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Update from Moray House Trust: June 2015

Moray House Trust

Moray House Trust

Update from Moray House Trust: June 2015

Moray House Trust was honoured to host the launch of a biography about Eric and Jessica Huntley in April. Eric and Jessica Huntley were pioneer publishers and political activists in the UK, after they migrated from Guyana in the 1950s. Jessica was a founding member of the Women’s Political and Economic Organisation in 1946 along with Janet Jagan, Janet Jagan and others. Jessica was, in the words of Tom Dalgety, “an encourager of many who wanted to say something but had no audience.”

Eric Huntley presented a collection of books, documents and recordings to Moray House Trust in the course of his recent visit to Guyana. He expressed his gratitude to the Trust for hosting two events. The first, held in October 2013, was to honour his wife, Jessica Huntley, on her passing. The second event, in April 2015, was the launch of a biography of the Huntleys entitled “Doing Nothing is not an Option”.   Continue reading

GCA On-Line Magazine – June 2015

GCA - June 2015

GCA On-Line Magazine June 2015 – click to enlarge


Letter from the Editor

The month of June 2015, was officially declared Caribbean Heritage Month by the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama. We trust that your summer has begun with the energy and intensity of predictable newness.    Continue reading

The Freedom Riders of 1961- By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

The Freedom Riders of 1961- By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

The next time you sit in a train or ride the buses in America, or even enjoy a walk in the park you should think of a group of brave persons called the Freedom Riders.

Their acts helped to hasten the Civil Rights movement in the United States and to make it possible for all races to sit and eat together and to use public transportation without discrimination.

The Freedom Riders movement had its genesis in 1947. It  was in that year that the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) conducted a Journey of Reconciliation, the purpose of which was to direct attention to racial segregation in
public transportation.  Continue reading

Unseen Cuba: First aerial photographs reveal island’s spectacular beauty


Unseen Cuba- photos by Marius Jovaisa

Unseen Cuba: First aerial photographs reveal island’s spectacular beauty

Here’s Cuba as you’ve never seen it before. Lithuanian aerial photographer and publisher Marius Jovaiša is the first artist to receive government permission to fly over the country and photograph it from above.

“Nobody had been able to take aerial pictures of the country because of the secretive political regime and technical difficulties,” he told IBTimes UK. “I thought it would be awesome to try to become the first man on the planet who could convince the Cuban government to give permission for such an endeavour.”    Continue reading

HAPPY 239 BIRTHDAY AMERICA! – by Dmitri Allicock + video

Happy Birthday America


By Dmitri Allicock

There is song of freedom and prosperity upon the air

Where many have voyaged from distant shores to hear

A song that brings meaning to this our spacious land

Words that echoes with health and happiness so grand


Read more:   … Go to the Dmitri Allicock Blog to comment and share

Video Tour of the new One World Trade Center – New York

The One World Trade Center tower is seen in this picture taken from the 57th floor of the soon to be opened 4 World Trade Center tower in New York during a press tour, November 8, 2013. REUTERS/Mike Segar

The One World Trade Center tower

Video Tour of the new One World Trade Center – New York

This is Spectacular !

Very … Very … Interesting … To see this building is fascinating ….

NEW YORK | Nearly 14 years after the collapse of the twin towers, the new One World Trade Center tower opened to the public on 29 May 2015.

The opening of the observation platform at the top of One World Trade Center was undoubtedly the most anticipated event this spring in New York. The tower 1776 feet high (in homage to the year of American independence) is the highest in the Western Hemisphere.  Continue reading

BEFORE TELEVISION .. THERE WAS THE RADIO …. Listen to these old episodes

Phillips Radio

Phillips Radio


Here’s an unbelievable collection of all the old time radio shows. Find your favorite, click it, and listen to all the episodes.  Click links below for COMEDY, WESTERNS, DETECTIVE,  MYSTERY and DRAMA programs featured on Radio:-    Continue reading

GUYANA: Capitol TV News Videos – 01 July 2015

Capitol TV logoGUYANA: Capitol TV News Videos – 01 July 2015

  • President Granger off to his first Caricom Head’s meeting.
  • Man remanded in multi million-dollar fraud
  • Soloman said he never campaigned for position
  • Iwokrama Rainforest Programme: The way forward
  • Food and Drugs department looking for its own premises
  • Barticians call for improved infrastructure, waste disposal services
  • Eight year old Guyanese writer making waves in the US
  • Garbage disposal still a problem even with more bins around the city
  • Sports

Click links below to view the TV News Videos:      Continue reading

Guyana-Jamaica Friendship Asso.- Formal Ball – Queens NY – September 12, 2015

G+J Friendship Flyer V1b

Click to enlarge

Guyana-Jamaica Friendship Asso.- Formal Ball – Queens NY –
September 12, 2015
Frank A. Denbow, MD, MRCP – My number is 551-206-5840.
Hope you can spread the word and buy a few tickets!!!


Guyanese Online Entries – June 2015 – 123 entries

Guyanese Online Entries for June 2015 – 123 entries

Guyanese Associations events and Magazines are in bold

Click entries to view on the Blog Website 

  1.  June 2015: The month that changed America?
  2. Nostalgia Machine – Popular music from 1960-2013
  3. Buxton-Friendship Express for June 2015
  4. US Supreme Court and Gay Marriage – various links
  5. GUYANA: Latest News – 28 June 2015 – Demerara Waves
  7. FOR THE LAST TIME – by Dave Martins + music videos
  8. Is the Dominican Haitians Humanitarian Crisis a sign of things to come in the Caribbean Region?
  9. Read President Obama’s moving eulogy for Charleston shooting victim Clementa Pinckney
  10. GUYANA – Capitol TV News Videos – 26 June 2015   Continue reading

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