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Raising a black son in America + The danger of silence – 2 TED videos by Clint Smith

Clint Smith: How to raise a black son in America

Published on Apr 23, 2015

As kids, we all get advice from parents and teachers that seems strange, even confusing. This was crystallized one night for a young Clint Smith, who was playing with water guns in a dark parking lot with his white friends. In a heartfelt piece, the poet paints the scene of his father’s furious and fearful response.

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Guyana Cultural Asso. New York- April 2015 On-Line Magazine

 Guyana Cultural Asso. New York- April 2015 On-Line Magazine

GCC-NY April 2015

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Download: GCA -NY April 2015 Magazine

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR  – Lear Matthews – April Editor.

Greetings! Wah happenin dey?…..We are grateful for the continued support of our patrons and delighted to welcome new readers, as the long anticipated spring blooms fresh daffodils, tulips and water lilies in both our adopted home and our dear land of rivers, streams, savannahs and majestic mountains. A country as rich in tradition as its natural resources, yearning for transformation that would unleash its real potential, and to which many in the Diaspora will truly call “home” again.

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Dr. Moses Telford: Music is his Life – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Moses Telford: Music is his Life – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Moses Telford is the personification of what a true musician should be: calm, unruffled, caring and above all talented. Over the years Dr. Telford has crossed continents and has shared his love of music with the world and the world has reciprocated by bestowing many honors on this illustrious son of Guyana.

The young Moses Telford was born at Cumberland Village on the East Canje area of Berbice in Guyana. His dad was Jacob Nathaniel Telford and his mom was Florence. Moses has a sister Elaine Elizabeth Lowe. What is remarkable is that the fore-parents of Moses migrated from England to Guyana. His great grandfather Robert Richard Telford left England for Guyana to teach and he became Headmaster of a school in Berbice. He was also an organist at St. Patrick’s Church in Canje.   Continue reading

Dianand Bhagwandin and his “Incredible Journey” – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dianand Bhagwandin and his “Incredible Journey” – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dianand Bhagwandin

Dianand Bhagwandin

Dianand ‘Denny’ Bhagwandin created waves in the early nineties in New York when he announced that he was running for Congress. It was a tall order but the immigrant community in Queens embraced Denny and admired him for his courage.

The 6th Congressional District was strongly Democrat and Denny decided to run on a Republican ticket. He ran a spirited campaign and when the results were declared on November 4, 1992 he had acquitted himself well. Denny received over 21,000 votes even though he did not win the seat.   Continue reading

Important Facts to remember as you grow older

Important facts to remember as you grow older

Guyana Elections: Inflammatory language in state media by PPP/C – GECOM

Guyana Elections: Inflammatory language

It is all the more disconcerting therefore that in recent years, the PPP/C government has mercilessly commandeered the newspaper to campaign for it. This has extended to placing of particularly divisive editorials which appear intended to stir up racial, political and other cleavages in the interest of the electoral fortunes of ruling party. In this charged electoral season, the Chronicle has continued the placement of inflammatory content in its columns undoubtedly under the draconian control of the government.  Continue reading

Guyana Christian Charities (Canada) Inc- Toronto – Spring Dance – May 16, 2015


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Guyana Christian Charities (Canada) Inc- Toronto – Spring Dance – May 16, 2015

at Pickering Recreation Complex , 1867 Valley Farm Road. Pickering ON. Canada

Tickets from:

Joe Castanheiro – 416-286-1956;  Dennis Choy – 905-839-0434;  

Dexter Gonsalves – 905-428-3883;  Mike Gonsalves – 905-420-0565

Karen Heifa – 416-287-2526  or any GCC member


Romanee Kalicharran is the quintessential ambassador of culture

Romanee Kalicharran is the quintessential ambassador of culture

romanee in blue kurta

Romanee Kalicharran

She has traveled the world sharing her talents in a variety of dance forms. Romanee has bridged cultures and her passion for the arts has made her one of the foremost artists in our community.

Romanee was born in New York and her parents are Ramesh and Judith Kalicharran. What is remarkable about her parents is that both Ramesh and Judith are from a musical tradition. But they stand out in other respects as well. Ramesh is Guyanese while Judith is Puerto Rican.   Continue reading

The Last Lap Lime – Monday August 3, 2015 – Toronto. Canada

last lap lime

The Last Lap Lime – Monday August 3, 2015 – Toronto. Canada

This is the 19th year of The Last Lap Lime, an annual event held by five non-profit Guyanese Alumni Associations in Toronto, Ontario.  All Associations have websites… see the links below: 

It is the largest congregation of Guyanese outside Guyana.   Buy Tickets Now

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St Stanislaus Annual Golf Tournament -Toronto – July 11, 2015

Saints Golf Tournament

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