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Seven-year-old with hydrocephalus clings to life – Help Needed

Seven-year-old with hydrocephalus clings to life – Help Needed

My name is Khalilah Megan Campbell and I am the Coauthor of the book Foundation of The Guyana Defence Force – A Soldier of Valour Story.

With respect to the enclosed Kaieteur newspaper article, I am the Canadian representative for the family of the child Ephraim Collins, who requires urgent lifesaving surgery. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated with funding for him and his family.  The expenses not covered are the Medevac Air Ambulance and other personal expenses that are stated in the article.  In addition, Sick Kids Hospital International has requested to review his medical records for the possibility of  surgery in Canada.  The Hospital through the Herbie Foundation will pay for his medical expenses only.   Continue reading

Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – November 2016

Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – November 2016

Greetings from Buxton-Friendship Heritage Fund (USA)!

bfeWe’re happy to share this month’s Buxton-Friendship Express with you. Please feel free to share it with your relatives and friends.

You may download a copy from the attachment file link below, or click on the following link to get it:

Walk good!

Lorna Campbell.  Editor,

Buxton-Friendship Express  –

Attachment: buxton-friendshipexpressnewsletter2016-11

UG- Inaugural Distinguished Lecture to Honour Sister Mary Noel Menezes, A.A. – Dec 3, 2016

Subject: Inaugural Distinguished Lecture to Honour Sister Mary Noel Menezes, A.A. – Dec 3rd, 2016

Our Sacred Responsibility as Human Beings – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision


Protesters demonstrate against the Dakota Access oil pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation
North Dakota – United States – September 9, 2016
Photo Credit: Andrew Cullen / Reuters

My third quote for the ‘Three Quotes for Three Days’ challenge – an invitation from British author and blogger Frank Parker – comes from Tom Goldtooth, a Native American environmental leader and executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) since 1996. It’s an excerpt from his keynote address, “The Sacredness of Mother Earth,” at the Bioneers National Conference held on October 18-20, 2013.

The European concept of the natural world which has become a dominant concept worldwide – where knowledge and culture are property, with the attitude that commodities are to be exploited freely and bought and sold at will – has resulted in disharmony between beings and the natural world, as well as the current environmental crisis threatening all…

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BHS and QC Associations – Twelfth Night Winter Wonderland – Toronto – January 14, 2017


GCA: Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc.on-line Magazine – November 2016

Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc.on-line Magazine – November 2016

IN THIS ISSUE   – Download: gca-november-2016-e-mag-finalgca-nov

PAGE 3-11: Masquerade Jamboree      PAGE 14-16: Donations to GCA by Derrick Jeffrey        PAGE 18-19: Artist Gerald Gittens       PAGE 20-23: Coconut Festival       PAGE 26-29: Book Launch – Dr. Michelle Yaa Asantewa       PAGE 30-32: Brooklyn Town Hall Meet       PAGE 34-36 The Jonestown Community       PAGE 38-40: Victoria, Village Day.

Editor: Gail A. Nunes       Cover Design: Claire Goring & Ashton Franklin       Copy Editors- Edgar Henry, Lear Matthews       Layout and Design by Claire A. Goring & Ashton Franklin.

Contributors: Dr. Lear Matthews, Dr. Vibert Cambridge, Edgar Henry, Abraham B. Poole, Dr. Gentian Miller, Tangerine Clarke, Chronicle Staff Writer.

Guyana: Region 10 Christmas Party – December 17, 2016 at 325 Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Click to Enlarge

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From: Linden Fund USA <>

Subject: Region 10 Christmas Party

Dear family and friends,

The Linden Fund USA and the Ituni International Association are again co-hosting a festive holiday party on Saturday, December 17th at 325 Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Tickets are $25. Attendees will be able to tape greetings that will be aired on NCN on both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day in Region 10. Celebrate the holidays with us and send your love to family and friends at home in Guyana.

Last year’s event was our first collaboration and it was a wonderful success. The interaction between Guyanese from these two communities ignited new friendships in our drive to help our hometowns and Region 10.

The holidays greetings taped at our 2015 Party and broadcast on NCN TV were uploaded on our LFU YouTube channel and viewed by many supporters.  Continue reading

US President recognises work of Guyanese home care CEO – video

 US President recognises work of Guyanese home care CEO
Abigail Loncke

Abigail Loncke

United States (US) President, Barack Obama on Saturday recognised the contribution of a young Guyanese lady  in her homeland in the area of care for the elderly, in his address at a Town Hall meeting in Peru.

“We need leaders like Abigail Loncke of Guyana; Abigail are you there? So after struggling to find her own grandfather a home care, Abigail realized there is a problem for so many other families so she started Community Healthcare, a home care agency, and she started out as a service to help families take care of their loved ones but now has a social movement that also provides training and job opportunities for young women in healthcare so thank you Abigail for the work that you are doing,” the outgoing American leader said to loud applause.  [ Read more]

H.E.R.O.C: Cancer Mission Inaugural Trip to Guyana – October 2016

H.E.R.O.C: Cancer Mission Inaugural Trip to Guyana – October 2016

It is with great pleasure that we publish this Newsletter after our Cancer Mission Inaugural Trip to Guyana. This trip was one of our most successful events ever and we were very pleased that we were able to comfort and share some very special moments with the Cancer Patients in Guyana.  We were also announced and introduced as the Support organization of the newly formed “GIVING HOPE FOUNDATION” in Guyana. Overall, it was a wonderful mission with great relationships established.

Lorna Welshman-Neblett.  President, H.E.R.O.C.

Download Newsletter: heroc-outreach-inaugural-trip-to-guyana-october-2016_


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Oct 12, 2016 – Cancer Awareness – HEROC (NY) – Trip to Guyana – October 22-29 , … for in New York by us and her journey through stage 4 Breast Cancer.

New Year’s Eve – Dinner and Dance – Toronto – Dec 31. 2016

Download flyer: new-years-eve_dinner-and-dance_dec-31-2016


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