Trust

Moray House Trust

Update from Moray House Trust: February 2016

A five day fiction editing workshop was held at Moray House Trust in January 2016. The workshop was co-hosted by CaribLit, the NGC Bocas Lit Fest and Commonwealth Writers, with support from the British Council and CODE.Org. The training workshop attempted to address the shortage of professional literary editors in the Caribbean and drew participants from across the region. The workshop aimed to equip participants with professional editorial skills in relation to literary and popular fiction.

Download: Moray House Trust – Feb 2016 on Guyanese Online

Guysuco threatens to halt current crop; bonus talks deadlocked

Guysuco threatens to halt current crop; deadlock reached on 2015 annual incentive

The Guyana Sugar Corporation (Guysuco) Friday warned that it would shut down operations for the current crop if workers do not stop their weekly strike action, even as the cash-strapped entity reluctantly agreed to take a pay-dispute to arbitration.

“Such behaviour by the Union would leave the Corporation with no alternative but to put a halt to the current crop until the Union gives it fullest commitment to allowing the crop to proceed unhindered,” said the state-owned sugar entity in a statement.

Guysuco said it was aware of GAWU’s calls for workers to strike every Tuesday and the likelihood of such industrial action intensifying in the coming weeks.     Continue reading

Aquaculture, livestock farms among plans for Wales – Agri Minister, Noel Holde

Aquaculture, livestock farms among plans for Wales
Noel Holder

Noel Holder

 Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder has unveiled that among other things there are plans in place to study the possibility of opening an aquaculture and livestock farm among others at the Wales Sugar Estate.

This is after Government had announced that it plans to close the Wales Sugar Factory at the end of 2016 since it would be unable to upkeep operations at the plant.

Before laying the plans for the estate, Holder stated that the present attack from the Opposition on the proposed closure of the Wales estate factory is political rhetoric.    Continue reading

Update: Drought Effects of El Nino – Guyana 411 – February 6, 2016 – video

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Update: Drought Effects of El Nino – Guyana 411 – February 6, 2016


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