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BUXTON – FRIENDSHIP NEWSLETTER — JULY 2015 – Emancipation Greetings!

Buxton- Friendship Newsletter - July 2015

Buxton- Friendship Newsletter – July 2015  – Click to Download

As we celebrate the 177th Emancipation Anniversary, we want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the sacrifices of our ancestors. There are a number of activities planned to commemorate this important occasion in the village, and we encourage villagers and friends to participate. Details of events organized by the Buxton First of August Movement can be found on page 2 of this month’s Buxton-Friendship Express newsletter.

Our 5th annual Heritage Week programme for students will be held during the week that begins on August 9th. A list of students entering secondary school this year is recorded on page 10. These students, and anyone else who may be eligible, are asked to register promptly for the Empowerment Workshop, Edutainment Day Trip and other activities, as well as to receive their backpacks and school supplies.   Continue reading

Toronto Saints and Last Lap Lime August 1; and Saints Caribjam dance – 31 July 2015

Toronto Saints and Last Lap Lime August 1; and Saints Caribjam dance – 31 July 2015

It is a little known fact that the Toronto Saints Alumni Association was one of the two alumni groups which first jointly visualised the concept of an annual gathering of Toronto alumni from schools in Guyana, a concept from which the Last Lap Lime was created.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the Last Lap Lime and, to honour the occasion and Saints’ initiation of and participation in it, we are offering all purchasers of tickets to the Saints Caribjam dance on Friday 31 July, 2015, an opportunity to obtain tickets to the Last Lap Lime at HALF PRICE.  Instead of paying the advance charge of $10, the purchaser of a Caribjam ticket may obtain a Last Lap Lime ticket for only $5.  This applies also to all who may have already purchased their Caribjam tickets. Please contact your Saints ticket supplier at your earliest convenience.  [See advertising flyers below] Continue reading

The Homeless in New York – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Homelessin NYCThe Homeless in New York – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

It was the middle of winter. We wondered why they wanted us to walk the streets on the coldest night of the year. Who would want to be out in such frigid weather?

As we checked in at York College we soon found out the reason. The coordinator said that if anyone was found sleeping in the streets on such a night then that person desperately needed a place to stay. This was empirical data and was perhaps one of the best indicators of homelessness. Such cases, we were told, should be reported and steps would be taken to move the person to a shelter.

New York is a tale of two cities. Continue reading

Comenius Moravian Alumni – Family Day Picnic – Brooklyn NY – July 11, 2015

Download flyer: Comenius Moravian Alumni

Comenius Moravian Alumni Association

Comenius Moravian Alumni Association   – Click to enlarge

Update from Moray House Trust: June 2015

Moray House Trust

Moray House Trust

Update from Moray House Trust: June 2015

Moray House Trust was honoured to host the launch of a biography about Eric and Jessica Huntley in April. Eric and Jessica Huntley were pioneer publishers and political activists in the UK, after they migrated from Guyana in the 1950s. Jessica was a founding member of the Women’s Political and Economic Organisation in 1946 along with Janet Jagan, Janet Jagan and others. Jessica was, in the words of Tom Dalgety, “an encourager of many who wanted to say something but had no audience.”

Eric Huntley presented a collection of books, documents and recordings to Moray House Trust in the course of his recent visit to Guyana. He expressed his gratitude to the Trust for hosting two events. The first, held in October 2013, was to honour his wife, Jessica Huntley, on her passing. The second event, in April 2015, was the launch of a biography of the Huntleys entitled “Doing Nothing is not an Option”.   Continue reading

GCA On-Line Magazine – June 2015

GCA - June 2015

GCA On-Line Magazine June 2015 – click to enlarge


Letter from the Editor

The month of June 2015, was officially declared Caribbean Heritage Month by the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama. We trust that your summer has begun with the energy and intensity of predictable newness.    Continue reading

Canada- Guyana Outreach Mission – 2015 Projects in Guyana


 Download Flyer: Canada- Guyana Outreach Mission 2015 

On November 6, 2015, members of the CanGO team will again be travelling to Guyana for one week to provide health care to patients in the remote areas of the country. This year the team will be running simultaneous clinics for two days at the Oscar Joseph District Hospital in Charity and at two villages up the Pomeroon River (St. Monica and Karawab).  

They will then travel to Bartica and run simultaneous clinics at the Bartica Hospital and outposts up the Mazaruni River.   Continue reading

Guyana-Jamaica Friendship Asso.- Formal Ball – Queens NY – September 12, 2015

G+J Friendship Flyer V1b

Click to enlarge

Guyana-Jamaica Friendship Asso.- Formal Ball – Queens NY –
September 12, 2015
Frank A. Denbow, MD, MRCP – My number is 551-206-5840.
Hope you can spread the word and buy a few tickets!!!


Buxton-Friendship Express for June 2015

Buxton-Friendship Express – June 2015

Dear Villager/Friend of Buxton,

The Buxton-Friendship Express for June 2015 is here.

Please click on the following link to access it:


Lorna Campbell .   Chief Editor,

Buxton-Friendship Express

St. Stanislaus Annual Golf Tournament – Toronto – Toronto – July 11, 2015

Download flyer: Saints Golf Tournament 2015 Flyer

Saints Golf Tournament

Saints Golf Tournament – 2015 Click to Enlarge


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