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GEMS OF GUYANA – Thirty Poems – By Dmitri Allicock + video “Waltz of the Flowers”


Thirty Poems

By Dmitri Allicock

Gems of Guyana


The tangle of the crowded passageways and stalls
Guyana’s creoles in its uninhibited fluency calls
The haggling voices of the bright cloths so sweet
The fresh aroma of Guyanese pastries and treats

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Britain- London’s property woes are getting worse

London’s property woes are getting worse

Faulty land-use regulation is throttling the capital

Apr 25th 2016 – The Economist

londonAT FIRST glance London looks unstoppable. It is the most important city in Europe, perhaps the world. In the past decade its economy has grown twice as fast as Britain’s and its population 50% faster. Scratch the surface, however, and its situation looks less good. The motor of the British economy is becoming less productive and more unequal. The fundamental problem is how land is used and regulated.

Over the last full economic cycle, from 1993 to 2008, the cost of a hectare of residential land in London increased by more than 300% in real terms, to more than £8m ($15m). Commercial-property prices rocketed up as well. Now less-productive industries are moving out. The supply of floor space put to industrial uses such as factories and warehousing has fallen by half in the past five years, suggest data from JLL, a property firm. At the same time London’s population is growing more skilled. Over the past decade the proportion of people with university degrees has increased much more quickly inside the capital than outside it.  Continue reading

Guyana: Flowering Georgetown in April 2016 – By Francis Quamina Farrier

Flowering Georgetown in April 2016

AAAAAAA GTBy Francis Quamina Farrier

During the past three decades, Georgetown, which was previously referred to as “The Garden City of the Caribbean”, sadly degenerated to the level of a “Garbage City”. There was garbage here, there and everywhere. Mounds and mounds of stinking garbage. Over the years, from time to time, there were “Clean-up Campaigns”; but, sometimes within hours after those clean-up campaigns, the garbage returned, almost like magic. Actively involved in some of those clean-up campaigns, were some members of the Diplomatic Corps.

“How shameful”, a youngster said to me during one such clean-up campaign, as he looked at those foreign diplomats with protective out-fits, cleaning up the mess which Guyanese had made. For decent, law-abiding citizens, it was a big embarrassment. That state of affairs continued well, until the massive Post General Elections of May 2015, clean-up campaign. There is still lots more cleaning-up to be done, but the City of Georgetown is so much cleaner than it was in April 2015.  Continue reading

Amerindians happy over rebuilding of Umana Yana – video


Published on Feb 25, 2016 – HGPTV News video

Guyana’s indigenous peoples are happier now that the historic Umana Yana is being rebuilt. Minister of Indigenous people’s affairs Sydney Allicock, conveyed this message to Royden James.

Now check out this video on Sydney Allicock……

Sydney Allicock – video     Continue reading

Buildings that Wake Up at Night – beautiful structures

Buildings that Wake Up at Night
Some structures are designed so they are not only beautiful creations of architecture, but are also dynamic and changing.  One of the ways to achieve this effect is by light and color, that every night transform buildings like the ones you are about to see into unique and exceptionally beautiful structures.
The Lotus Building , China 
This colourful building sits at the heart of a lake, and each night it ‘opens’ 
anew and lit with a beautiful array of colours.
????? ??????? ?????

Continue reading

Episodes in the life of Rory Westmaas – Letter by Nigel Westmaas

Episodes in the life of Rory Westmaas

My Uncle Rory passed away on January 24, 2016. He meant a lot to his family, to his many friends and to Guyana. As we offer our solidarity with Rory’s children Peta, Blaise, Storm and Wilde, I thought I would compose some brief quotes on episodes and vignettes from his often larger than life political contribution and experiences.

He was an independence movement titan and a passionate shooter from the hip against colonialism, classism and race. But he was also a fun uncle to have, always engaged in his legerdemain bag of tricks. He often made one or more of his fingers disappear in front of our eyes. I recall one time when he made a marble “disappear” from his hand and end up in a shoe across the hall. To this day I can’t figure out how he accomplished that feat.   Continue reading

Guyana Institute of Historical Research (GIHR) News – 2015 Christmas edition


In this issue –  [Download: newsletter link below]      

  1. GIHR pixChristmas in slavery times.
  2. First Lady Sandra Granger’s quote.
  3. Christmas breakfast.
  4. GIHR outreach.
  5. Guyanese women: Headliners.
  6. Meet the female parliamentarians in the eleventh legislative assembly.
  7. Faces of Masquerade.
  8. Meet the GIHR Board of Directors
  9. The Guyana Institute of Historical Research Ninth International Research conference.
  10. The First family of Guyana.

[Download: newsletter link below]       Continue reading

Michael Paul Smith, creator of Elgin Park – miniaturized town from the 1950’s

Michael Paul Smith, creator of Elgin Park

Uploaded on May 24, 2010

Michael Paul Smith composes a photograph of Elgin Park, a fictional miniaturized town from the 1950’s. Smith says Elgin Park is based on his hometown, Sewickley, PA., a small town seven miles north of Pittsburgh. His family moved to Worcester when he was 16. Video by Dan Gould.…

An Aerial view of Stabroek Market Square – 16 October 2015 – video

An aerial view of Stabroek Market Square – 16 October 2015

Stabroek Market is a large market located in the capital city of Guyana, Georgetown.


Continue reading

This broken and twisted economy the PPP has left behind – commentary

This broken and twisted economy the PPP has left behind

Pompous Editorial – Jul 12, 2015 – The Mosquito 

To understand the PPP’s current narrative the economy was like a Bugatti doing 120 on the highway and as soon as the opposition got into power they put it into an immediate, screeching reverse.

After all it’s been ten years of unbridled economic growth! Ashni Singh in January declared that “the people of Guyana have every reason to be proud and optimistic that their country has been witnessing economic growth for almost a decade with every sector showing significant and steady increases.” And even though official figures were not even released prior to May 11, Ramotar claimed GDP for 2014 grew by 4.5%. That’s bullshit as we suggested here.   Continue reading


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