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When You Watch Dunkirk: Remember It Is a Whitewashed Version ….by Robert Fisk | Independent UK

When You Watch Dunkirk: Remember It Is a Whitewashed Version …..

Even in this early stage of the Second World War, ethnic minority British citizens did show enormous courage – one of the bravest ARP men during the Blitz was black, although we have yet to see a film about him

Robert Fisk | Independent UK

Nolan’s new adaptation of Dunkirk fails to acknowledge the bravery of Non-White Soldiers – Black and Muslim Soldiers

In my mother’s family scrapbook, there is a tiny box camera snapshot of a very young Robert Fisk staring at the Luftwaffe-smashed “mole” leading out to sea from the port of Boulogne – sixteen years after British troops evacuated under fire in May 1940 as their comrades stood on the beaches of neighbouring Dunkirk. In the photograph, the right-hand side of the Boulogne jetty remains, in dilapidated, post-war France, just as it was when British soldiers scrambled aboard the last ships to Britain, the concrete, right-hand side of the mole collapsed into the sea, just a few old hawsers showing where it stood.      Continue reading

The Story within the Story… When the tail wags the dog – By Leonard Gildarie

The Story within the Story… When the tail wags the dog

Leonard Gildarie

Jul 30, 2017  – By Leonard Gildarie

The last few weeks have been highly stressful for Guyanese, especially with the Camp Street prison fire and escapes dominating the news.

There are a few things that glared blatantly at us. For years now, we have been hearing of rackets being run inside the prisons, with the guards overseeing schemes – profitable ones – to take contraband to prisoners.

As we speak, we learnt of a search on Thursday at the New Amsterdam prisons that unearthed improvised weapons, sharpened spoons and a quantity of cell phones.    Continue reading

Diaspora Times International magazine – June/July 2017 Issue

Diaspora Times magazine – June/July 2017 Issue

Dear Friends

The Diaspora Times – June/July 2017 Issue is attached. Kindly circulate to friends and well wishers and all who might benefit from reading our Diaspora Times magazine.


Our highest regards.

Desmond Roberts
Chairman. Editorial Board
Diaspora Times

Fire destroys building owned by WPA activist Jocelyn Dow; several businesses also displaced

The remains of the three-story wooden building on Charlotte Street, Georgetown where Jocelyn Dow lived and several businesses were housed.

An early Tuesday morning (July 18, 2017) fire destroyed a decades-old building on Charlotte Street, Bourda and threatened nearby houses, causing residents to evacuate.

As a result, Jocelyn Dow’s residence and several other businesses were displaced. They include Trans Caribbean International Shipping, Anetha’s African Boutique, Target Services Pest Control, Hardwood Veneers (Guyana) Limited, and the Westmas Acupuncture Clinic.

Fire Chief, Marlon Gentle said fire fighters received a call at about 5:20 AM. “They (fire fighters) reported heavy fire conditions at the rear, upper and middle flat of the building,” he said. He said fire fighters contained the fire from spreading to nearby buildings.      Continue reading

The Georgetown Prison Fire – By Rickford Burke

Barbados Underground

Rickford Burke, President, Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

 A failure and opportunity forgood governance through public accountability

Last week swift public accountability reinforced good governance in Trinidad & Tobago. Ms. Marlene McDonald was sworn in as Minister of Public Utilities on June 30. Three days later Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley fired her for countenancing a reputed member of the criminal underworld to attend her swearing in ceremony. Ms. McDonald introduced the gentleman, who is on the radar of security forces, to President Anthony Carmona with whom they were photographed. This public outrage forced the Prime Minister to hold his Minister accountable. Her firing restored public confidence in the government. Accountability is the essence of good governance. Good governance is the foundation of a democratic society.

In March 2016, inmates at the Georgetown Prison, Guyana’s main jail, rioted and burnt down part of the facility. 17 inmates…

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Tragedy beyond words at the Camp Street prison – Freddie Kissoon 

Tragedy beyond words at the Camp Street prison

Jul 10, 2017 Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon 

 What is a central prison doing in the heart of the city? Before we answer that let’s reason about the dark side of human nature. Convicts at age 30 are sentenced to eighty years in prison without chances of parole. Such persons would be willing to take heavy risks. They feel their lives are over and they will do desperate things. Why retain such persons in the central prison right in the heart of the capital?    Continue reading

UPDATES: Camp Street jail on fire – Monday 10 July 2017 – includes video

UPDATE: Camp Street jail on fire + video – Kaieteur News – 10 July 2017

– several inmates on the run, car hijacked    – prisons officers injured

One year after a fire killed 18 persons at the Camp Street jail, another blaze late today— deliberately set– has leveled several blocks in the prison compound. At least seven prison officers were either shot of chopped. Two were critical. Three prisoners were also hospitalized with gunshot wounds.  Continue reading

A World in Trouble: Drought, War, Food, Flight

A World in Trouble: Drought, War, Food, Flight

The disruptions of climate and conflict are sparking perilous global insecurity

Paul Rogers

Friday, July 07, 2017 by – by  Paul Rogers

 ‘What seems to be most significant today, and increasingly accepted within the FAO and other agencies, is that climate change is becoming a permanent reality affecting food supplies in many parts of the world. It is not something for the future, but is happening now.’ (Photo: Asian Development Bank/flickr/cc)

Six years ago there were fears of a transnational famine developing across much of eastern Africa. At least 11 million people were at risk in what might have been the worst disaster of its kind since the early 1970s (see “A world in hunger: east Africa and beyond“, 21 July 2011).     Continue reading

London: Grenfell fire: Scenes in flats ‘apocalyptic’, says coroner – BBC news

Grenfell fire: Scenes in flats ‘apocalyptic’, says coroner

July 5, 2017 – BBC News

The scene inside Grenfell Tower is “apocalyptic”, a coroner told angry survivors calling for more details.

During a three-hour meeting with Dr Fiona Wilcox, survivors asked for information about the missing, but were told the “recovery phase” could last until the end of the year.

Police also faced questions as to why there had not as yet been any arrests.

It comes after officials said all survivors who want to be rehoused had been offered temporary accommodation.

The fire on 14 June killed at least 80 people, although police say the final toll will not be known for many months.

The meeting was held at the Olympia conference centre in West Kensington on Tuesday evening.  [Read more]


Also look at: Images for Grenfell Tower <  click

‘We Want Justice’: Prime Minister Forced to Flee as Londoners Protest Deadly Fire

‘We Want Justice’: Prime Minister Forced to Flee as Londoners Protest Deadly Fire

“People should be held to account,” said Labour MP David Lammy

In the wake of the deadly fire that devastated residents of London’s Grenfell Tower—a fire believed to have been caused in part by government neglect and design flaws stemming from an effort to make the building look nicer to appease the wealthy—hundreds took to the streets on Friday to demand swift action from the British government.

Prime Minister Theresa May was close to the scene, but she soon had to be “rushed away under heavy police guard” as protesters chanted “May must go!” and “Shame on you!” Reuters reported.     Continue reading

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