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News Americas – Caribbean And Latin America News – June 15. 2018

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The Story within the Story…When suicide visited my home – By Leonard Gildarie

 The Story within the Story…When suicide visited my home

Leonard Gildarie

Jun 10, 2018 – By Leonard Gildarie

I awoke on Friday morning to news of the death of Anthony Bourdain, an American celebrity chef, author, travel documentarian, and television personality whose show on CNN mesmerized the world. Bourdain hanged himself in a hotel room in France using the belt of a bathrobe.
In April, Avicii (née Tim Bergling), a popular DJ known from Sweden, killed himself in Oman. He used a bathrobe belt.

Chester Bennington, the frontman for Linkin Park, a highly popular rock band, was found hanging in his Los Angeles, California home last July.

They all had something in common…highly successful careers. They all had money. They all had beautiful homes, and families and friends. Yet, at the height of their lives, despite the millions of adoring fans who loved their work, they committed the ultimate act.
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Guyana Politics: The unsinkable Titanic sank in 2015 – By Freddie Kissoon

Guyana Politics: The unsinkable Titanic sank in 2015

By Freddie Kissoon – 12 June 2018

Three important occurrences last week should be noted – the court ruled that the President could select a GECOM Chairman of his own choice bypassing the Carter formula. Secondly, Ashni Singh and Winston Brassington have received more criminal charges. Thirdly, after a long absence from the public gallery, Roger Luncheon surfaced to accuse GECOM of discrimination in employment.

Inside the psychology of all PPP leaders after their 1992 victory was that the PPP could never lose an election and was only kept out of power by electoral fraud. For all PPP cadres, once there is a general election, the PPP will win. By the time Jagdeo won a second term in 2006, the PPP’s collective psychology was saturated with invincibility.      Continue reading

SOCU prepares to charge Singh, Brassington for selling Sanata Complex below value

SOCU prepares to charge Singh, Brassington for selling Sanata Complex below value

Kaieteur News – 09 June 2018 –

One month after two of the highest ranking officials of the previous People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) government were slapped with charges of Misconduct in Public Office, Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) Prosecutors are prepared to institute another charge against Former Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh and former head of National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) Winston Brassington.

Yesterday, SOCU Prosecutor Lawrence Harris appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Acting Chief Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs Marcus with the new charge. However the men were not in court for the matter to be read to them by the Magistrate.     Continue reading

U.S. Prisons: For some, like slavery without chains – By Mohamed Hamaludin

U.S.: Meaningful prison reform needs more than mere tokenism


Some 2,300,000 Americans are locked up in federal, state and local prisons and jails, meaning the U.S with five percent of the world’s population have 22 percent of its prisoners, according to Amnesty International. The most, 1,300,000, are in state prisons, 630,000 in local jails and 197,000 in federal prisons. Another 3.7 million people are on probation and another 840,000 are on parole, for a grand total of 6.8 million.

Whites are 64 percent of the population but 39 percent of prisoners, whereas blacks are 13 percent of the population and 40 percent of inmates.        Continue reading

School Shooting—Thoughts and Prayers – No panacea for Tears and Fears – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam

The continuing school carnage is a national shame, but the guns and the shooters are not the only ones to be blamed.While guns remain the greatest threat to safety in America, we cannot be so embroiled in the gun debate control that it hinders us from seeing where the truth unfolds.

Firstly my condolences to the families of the victims of the recent Texas school carnage. A young 17 year old walks into Santa Fe High School  in Santa Fe, Texas, and murders up to ten people- eight students and two teachers This latest school shooting failed to evoke little reaction if any from most people, for such behavior has become an  inevitability in America. Following the last school shooting in Parkland, Florida, it  has been the generally–held belief, even among students that it would not be long before another student would walk into a school and kill his classmates and teachers.   Like hospitals schools are soft targets, and as a consequence they must be toughened.  Continue reading

OPINION: Attempted civil coup d’etats in Guyana – by GHK Lall

OPINION: Attempted civil coup d’etats in Guyana – by GHK Lall

There is a problem; in fact, many serious problems.  No one wants to hear any questions; no one wants to provide any answers.  Call them silent, speechless, deliberately and determinedly dumb when such tactics suit their purposes.  The same pervasive resistance-be it individuals, corporate citizens, or legal entities-have no documents to furnish and no interest in furnishing any.  Not a blade of grass has a new equivalent: not one piece of paper; not one straight answer.  Call it a continuing bloodless attempted coup, a paper rebellion with far reaching consequences.

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Guyana and Crime: There need not be active gunmen – By Adam Harris

Jagdeo says Benschop should thank PPP for being pardoned; Benschop fires back

Jagdeo declares Benschop should go to church and pray for PPP because he was pardoned; Benschop fires back

The social activist said Guyanese still remember the many incidents that occurred under the Jagdeo presidency including the shooting of protesters and the murder of over four hundred persons during the crime spree. He said if there is anyone who should be praying for forgiveness, it would have to be Jagdeo.

Jagdeo declares Benschop should go to church and pray for PPP because he was pardoned; Benschop fires backOpposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on May 16. 2018 declared that political activist and former treason accused, Mark Benschop should be thanking him and the PPP and going to church everyday and pray for the PPP because he was pardoned.It was under Jagdeo’s Presidency that Benschop was charged for sedition and treason.READ MORE

Who is the Vassal? – The USA or Israel regarding Iran – By Uri Avnery

Who is the Vassal? – The USA or Israel regarding Iran

By Uri Avnery

“IF YOU want to understand the policy of a nation, look at the map!” Napoleon is supposed to have said.  It is good advice.

If you are living in Israel, these days, you get the impression that the huge State of Israel is dictating to its American vassal what to do about Iran.

President Donald Trump listens and complies. Bibi the Great tells him to tear up the Iranian deal for no obvious reason, and he obeys. He has no choice, poor man.

But then you look at the map, and to your great surprise you discover that the USA is a huge country, while Israel is a mere speck, so small that its name has to be written outside its borders, in the sea.     Continue reading

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