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The world’s most liveable cities – 2016: Living on the edge

The world’s most liveable cities

Friends of Chanderpaul – Cricket Game and Benefit Dinner – NY – August 20, 2016

chanderpaul benefit EDIT

Splendid Collection of 378 Photos of Guyana – By Deborah Strott

Deborah Strott: 378 Photos of Guyana – slideshow  < Click

Stabroek Market Georgetown

Stabroek Market, Georgetown, Guyana. South America



Published on Jul 16, 2016

A spanking new Umana Yana was handed over to the Ministry of Culture on Thursday. Jessica Daw was there and filed this report.

First voyage through expanded Panama canal + video of new canal

ship approaches new Agua Clara locks, part of the Panama Canal expansion project,

First voyage through expanded Panama canal  –  BBC News

A giant Chinese container ship has become the first vessel to move from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean via the newly-enlarged Panama Canal.

The ship was greeted with fireworks and cheers from a crowd that had gathered at the Cocoli locks to celebrate.

The Panamanian President, Juan Carlos Varela, described the waterway as a route that would unite the world.    Continue reading

Inspiring tiny houses featured for Father’s Day – “Small is beautiful”.

Inspiring tiny houses featured for Father’s Day – “Small is beautiful”.

Could you live tiny

In the past tiny homes are usually a sign of poverty.  This is no more. Tiny Homes are now becoming in style as the Minimalist movement grows in North America and Europe.  Here are some examples that were featured  in the Tiny House Newsletter for FATHER’S DAY.

Father/Daughter Airstream Tiny Home


Daughter Builds Tiny Cabin for Dad


Father/Son 200 Sq. Ft. Zen Cabin


SEE  MORE ARTICLES BELOW  ….. Continue reading

Pete Souza: photographing the real Barack Obama – by Jonathan Jones

Pete Souza: photographing the real Barack Obama – by Jonathan Jones

Over two historic terms, official White House photographer Pete Souza has chronicled the most intimate, candid and comical moments of Barack Obama’s presidency

Obama and Virginia

The Obamas meet Virginia McLaurin

It was a tale of two Americas. In Las Vegas the casinos were humming with a hell-yes tide that was about to sweep the manic Donald Trump to his most pumped-up victory yet. In Washington DC, civilisation still existed. In the week Trump’s xenophobic bid to be the Republican presidential candidate began to look unstoppable, the man whose Americanness he has questioned was meeting 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin. In Pete Souza’s official White House photograph of their get-together, President Barack Obama cracks a delicious smile as the first lady dances with McLaurin, who was invited to visit the White House in recognition ofcommunity work she has done for decades in the US capital.   Continue reading

50th Independence Anniversary Arch is a symbol of nationhood…. President Granger

50th Independence Anniversary Arch is a symbol of nationhood…. President Granger

50th Anniversary AechGeorgetown, Guyana – (May 20, 2016) President David Granger, today, committed to ensuring that Georgetown is restored to its former glory and that the capital city will regain its reputation as one of the Caribbean’s most picturesque and pleasant places for residents and visitors, in his address at the unveiling of the 50th Independence Anniversary Arch.

The $20M Arch was financed wholly by Banks DIH Limited as an Independence anniversary gift to the nation. It was designed by Mr. Vaniar Gutierrez of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and fabricated by VSH Steel with hot dipped galvanised and welded steel pipes.  Continue reading

20 Great Cities Around the World – in 90 Seconds – videos

 20 Great Cities Around the World – in 90 Seconds
I didn’t know which city I should visit next, so I was blown away by these stunning and informative 90 second videos of the world’s 20 top places. Starting from Chicago, head eastward across ‘the pond’ through exquisite Paris, fascinating Prague, luxurious Dubai and exotic Bangkok right back to America’s West Coast. Spend 90 seconds in each city and give yourself a taste of the best the world has to offer. 
 1. Chicago, USA
We start our tour in this utterly complete city. With great universities, world famous shops & restaurants – plus the magnificent Lake Michigan – Chicago attracts over 50 million people, and you’d be mad not to join them.
 This is just the first of 20 short videos.

The Power of Timbuktu – By. Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Download –   The Power of Timbuktu – By. Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Download to read article

Download to read article


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