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Law enforcement and the judiciary blamed for corruption in Guyana and Caribbean

Blame law enforcement, judiciary for corruption – says expert

Jul 28, 2017  Kaieteur News – featuring Dr. Perry Stanislas

To a large extent, law enforcement and the judiciary are to be blamed for the high levels of corruption in Guyana and the wider Caribbean. This is so because it will only take a few good examples to be made out of corrupt officials to send a message that the crime would not be tolerated.

That is the view held by a few international experts, particularly United Kingdom’s Dr. Perry Stanislas and Christopher Camponovo of Halcyon Law Group. This view was aired during the recent symposium that examined the relationship between corruption and oil.         Continue reading

The Story within the Story… When the tail wags the dog – By Leonard Gildarie

The Story within the Story… When the tail wags the dog

Leonard Gildarie

Jul 30, 2017  – By Leonard Gildarie

The last few weeks have been highly stressful for Guyanese, especially with the Camp Street prison fire and escapes dominating the news.

There are a few things that glared blatantly at us. For years now, we have been hearing of rackets being run inside the prisons, with the guards overseeing schemes – profitable ones – to take contraband to prisoners.

As we speak, we learnt of a search on Thursday at the New Amsterdam prisons that unearthed improvised weapons, sharpened spoons and a quantity of cell phones.    Continue reading

Guyana: Kudos to the Police

Guyana: Kudos to the Police

Jul 27, 2017  Editorial – Kaieteur News

For well over a decade, crime has been an affliction on our society. We continue to read about it almost daily. It has been a major problem for us as efforts by the last administration did not reduce it. In fact, there has never been the political will to end this scourge.

The pervasive nature of crime during that period dulled our senses, as it was essentially treated as just another news topic. Indeed, it was alleged that some high-ranking officials had in some ways contributed to the crime spree between 2002 and 2008 which led to the deaths of hundreds of youths through extra-judicial killings.      Continue reading

Guyana: 13 prisoners dig their way out of Lusignan jail – seven recaptured

 13 prisoners dig their way out of Lusignan jail

Some of the recaptured on their way back to jail

Police up to press time had recaptured seven of 13 prisoners who staged a daring, pre-dawn breakout yesterday from the Lusignan Prison holding area, after crawling to freedom through a five-foot long tunnel they had dug inside a makeshift latrine.

Odel Roberts, Rayon Jones and Jamal Forde were nabbed yesterday evening along the Agriculture Road, Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, while Teshawn McKenzie and Winston Long were captured near the Route 44 bus park in Georgetown.

A few hours later, Jamal Joseph and Jason Howard were captured in North East La Penitence.       Continue reading

Guyana: Corruption is an evil that will sink the country – commentary


Most Guyanese by now have been convinced, by some revelation or other, that they are living in a corrupt society where most of the major institutions are woefully corrupt. There are some institutions that fare better than others in terms of corruption, but in the view of the man-in-the-street, the overwhelming consensus is that many individuals responsible for large financial undertakings are choking with the gains of corruption, which has become a norm in society.   Continue reading

Is the legalisation of marijuana in Trinidad and Tobago an ‘idea whose time has come’? – commentary

Is the legalisation of marijuana in Trinidad and Tobago an ‘idea whose time has come’?
Published on July 20, 2017 – Flora Thomas on Global Voices

Marijuana plant

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — Even as many parts of the world move towards the decriminalisation of marijuana, Trinidad and Tobago still considers its cultivation and use illegal.

As early as 2014, activists in neighbouring regional territories were agitating for the “freeing up” of the herb. By February 2015, Jamaica became the first Caribbean nation to decriminalise marijuana when its House of Representatives passed a law allowing possession of up to two ounces of cannabis. The new legislation also allows users to grow up to five plants for personal consumption, and guidelines are being established for the cultivation and distribution of both medical marijuana and use of the herb for religious ceremonies.     Continue reading

The Trump Family’s Explanations Are Straining Credulity to Its Breaking Point – David A Graham | The Atlantic

The Trump Family’s Explanations Are Straining Credulity to Its Breaking Point

The story that Donald Trump Jr., his father, and their aides told about a June 9 meeting with a Russian lawyer made little sense—even before the latest revelations.

David A Graham | The Atlantic

As an American statesman once said, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice — can’t get fooled again.” The Trump family has little love lost with the Bush family, but the president, his son, and their aides and legal team would do well to heed the 43rd president’s mangled maxim, as they continue to offer an increasingly implausible story to the public about a meeting involving a Russian lawyer, Donald Trump Jr., and his brother-in-law, White House senior adviser Jared Kushner.    Continue reading

Camp Street Jail should not be allowed to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes- By Yvonne Sam

Camp Street Jail should not be allowed to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes.

By Yvonne Sam

Photo: Rioting inmates of the Camp Street Prison, look out the prison windows in Georgetown, Guyana, Friday, March 4, 2016. 

Firstly permit me to offer my sincere condolences to the grieving family of the deceased Prison Officer Odinga Wickham.  On being made aware of the fire at the Georgetown Prison, my first reaction was” Not again”, followed shortly by “ What’s next”.  What is there to be said, that has not before been said?  There will be finger pointing, and appointees, commissions, omissions and perhaps demissions, there will be shame and blame, tears and fears and the accompanying schisms about the prisons.       Continue reading

The conviction of former President Lula of Brazil’s – a political purge

Brazil – Why the Lava Jato corruption investigations must continue

The Economist   The Americas – Jul 15th 2017

Lula da Silva

ALMOST three-and-a-half years after it began as a seemingly routine probe into money-laundering, Operation Lava Jato (“Car Wash”) has reached a critical stage. On July 12th Sérgio Moro, a federal judge, sentenced Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, a former president, to almost ten years in prison, ruling that he was given an apartment worth 2.2m reais ($690,000) by a construction firm that had received padded contracts for work on an oil refinery. Congress this week began debating whether to allow a trial of the current (centre-right) president, Michel Temer, who is charged with benefiting from a bribe of $150,000, which he denies.   Continue reading

Trump Jr.’s Emails Explode in His Father’s Face – Chemi Shalev | Haaretz

Poetic Justice and Historic Irony as Trump Jr.’s Emails Explode in His Father’s Face

President Donald Trump

New revelations demolish White House denials of his campaign’s collusion with Russia and could ultimately destroy the Trump presidency

Chemi Shalev | Haaretz

The land mine that Donald Trump Jr. planted on Monday blew up in his father’s face on Tuesday. All the tricks and all the shticks, all the excuses and all the evasions that President Trump and his advisers have offered over the past year to deny the Russian conspiracy to influence the U.S.A. presidential elections – and their own willingness to be a part of it – went down the drain. Whether it’s because of a lack of intelligence, bad legal advice, his back to the wall or some Oedipal motivation that we are not privy to, Trump Jr. has pushed Trump Sr. to the edge of the abyss, and possibly beyond.      Continue reading

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