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The Crash Is Coming! Causes Of Economic Collapse 2017 – The Economist – video

The Crash Is Coming! Causes Of Imminent Economic Collapse & Housing Crisis 2017 Stock Market CRASH!

The Economist   Published on Jun 25, 2017

Will the Housing Market Crash, Economic Collapse and Stock Market Crash Happen in 2017? The economic forecast for 2017 is more than bleak, and there is more than enough economic data out there to show there could be an economic collapse, housing market crash and stock market crash in 2017.

Recent prison murder in Guyana — Was duty of care exercised – By Yvonne Sam

Recent prison murder in Guyana — Was duty of care exercised

By Yvonne Sam

Dear Editor,

Have the prisoners taken charge and become their own judge, jury and executioners?

Permit me to pen my thoughts before they run totally amok. Following the recent news article of the deadly prison attack on the Jagmohan brothers (news item here) while incarcerated in the New Amsterdam Prison, I have been forced to rethink even the basic of basics -“What are prisons for?  The idea that it is a place to treat, reform and rehabilitate now appears obsolete or unattainable when it comes to the prison system in Guyana.  In fact, it is apparent that the prisons and prison system are there solely to serve the courts. Point finale!   Continue reading

Ten Caribbean Carnivals To Know This Summer – 2017 – US, UK and Canada

trinidad-carnival-2017News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 23, 2017:  It’s finally summer in the US, UK and Canada and for many Caribbean nationals and fans of Caribbean culture, that means one things – it’s time to break out and party – carnival style that is! Here are 10 Caribbean carnivals set for across the US, Canada and the UK you should know of and check out this summer:

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Cedric Vernon Nunes: A Champion of Education! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Cedric Vernon Nunes became Guyana’s Minister of Education in 1961. We followed his progress as best as we could from Sookoo Yard. No one read anything in the Yard. The single radio that was owned by Sookoo was set for two programs only: ‘Indian Hour’ and ‘Creole Meche Meche.’

In 1962, Dr. Cheddi Jagan wanted to set up the University of Guyana in a hurry and C.V. Nunes was the person that was piloting the project. It was a lofty goal but I had little interest in it. They moved me from Vergenoegen to Philadelphia Scots School. My most traumatic time was the transition from slate to exercise books. I could not hold a pencil and write in lines nor could I ‘dip and write’ from the inkwell. I missed the freedom of the slate with the lily as the eraser.

Read more: Cedric Vernon Nunes – Champion of Education

Ten Keys to Donald Trump’s Policy Toward Cuba – By Sergio Alejandro Gómez

Ten Keys to Donald Trump’s Policy Toward Cuba

President Donald Trump

The change in policy toward Cuba, announced June 16 by U.S.A. President Donald Trump, implies a setback in bilateral relations

  • Granma shares opinions and analysis from both sides of the Florida Straits

Author: Sergio Alejandro Gómez | Granma – Official Voice of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee

The change in policy toward Cuba, announced June 16 in Miami by U.S.A. President Donald Trump, implies a setback in several aspects of bilateral relations, while remaining in place are a portion of the modest advances made under the Obama administration, since December 17, 2014.    Continue reading

Another Step Toward Devastating War – Paul Craig Roberts

Another Step Toward Devastating War
June 19, 2017 |   Paul Craig Roberts – Institute for Political Economy

An idiot American pilot shot down a Syrian fighter that was attacking ISIS, thus confirming that Washington is not fighting ISIS, as Washington claims, but is protecting ISIS, its agent sent to Syria by Obama and Hillary to overthrow the Syrian government. General Michael Flynn revealed on a TV interview that Obama and Hillary had, over his objection as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, made the “willful decision” to send ISIS to Syria.   Continue reading

Victories against Trump are Mounting. Here’s How we Deal the Final Blow

Victories against Trump are Mounting. Here’s How we Deal the Final Blow

President Donald Trump

The judiciary, legislative and media have all helped keep Trump in check. But it’s the residents of the United States whose response will matter most in the end

Rebecca Solnit | The Guardian UK

In this moment, populist intervention is everything, not as hate and attack but as an expression of popular will and power. Or as love, since we defend what we love. It is an extraordinary moment, an all-hands-on-deck emergency in which new groups and coalitions are emerging along with unforeseen capacities in many people who didn’t previously think they were activists. It is saturated with possibility, as well as with danger.   Continue reading

Caribbean Life News Update – New York – 20 June 2017

Community News Group. One Metrotech Center North, Suite 1001.Brooklyn, NY 11201

Guyana: State Department revokes visas of opposition MP’s


Guyana’s main opposition party has complained that the United States State Department has cancelled tourist visas of two active lawmakers facing criminal fraud charges as well as several other high ranking officials who were also indicted with them.

Guyana: Exxon gets license, environmental permit


Guyana’s government has approved an operating license and environmental permit for Exxon to begin pumping loads of oil and gas from the seabed by 2020, five years after the company said it had found world class deposits of hydrocarbons off the coast of the Caribbean Community nation.

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Guyana Speaks – Guyanese Cricket Legends – London England – Sunday, 25th June 2017

Guyana Speaks – Sunday, 25th June 2017 – Guyanese Cricket Legends        Continue reading

America – Denial on trial – By Yvonne Sam

America – Denial on trial

By Yvonne Sam

The recent shooting in Alexandria, Virginia of Republican members of Congress and others while playing baseball, should be viewed as only a part of the problem that currently ails the great nation.  This fact may not be aptly stated or politically correct but America—The land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is on the brink of political anarchy.

Yes, the continued spewing of vitriolic rhetoric, the undying quest and ceaseless prayers to have the President removed from Office has reached fruition- giving birth to bloodshed. Basically, America is raising her own genre of terrorists.    Continue reading

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