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Business Expo opens in Guyana

Business Expo opens in Guyana

business expo

Acting President, Moses Nagamootoo in the presence of other ministers, cuts the traditional ribbon to officially open Business Expo 2015

All Guyanese must tap into economic space-Gaskin

ACCESS to Guyana’s economic space, which facilitates an engine for development through commercial activities must be available and enjoyed by all Guyanese, says Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin.

He was at the time speaking at the opening of the inaugural Small Business Exposition which is being held at the Sophia Exhibition Centre, under the theme: “Guyanese Products and Services: Our gateway to the good life.”

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The New Great Game Between China and the US – commentary

Published on Monday, November 23, 2015 by TomDispatch – by Pepe Escobar

The New Great Game Between China and the US

Will chess, not battleship, be the game of the future in Eurasia?

China’s road map is illustrated in their ambitious, recently unveiled 13th Five-Year-Plan, translated into a pop-video version, the Shisanwu. (Image: Screenshot/Shisanwu)

The U.S. is transfixed by its multibillion-dollar electoral circus. The European Union is paralyzed by austerity, fear of refugees, and now all-out jihad in the streets of Paris. So the West might be excused if it’s barely caught the echoes of a Chinese version of Roy Orbison’s “All I Have to Do Is Dream.” And that new Chinese dream even comes with a road map.   Continue reading

GUYANA – Latest News from various sources – November 22, 2015

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 22 November 2015  –  Kaieteur News  

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GUYANA – Capitol TV News Videos – 18 November 2015

Capitol TV logoGUYANA – Capitol TV News Videos – 18 November 2015

  • No real VAT relief yet for consumers
  • UG students seeking facilities fees refund
  • New vendors face city fees
  • President Granger signs book of condolence for French terror victims
  • Criminals told beware
  • Teachers Union anxious to have agreement honoured
  • Sports

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Britain and India – Marriage à-la-Modi – commentary

Britain and India – Marriage à-la-Modi

A close relationship gets cosier, but the visiting leader’s real audience is back home

IT SHOULD be a welcome like no other. On November 13th India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, is due to get the rock-star treatment at Wembley stadium in London when about 55,000 people turn out to hear him speak.
The organisers claim that this will not only be the biggest overseas reception so far for the jet-setting premier, topping even last year’s appearance at Madison Square Garden in New York, but also Britain’s largest-ever welcome for a visiting leader (minus popes). The warm embrace is not surprising: of the 1.5m or so people of Indian origin in Britain, almost half are Gujarati, hailing from Mr Modi’s home state.

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GUYANA – Latest News from various sources – November 15, 2015

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 15 November 2015  –  Kaieteur News 

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INVEST GUYANA 2015 – Guyana’s Premier Investment Magazine

iNvest Guyana 2015 Brochure

iNvest Guyana 2015 Magazine

View/Download: INVEST GUYANA 2015 – Magazine

Invest in Guyana and “Grow with the Opportunity”  

In this our third edition of INVEST GUYANA we welcome and introduce a new Government in Guyana which is charting a new course for Guyana’s development over the next five years. It has committed to ensuring continued economic growth and sustainable development and a drive towards a green economy. The recently released National Budget as presented by the new Minister of Finance has projected continued annual economic growth which will be led by major investments by the Government in the improvement and development of the national infrastructure.   Continue reading

Rural Caribbean Tourism: A New Opportunity? | Caribbean and Latin America News

Rural Caribbean Tourism: A New Opportunity? | Caribbean and Latin America News


Jarabacoa in La Vega province in the DR.

By David Jessop

News Americas, LONDON, England, Fri. Nov. 6, 2015: One of my abiding memories of travelling in the Dominican Republic is of staying in a remote and beautiful mountainous area above Jarabacoa in La Vega province.

For those who have never had the good fortune to visit the country’s central range of mountains, these are largely lush and tropical, but their high elevation — 525m and more above sea level — means that they have warm days and cool nights for most of the year.

What made this special for me was that I, a visitor, stayed in a house owned by friends that was located in and above a rural community. It was magical.     Continue reading

A service driven Chinese economy – bad news for Western economies – video

Published on Oct 31, 2015

Check Keiser Report website for more:
In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how a service driven Chinese economy could spell bad news for Western economies but how a two-child policy could save the global property ponzi for another generation. In the second half, Max interviews Dan Collins of about the latest news with the Chinese economy, its crackdown on corruption and its increasing role in the global economy.

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 29 October 2015

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 29 October 2015  –  Kaieteur News 

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2014 Auditor General Report …Over $100M remains unaccounted for on certain eco-tourism projects

OCTOBER 29, 2015 | FILED UNDER NEWS  – Guyana’s Audit Office and even the former Ministry of Amerindian Affairs (renamed the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs) are yet to see a single piece of evidence to support the proper spending of over $100M on certain eco-tourism projects. According to the Auditor General’s report for expenditure incurred last year, amounts totaling $119.505M were expended […]

NY says farewell to Guyanese-born cop

OCTOBER 29, 2015 | FILED UNDER NEWS — (New York Times) For the fourth time in less than a year, they gathered, rank-and-file New York City officers in their dress blue uniforms, colleagues from distant police departments, ordinary New Yorkers thrust into mourning by the killing of yet another officer. Some outside Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral in Queens on Wednesday wore colorful necklaces […]

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