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CHINA: Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge – the world’s longest sea bridge

China is opening the world’s longest  sea bridge — and it contains enough steel to build 60 Eiffel Towers

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Undersea tunnel of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is seen, in Zhuhai city,  south China’s Guangdong province, Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

China is the midst of several megaprojects that will transform its cities.

Over the next decade, China plans to encourage 250 million  people – roughly 29 times New York City’s population – to move into the country’s growing megacities. To cope with that huge migration, the country has invested tens of billions of dollars in giant infrastructure projects.

In may 2018, China opened its most ambitious megaproject yet: a bridge that connects Hong Kong, Macau, and the mainland’s southern city of Zhuhai. Stretching 34 miles long, it’s the world’s longest cross-sea bridge, according  to the AFP.

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Travelling around Georgetown 1843-2011 – By Godfrey Chin


Georgetown is probably the least expensive capital city in the world to traverse with a taxi-fare for one drop G$300 (US$1.50), while the fare on any minibus route is G$60 (30 US cents).

GT Minibuses (2011)

The bonus is a ‘chapta’ adventure, a roller coaster ride with the sonic boom of indecipherable music in the enclosed jam-packed minibuses; the incessant horns hooting in routine standstill, gridlock traffic jams; and Usain Bolt-style dashes to beat every traffic light. Praying is expected, and choking possible as the breath is held in this daily lottery of playing chicken on the roadway.     Continue reading

My $500 house in Detroit — and the neighbors who helped me – TED video

My $500 house in Detroit — and the neighbors who helped me rebuild it – Drew Philp

In 2009, journalist and screenwriter Drew Philp bought a ruined house in Detroit for $500. In the years that followed, as he gutted the interior and removed the heaps of garbage crowding the rooms, he didn’t just learn how to repair a house — he learned how to build a community.

In a tribute to the city he loves, Philp tells us about “radical neighborliness” and makes the case that we have “the power to create the world anew together and to do it ourselves when our governments refuse.”   TEDNYC | November 2017  …… PLAY VIDEO

ONCE UPON A TIME IN BRITISH GUIANA – 27 Poems – By Dmitri Allicock

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Waterfront enhancement at Bartica, Guyana

Waterfront enhancement at Bartica, Guyana

Now a town, Bartica, a Regional Seven riverain community that is one of the gateways to the hinterland, has been make strides in improvements.

This waterfront area, with its booths, was ready in time for the Annual Regatta over the weekend, is but one of them.

Bartica’s Waterfront Walkway

Guyana: The romance of the Georgetown Sea Wall – By Godfrey Chin

The romance of the Sea Wall – Nostalgia 561

–   – Stabroek News

Tramcar terminus at the Sea Wall, early 20th century

Ask any Guyanese, at home or abroad, to name the first five things Guyanese that readily come to mind, and they often reply, Kaieteur Falls, Stabroek Market, St George’s, Parliament Buildings, Town Hall, and sometimes, Jonestown.

Can you imagine they always forget  our Sea Wall, which actually saves the capital city of Georgetown from being a Venice, and our coastline languishing as another lost continent of Atlantis.     Continue reading

Brickdam – The Oldest Street in Georgetown Guyana – By Godfrey Chin

Nostalgia 566 – Saga and Romance of BRICKDAM

Godfrey Chin Website Link

Godfrey Chin – “Nostalgias”

–  By: Godfrey Chin (1937-2012) ..  Written in 2011.

Brickdam – the oldest street in the Capital City of Georgetown was formerly a muddy quagmire, difficult to traverse by horse and carriage even though it was built up with debris and cinders, from the too frequent fires of the nineteenth century. It was later covered with ‘bricks’ to make it serviceable during the rainy season – hence its name.

In 1920, it was macadamised for the Royal visit of Edward, Prince of Wales, who attended the Horse Race  Meeting, at Durban Park, and planted a ‘sapodilla tree’ in the Taitt’s Yard  (Murray St) – now Cara Lodge, Quamina.            Continue reading

Pegasus unveils 15-storey tower in US$100M expansion- Badal urges tax, fiscal incentive reforms

Pegasus unveils 15-storey tower in US$100M expansion

Yesterday morning (March 8, 2018), the sod was turned in the hotel’s adjoining property near the tennis court with Chairman, Robert Badal, hailing the investment as the city’s largest investment.    Continue reading

Guyana: A Fountain Of My Favorite Things – 21 Poems By Dmitri Allicock

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Ancient Africans Discovered America Thousands of Years Ago – video

Ancient Africans Discovered America Thousands of Years Ago

Universe Inside You – Published on Jan 23, 2018
Africans had frequently sailed across the Atlantic to the Americas, thousands of years before Columbus and indeed before Christ. The great ancient civilizations of Egypt and West Africa traveled to the Americas, contributing immensely to early American civilization by importing the art of pyramid building, political systems and religious practices as well as mathematics, writing and a sophisticated calendar. The strongest evidence of African presence in America before Columbus comes from the pen of Columbus himself.    Continue reading
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