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Guyana: ‘Dynamic’ prepares to return with New York flights

‘Dynamic’ prepares to return with New York flights

Dynamic International Airways is serious about returning to the skies of Guyana.

The US company which pulled out here late last year after bankruptcy issues, leaving passengers stranded and almost 200 persons jobless, has amended previously announced plans to offer scheduled service between the United States and China, in favour of flights to South America.     Continue reading

Guyana: Gold board moving towards minted gold coins

Guyana: Gold board moving towards minted gold coins

1977 Guyana Gold $100 being sold online

The Guyana Gold Board (GBB) has started the groundwork for the implementation of minted gold coins and ingots, allowing persons to make certified purchases similar to what can be obtained in the United States and other countries.

Chairman of the Board, Gabriel Lall, told Kaieteur News that the senior managers are working closely with both local and foreign companies to design and be ready to deliver for approval various designs for consideration and the associated cost for production.      Continue reading

Islamic Bank to make US$900 million available to support Guyana’s development

Photo: Jordan and Dr Shamir Ally, Guyana’s alternate governor to the IsDB at the Islamic Development Bank governors meeting in Tunis

By Ray Chickrie  – April 10, 2018 -Caribbean News Now contributor

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Guyana’s finance minister, Winston Jordan, who attended the annual Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) governors meeting in Tunis last week, revealed that the bank has offered Guyana US$900 million to support socio-economic and infrastructure development in form of mostly loans and grants.    Continue reading

Guyana’s Gold … Industry buckles down to harsh International Scrutiny

Brazil: Former Pres. Lula surrenders, begins 12-year sentence for corruption

Former Pres. Lula surrenders to police , begins 12-year prison sentence

Lula gives himself up to police


Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva turned himself in to police yesterday, ending a day-long standoff to begin serving a 12-year prison sentence for corruption that derails his bid to return to power.           Continue reading

Cuso International – Guyana: Volunteer Opportunities – April 2018

Guyanese Online has created a website for Cuso International – Guyana.

cuso-logoThe website  highlights the past an present projects of Cuso in Guyana. It also advertises the requirement for volunteers in present and future projects.

Here is the List of entries on the Cuso Guyana site:


Cuso International – Guyana:

Volunteer Opportunities – April 2018

  Click entries below to view them on the website  


Marketing Specialist

Location: Guyana

Brief Description: 12 Months | Start Date between May – Jul 2018


Website Advisor (online Volunteer)

Location: N/A

Brief Description: 3 Months | Start Date between Feb – Apr 2018


Policy-Legislation Advisor

Location: Guyana

Brief Description: 12 Months | Start Date between Jun – Aug 2018


Note: View previous advertisements on the Cuso International – Guyana website

Opinion: Stemming corruption in Guyana

Opinion: Stemming corruption in Guyana

 Apr 06, 2018  Editorial – Kaieteur News

Corruption became a culture in Guyana under the last administration. Its prevalence is evident in almost all state agencies and government departments. It is difficult to change the culture of any country which is embedded in the psyche of people, but the culture of corruption is the result of greed, and corrupt behaviour is determined by the relative strengths or weaknesses of institutions.

In order to reduce corruption in Guyana, the government must take extreme measures against offenders by sending them to jail. This will send a clear message that corruption would not be tolerated.     Continue reading

‘Trade Wars are Good’? 3 past conflicts tell a very different story

‘Trade Wars are Good’? 3 past conflicts tell a very different story

Marc-William Palen | The Conversation UK

A bilateral trade war appears to be in full swing.

China and the U.S.A. are trading targeted tariffs on each others’ goods. Threats of retaliation by key U.S.A. allies like Canada and the Eu ropean Union prompted President Donald Trump to exempt a large group of countries from the steel and aluminum duties it announced last month, which means they will likely hit China hardest.      Continue reading

The Coming Collapse of the American Economic System – Economist Richard Wolff- video

The Coming Collapse of the American Economic System –  Richard Wolff – interviewed by Chris Hedges

Published on Apr 1, 2018

CHINA launches Oil Futures: What March 26th, 2018 Will Mean to the Petrodollar – video

What March 26th, 2018 Will Mean to the Petrodollar – video

maneco64   Published on Mar 17, 2018
In this report I try to answer as best as possible the question of what the inception of the China yuan oil contract will mean to the petrodollar and the world’s monetary system.
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