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Caribbean food. The top 25 Caribbean restaurants in Toronto by neighbourhood

Guyanese Online – Editor’s Note: This is the time (JULY) of the Caribbean Carnival in Toronto formerly called “Caribana” and the city would have many visitors so here is an article that may help you to locate the best in Caribbean food.

The top 25 Caribbean restaurants in Toronto by neighbourhood

Posted by Liora Ipsum / JULY 15, 2015

caribbean food torontoCaribbean restaurants can be found in almost every corner of Toronto. These tried and true establishments are top sources for beef patties, over-stuffed roti, and a whole range of meaty deliciousness including curries, stews and barbecue.

Here are my picks for the top Caribbean restaurants in Toronto by neighbourhood.   Continue reading

The Health Benefits of Guavas + Foods that are Allergen Relief Medicine

 The Health Benefits of Guavas

Guavas are found in the tropics, and invoke images of vacations, summer parties and island life, but this tasty fruit is more than a celebratory food. Thisfruit is bursting with healthy vitamins and minerals and can be used to treat many serious ailments. You can recognize guavas by their yellow, green or maroon skins and creamy white or pink pulp.

Source   Continue reading

The female Kenyan brewer taking on a global drinks giant

The female Kenyan brewer taking on a global drinks giant

Five Foods We Thought Were Bad for Us, Now Turn Out to Be Good

Five Foods We Thought Were Bad for Us, Now Turn Out to Be Good

Sunday, 03 May 2015 00:00By Larry Schwartz, AlterNet | TRUTHOUT Report

Remember when eggs were bad for us before they were good for us? Or when certain heart disease was the devil’s bargain we made for loving a good cheeseburger? You may be excused for the vertigo you experience from all the flip-flops, twists and turns written over the years about the goodness or badness of any number of foods. For all of the “scientific” studies of nutrition and health, the bottom line is that we know something about the food we eat. But truthfully, the science behind what we ingest and how it affects our health is in its infancy.

There are numerous reasons why we are get conflicting information, partly because of how some journalists interpret scientific reports. Most reputable research papers are broken down the same way. There is an introduction/background, a methods section explaining how the research was performed, a results section, discussion/conclusion, and finally a summary. Continue reading

OKRA (OCHRO) – Biblical foods of the world – By Lance Seeto – Fiji Times Online

OKRA- Biblical foods of the world

OKRA plant

OKRA plant

Lance Seeto
Sunday, April 26, 2015 – Fiji Times Online

I’ve always been a big believer that the ancient fruits and vegetables found in ancient religious and biblical texts have a special role to play in our diet.

Not only did our early ancestors enjoy them, but most of them have special medicinal value that has helped protect against disease for thousands of years.

Take okra. Also known as bhindi, lady’s finger and gumbo, okra is a nutritional powerhouse used throughout history for both medicinal and culinary purposes.  Once loved by the Egyptians and still used in many dishes today (such as the famous Southern American gumbo dish), this pod-producing, tropical vegetable dates back over 3500 years.

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Philippines: The country training people to leave – BBC Report

Philippines: The country training people to leave

The Philippines government schools tens of thousands of maids, chauffeurs, mechanics and gardeners every year, with the express purpose of launching them into long-term service abroad.

Trainee maids learning to cook

The Philippines has one of the fastest growing economies in Asia – but there aren’t enough jobs to go around. So every year the government teaches thousands of people the skills they need to get jobs abroad.

When I arrive at the state-run Housemaids Academy in Manila morning exercises are well under way. A squad of uniformed cleaners is poking feather dusters into all corners of the sitting room. In the kitchen trainee cooks are immersed in the finer points of salad preparation.

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Cuisine:Two Caribbean islands on Top 10 National Dishes list

Two Caribbean islands on Top 10 National Dishes list

Ackee-and -Saltfish


NEW YORK, United States, Thursday January 22, 2015 – It may not be haute cuisine, but most countries have a favourite or traditional dish that, according to National Geographic, forms part of a country’s identity and is an essential experience for visitors.

In its book “Food Journeys of a Lifetime” (pub Oct. 2009), Nat Geo compiled a list of the Top 10 National Dishes that met this criteria and remain enduringly popular with residents

Two Caribbean dishes placed highly on the list, with Jamaica’s ackee and saltfish and Barbados’ flying fish and cou-cou taking second and third place, respectively.   Continue reading

NORTH WEST PEPPERPOT! – By Dennis A. Nichols

Dennis Nichols

Dennis Nichols

By Dennis A. Nichols
Guyana’s North West region – a vast area of heavily-forested highland and sand hills, pristine beaches, (including our world-famous Shell Beach), pockets of savannah, mangrove swamps, and a labyrinth of serpentine rivers and creeks – just the place for a dream-struck, adventurous, young coastlander fresh out of the teacher’s training college – Me!

From the Venezuela border settlements of Imbotero to Yarakita, from the Rio Orinoco to the Moruka River, Region One is a place of rugged and enchanting beauty. One of its rivers, the Aruka, a tributary of the mighty Barima, became my home for eight years in the ‘70s and ‘80s. My life has never since been the same. Continue reading

A SLICE OF CHRISTMAS – By Dmitri Allicock


By Dmitri Allicock

Black cake

Fruits soaked in wine, eggs, orange peel and some flour too

Baking powder, rum, butter, black treacle & sugar that grew

Perhaps some roasted nuts, then mixed with eggs cracked

Grease or line pan with parchment paper then oven ‘ill react

Place into preheated oven and give it about 2 hours to cook Continue reading

CUTTING SUGARCANE – By Dmitri Allicock

cane cutter


 By Dmitri Allicock


In the blazing heat or pouring rain

Cutlass chopping stalks of sugarcane

Guyanese men like steel and leather

Breaking backs in the humid weather


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