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Guyana Rice Board:Former GRDB boss and deputy face 30-plus new fraud charges

Guyana Rice Board:Former GRDB boss and deputy face 30-plus new fraud charges

Two former senior officials of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) are set to face at least 30 new fraud charges today in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

Yesterday, both former General Manager, Jagnarine Singh, and his deputy, Madanlall ‘Ricky’ Ramraj, were at the Camp Road office of the police’s Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), with their lawyer, Glen Hanoman. Missing is Peter Ramcharran, a former accountant, who is arrested and in custody in Canada, pending extradition. Charges could be read in his absence.

This would be the second case, with SOCU expected to lay more charges in a number of other cases, involving billions of dollars.    Continue reading

US$500M probe at GRDB…GBTI Directors, CEO heading to court

US$500M probe at GRDB…GBTI Directors, CEO heading to court as contempt charges filed 

Investigators have filed contempt charges against the Guyana Bank For Trade and Industry (GBTI) in a major case that will test the country’s capacity to handle financial crimes.

Yesterday (19 October 2017), a number of the bank’s directors were reportedly summoned to the Camp Road headquarters of the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), where top lawyers, including Nigel Hughes and Stephen Fraser, were also on the scene.

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Venezuela Rice Deal: US$500M GBTI contempt charges … DPP still no action

US$500M GBTI contempt charge…3 weeks later, DPP still to pronounce on charges against her lawyer

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Shalimar Ali-Hack, is facing a major dilemma. She is being asked to pronounce on a case against her own lawyer, Robin Stoby.

The bank is facing off, in a case of high stakes, against the police Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU).Stoby is the Chairperson of the Guyana Bank For Trade and Industry (GBTI), a major, privately-owned financial institution.

The unit has recommended contempt charges against Stoby and his seven directors for allegedly refusing to hand over details of transactions with the US dollar and other bank accounts of the state-controlled, Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB). Continue reading

Mainstream Media, Politics and Law Enforcement – By Yvonne Sam

Mainstream Media, Politics and Law Enforcement

By Yvonne Sam

This comparison of the sexual victims of two men of means, is in no way meant to disparage or deprecate their experience, but to show instead in black and white how two similar situations are treated not only  by society in general, but by law enforcement and the news media.

Enter two white men of means, both possessing political influence and clout. One of the men’s accusers are white women, while the others are young, gay Black men.  The main actors are the same color, the victims different color, and the response from the media and the Democrats could not be more different.    Continue reading

Factoring Culture in the Gun Debate – By Yvonne Sam

Factoring Culture in the Gun Debate

By Yvonne Sam

Let us include culture at this juncture, for there is something deep in the American psyche that remains undiagnosed and unaddressed.  Reciprocal causation must not be overlooked.

The Las Vegas massacre of Sunday October 1, 2017 resulted in the highest injury and death toll following any mass shooting by a lone gunman in modern U.S history. Mass shootings are becoming more common and more deadly.    Continue reading

Lecture: FIGHTING DIALECT PREJUDICE – By Dr. John R. Rickford -Toronto- October 12, 2017

Alumni Speaker Series 2017-18




Join us for our first lecture of this year’s series

SOCIAL JUSTICE (for Jeantel, Trayvon et al.):


Dr. John R. Rickford

When: Thursday, October 12, 2017 • 6:00–8:00 p.m.

Where: William Doo Auditorium, 45 Willcocks Street. Toronto. Ontario.

Entry to the event is free, but space is limited.  Email us now to save your spot!

The lecture flows directly from Dr. Rickford’s long-standing focus on sociolinguistics, especially his exploration of the relation between language, ethnicity, class and social structure. Demonstrating how language is inextricably woven into all domains of social life, including structures of justice and policing, he makes clear that we ignore the critical role of language in the everyday at our own peril.               Continue reading

It’s a Fact –The Government, Police and the People are as guilty as the perpetrator of the sadistic act – By Yvonne Sam

It’s a Fact –The Government, Police and the People are as guilty as the perpetrator of the sadistic act

By Yvonne Sam – Letter to Editor:

There is no way to take Sex out of Sexual Abuse, no matter how hard you try.

Firstly permit me to offer sincere condolences to the grieving parents and siblings of Leonard Archibald , the 13 year old who was subjected to sodomy until unconscious, only to be further dehumanized by having his body disposed of in the Berbice River in Guyana. As a parent I am still trying to rein my anger, as vivid images of retaliation, unworthy of being penned or verbally disclosed play havoc with my mental processes.   Continue reading

“Cash jet” pilot laundered US$7.5M in Guyana – U.S. Prosecutors

“Cash jet” pilot laundered US$7.5M in Guyana – U.S. Prosecutors

Khamraj Lall

A Guyana-born businessman dubbed the “cash jet” pilot, from Ringwood, New Jersey, has found himself in deeper trouble.

Yesterday, he appeared before a federal judge on charges that he brought several kilos of cocaine into New Jersey and New York, then laundered more than US$7.5M (G$1.5B) in proceeds back to Guyana.

Khamraj Lall, 50, was indicted by a federal grand jury on conspiracy charges following his July 2015 arrest in connection with what authorities said was a five-kilo load carried on his plane, according to a report by the North Passaic Daily Voice on the court case.  Continue reading

Money will always Talk—-even when a Black Life Matters – By Yvonne Sam

Money will always Talk—-even when a Black Life Matters

By Yvonne Sam

On July 27, Gemmel Moore a 26 -year –old Black gay sex worker was found dead in the Laurel Avenue, West Hollywood apartment of 63-year-old prominent Democratic political donor Ed Buck. The Los Angeles Coroner’s Office immediately ruled his death as an accidental methamphetamine overdose.

The silence surrounding the demise was astounding, based solely on who was the other party. Ed Buck is as his name implies— has plenty of bucks to pass around. He is a white man known for his successful promotion of a ban on the sale of fur garments and accessories in West Hollywood, and who over the years has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democratic causes and candidates.

Displayed proudly on his Facebook page is dozens of pictures of him with everyone from the who’s who to the who’s what – presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, Governor Jerry Brown, to Los Angeles County Democratic Party and California Democratic Party chairman Eric Bauman and even Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.       Continue reading

Guyana: Within the Criminal Act lies a Deeper Societal Fact – By Yvonne Sam

Within the Criminal Act lies a Deeper Societal Fact

By Yvonne Sam

Sad to say but as a people we are no nearer to understanding the frivolous explanations that precipitate deadly disputes. We are no longer a verbal nation preferring instead to be a homicidal aberration.  Why would two individuals who are known friends, and who would normally disagree and walk away from each other, lose control and kill especially if alcohol is factored in the equation. Most of the recent murders have occurred following drinking sessions, where mental control is diminished as alcohol flows to the cranial area.

I hold the firm belief that only the tip (if at all) of the iceberg has been touched regarding the nature of our crime problem. In politically correct terms, crime fighters, namely, the police are literally playing catch up. We are only able to Guy-analyze the reasons underlying the out- of-control crime rate, as we lack the resources seen in the developed world. In addition, very rarely are requests made or suggestions proffered from the Bench to have a psychoanalysis conducted on the perpetrators of certain crimes.    Continue reading

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