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The Guyana Cultural Association of Montreal Gala- Sep 10, 2016

Download: The Guyana Cultural Association of Montreal Gala- Sep 10, 2016

Montreal gala

Bishops’ High School Alumni -Toronto – Roots & Rhythms – September 24, 2016

      View / Download: BHS Roots and Rhythms




Published on Jul 16, 2016

A spanking new Umana Yana was handed over to the Ministry of Culture on Thursday. Jessica Daw was there and filed this report.

Watch and learn: the hidden messages in children’s movies

Watch and learn: the hidden messages in children’s movie

2013, FROZENHANS & ANNA Film 'FROZEN' (2013) Directed By CHRIS BUCK & JENNIFER LEE 20 November 2013 SAE18990 Allstar Collection/DISNEY **WARNING** This photograph is the copyright of DISNEY & can only be reproduced by newspaper & magazine TV guides in conjunction with the promotion of the above film. A Mandatory Credit To DISNEY must also be printed. For Printed Editorial Use Only, NO online or internet use.

Allegorical? … Frozen.

Ever suspected Frozen was more than a simple singalong? Have the false promises of Emerald City ever rung alarm bells? Here are nine family flicks that have been mined for underlying meaning.

The Secret Life of Pets: black lives matter

Thought the current box office smash was just Toy Story with poodles and hamsters? Think again. A prominent political science professor suggests Chris Renaud’s movie is in fact a hamfisted metaphor for racial oppression.     Continue reading

Summer Gold…See Demerara Gold Aug. 13 in Brooklyn! + Newsletter


May and June were filled with celebration!  I was thrilled to be part of the events commemorating my homeland’s 50th year of independence, being 1 of the 50 honorees at the Guyana 50 @ 50th Anniversary and to share DEMERARA GOLD with more audiences during Caribbean Heritage month.  Speaking of which, it’s been TWO YEARS that I’ve been performing, touring and sharing DEMERARA GOLD, my Solo Play.  TWO YEARS!!!
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Tutorial High School Alumni Toronto – Family Fun Day – August 14, 2016

Download Flyer: Tutorial High School Alumni Toronto – August 14, 2016


“Jubilee Main Street, Georgetown” – by Francis Quamina Farrier + photos

“Jubilee Main Street, Georgetown” – by Francis Quamina Farrier

 Francis Quamina Farrier

Francis Quamina Farrier

Back in the 1970s, when on a visit to Guyana, the late President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania in East Africa, while addressing a gathering at a Welcome Reception in the Promenade Gardens in Georgetown, said that he planned to visit Main Street. That statement by the visiting president drew loud laughter from the gathering. The Honoured Guest responded with some anxiety, “It looks like I will have to go there in a hurry.” The laughter was even louder. Where-upon, someone whispered to President Nyerere the real reason why there was that uproar of laughter.

Back in those ‘innocent’ years of Guyana, there was the popular “Cambridge Hotel” on Main Street, in Georgetown, which had a very sordid and well-known reputation of being a high-class brothel. Those present at that august gathering, were allowing their naughty minds to imagine the Tanzanian President, desiring to be a client.   Continue reading

Buxton/ Friendship benefit from 2nd Economic Development & Health Seminar

Buxton/ Friendship benefit from 2nd Economic Development

& Health Seminar

IMG_2442Scores of business enthusiasts and students benefited from an Economic Development Seminar hosted by The Young Visionaries and The Committee for the Improvement of Buxton (CIMBUX Inc:) held at the Friendship Primary School, East Coast Demerara on Monday, July 4, 2016.

The second of its kind held under the theme, Reviving Buxton/ Friendship Village Economy and fostering sustainable development for Vigilance, Annandale, and the surrounding villages”.   Continue reading

Slinger Francisco, the legendary Mighty Sparrow turns 81

Sparrow at 81 – from the St Stanislaus College Blog

Posted: 14 Jul 2016


Mighty Sparrow

Dr Slinger Francisco, the legendary Mighty Sparrow, or as he is fondly known “Birdie”, a West Indian calypso icon, celebrated his 81st birthday on Saturday, July 9. Sparrow was born in the fishing village of Grand Roy, Grenada, on July 9, 1935. He moved to Trinidad with his mother, his father having relocated there in 1937, and grew up in Port of Spain.

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Tri-State Alliance 25th Anniversary Awards – July 22, 2016. Brooklyn NY.



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