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From EVOLUTION to DEVOLUTION….and believe it or not…IT’S TRUE!!! 

DEVOLUTION….and believe it or not…IT’S TRUE!!!

“Demerara Gold” at the Guyana Relief Council of Florida Gala – Sunrise, Florida. October 14, 2017

This is a keeper:  Aging Cartoon Characters

This is a keeper :-D Aging Cartoon Characters

Few people realize it but………..
Our favorite cartoon characters are also now seniors!
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Charlie Chaplin’s Unforgettable 70th Birthday Poem

Charlie Chaplin’s Unforgettable 70th Birthday Poem

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Caribbean Life News Update – New York – 20 June 2017

Community News Group. One Metrotech Center North, Suite 1001.Brooklyn, NY 11201

Guyana: State Department revokes visas of opposition MP’s


Guyana’s main opposition party has complained that the United States State Department has cancelled tourist visas of two active lawmakers facing criminal fraud charges as well as several other high ranking officials who were also indicted with them.

Guyana: Exxon gets license, environmental permit


Guyana’s government has approved an operating license and environmental permit for Exxon to begin pumping loads of oil and gas from the seabed by 2020, five years after the company said it had found world class deposits of hydrocarbons off the coast of the Caribbean Community nation.

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UNDERSTANDING MEN – By Dave Martins + 5 music videos

Understanding men  – By 

Dave Martins

It goes back to my youthful West Dem days in the 1950s: with no TV or CDs or Facebook, I found laughter in behaviours around me, in characters I’ve mentioned before, such as ‘Four Foot’ and ‘Big Os’, and the shopkeeper Tony Vieira at my aunts’ shop at Hague Front. With that background, it was a natural segue for me into humourous songs – ‘I Want to be a Puppy’; ‘It’s Traditional’; ‘You Can’t Get’; ‘Women in Love’; ‘Copycats’; ‘Postpone’, etc – and, from that, into learning the value of humour in coping with life’s trials.      Continue reading

CALYPSO HUMOUR – by Dave Martins + music videos

CALYPSO HUMOUR – by Dave Martins. – Credits Stabroek News.

Dave Martins

From time to time on this ubiquitous internet that parades things before us; one often sees presentations reminding us of aspects of our lives that are no more. Many of them treat with life in North America where such things as the hand-cranked telephone or the steam locomotive with the operator shoveling coal are no longer in existence, along with ladies’ dresses touching the ground or the looping chain draping a man’s trousers as evidence of a watch in his waist-line.

In a similar presentation in Guyana we would no longer see the street vendor patiently making a “press” with his hand shaver (the shaving now is done by machine, and the product name is “snow cone”) or someone like Garamai, basket on bicycle handle-bar, selling his famous potato balls around Georgetown.     Continue reading

Trinidad Carnival 2017 – Mighty Chalkdust makes history – wins 9th Calypso title + video

Trinidad Carnival 2017 – Mighty Chalkdust makes history

By Azad Ali – March 2, 2017 – Caribbean Life News

Veteran calypsonian the Mighty Chalkdust (Dr. Hollis Liverpool) created history when he beat 17 finalists to win the 2017 Calypso Monarch title for the ninth time at the Dimanche Gras show on Carnival Sunday night- breaking Sparrow’s (Slinger Francisco) record of eight National Calypso Monarch titles.

Sparrow achieved his eight victory in 1992, with “Both of Dem” and “Survival.” Chalkdust equaled the record in 2009 with “My Heart and I.”

This year marked, Chalkdust 50th year in the calypso arena, having started singing as a professional in 1967.   Continue reading

New videos bring back vivid memories of ‘Lang Time’ in Guyana – By Lear Matthews


lear-matthews-logoBy Lear Matthews

Toffie balls, neverdone sweetie, bruk mout, Chinee cake, fish an’ bread at Mahaicony train station, M.V. Malali…Putagee Tunus, lass lick, Cutex, Kings ground, joiner, de madame, Dem boys fass bad!

These are some of the themes in the two culturally appealing videos focusing on parlance, people and places in Guyana released by Guyanese brothers T. Eric Matthews and Lear Matthews. The recordings bring back some vivid memories of the homeland. The videos entitled, Dis Time Nah Lang Time and Cavalcade of Sport – The Race, have received positive reviews and “likes” from a number of viewers in the Diaspora and at home.     Continue reading

PAUSE BEFORE YOU LEAP – by Dave Martins.

Article credits Stabroek News,

Dave Martins

Dave Martins

As a youngster growing up in Guyana and going to Saints, my friend Stanley Greaves (yes, the painter) had introduced me to (I hope I have the name right) the British Council Library in Georgetown. I remember the adventure stories – Horatio Hornblower – the writing of Aime Cesaire and CLR James, among others, and also being struck by a single sentence in a piece on Abraham Lincoln in which he said that it was his practice when a controversial matter was pending to write about it but to then put the finished reaction away and come back to it a few days later.

It allowed him the time to calm down and evaluate whether his opinion still held. It seemed such a measured approach, and while I admit I sometimes I did the immediate thing and sent off things in anger I ended up regretting, there have been several occasions where Lincoln’s tactic proved useful for me.   Continue reading

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