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The View from Europe: The trajectory of history is changing – By David Jessop

The View from Europe: The trajectory of history is changing

By David Jessop – November 26, 2016
Opinion - commentary -analysis

David Jessop

David Jessop

Being able to identify the policy changes that will transform the future is normally far from easy. Arguably, however, in the week past, the remarks of two world leaders make plain how the trajectory of global history is about to change.

In a formal policy pronouncement on November 21, the US President-elect, Donald Trump, confirmed that on his first day in office he would sign a note of intent to leave the Trans Pacific Partnership, the Pacific Rim free trade agreement that does not involve China. Instead, he said, his administration would negotiate “fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back on to American shores”.     Continue reading

Canada At Risk of Sinking in Trump’s Political Tsunami

Friday, November 25, 2016 – By Antonia Zerbisias – Common Dreams

Canada At Risk of Sinking in Trump’s Political Tsunami

When economic waves come out of Washington, they rock Canada. Now, with the Donald Trump tsunami heading towards the White House, Canadians fear their already floundering economy could be sunk.

Pundits and politicians are already predicting the death of trade agreements between the two neighbours which, until recently, when China edged out Canada, ranked as each other’s top trading partners.
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Cuba – After Fidel Castro – analysis by The Economist

After Fidel Castro

The transition to a post-communist Cuba will now begin in earnest

THE statement was terse but its import was great. Late on the evening of November 25th in Havana, Cuba’s president, Raúl Castro, announced that his elder brother, Fidel, “commander-in-chief of the Cuban revolution”, had died at the age of 90.

Cubans woke up to the prospect of life without the man who dominated them and their country for more than half a century. In Miami, the dwindling hard core of anti-Castro exiles took to the streets of the district known as Little Havana in celebration. They had done so several times before over the past decade on rumours of his death. This time it was real.     Continue reading

Our Sacred Responsibility as Human Beings – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision


Protesters demonstrate against the Dakota Access oil pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation
North Dakota – United States – September 9, 2016
Photo Credit: Andrew Cullen / Reuters

My third quote for the ‘Three Quotes for Three Days’ challenge – an invitation from British author and blogger Frank Parker – comes from Tom Goldtooth, a Native American environmental leader and executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) since 1996. It’s an excerpt from his keynote address, “The Sacredness of Mother Earth,” at the Bioneers National Conference held on October 18-20, 2013.

The European concept of the natural world which has become a dominant concept worldwide – where knowledge and culture are property, with the attitude that commodities are to be exploited freely and bought and sold at will – has resulted in disharmony between beings and the natural world, as well as the current environmental crisis threatening all…

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Will India’s crackdown on high-value banknotes stop corruption? – Al Jazeera

Will India’s crackdown on high-value banknotes stop corruption?

Published on Nov 15, 2016 – Al Jazeera English

A week after the government of India withdrew high-value banknotes from circulation, millions are struggling to get cash.

Financial Abuse – The Assistant of Domestic Violence – By Yvonne Sam

In keeping with the International Day of Violence against Women.

Financial Abuse – The Assistant of Domestic Violence

By Yvonne Sam

Opinion - commentary -analysisWhen the word domestic violence is used or thought about, the general public usually thinks of physical abuse that gives rise to visible injuries to the victim. Sadly, this is only one type of abuse. There are several categories of domestic abuse, each of which carries its own calamitous consequences.  Lethality involved with physical abuse certainly places the victim at greater risk, but the long term annihilation of individuality that goes along with the other forms of abuse is truly significant and cannot be attenuated.  In essence and truth, or better still harsh reality, the physical, mental, and emotional consequences are well known, but less so are the financial costs of domestic violence.      Continue reading

What the world worries about – The Economist

What the world worries about



BREXIT in June, then Trump in November and next year the threat of Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s Eurosceptic party. Populism has rarely been so popular, and Western democratic and international institutions look increasingly fragile. A recent survey of 25 countries by Ipsos MORI, a pollster, reveals the widespread discontent on which populists have preyed. In Britain and America 60% and 63% of respondents said their country was on the wrong track. In perpetually disgruntled France, that figure is a whopping 89%.

The underlying causes of this dissatisfaction vary by country. Unemployment is the main worry in France, but not in Britain or America, where immigration and terrorism dominate. Germans, who will hold elections next year, fret about poverty and inequality. Those who vote for populist parties and politicians often focus on single issues at the expense of other problems. In Britain, less-educated white voters, who are suspected to have voted in droves for leaving the European Union, may find they suffer the most from an alternative settlement rather than full membership.

And convincing those who fail to see the benefits of the status quo can be difficult. In France, the proportion of people who worry about unemployment is five times the actual rate of the unemployed. In Britain, anxiety over immigration is more than three times higher than the percentage of the population who are immigrants. Telling voters that things they worry about are bad, but not as bad as they think, is unlikely to win over a sceptical public.

Suriname economy in deep recession, says IMF

Suriname economy in deep recession, says IMF

Suriname map

Click to enlarge

By Ivan Cairo – Caribbean News Now contributor – Published on November 21, 2016

PARAMARIBO, Suriname — The economic outlook for Suriname remains challenging, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said at the conclusion of its regular 2016 Article IV consultation. For 2016, a GDP contraction of 9 percent is projected, following a 2.7 percent contraction in 2015. The deep recession reflects a number of factors, including spillovers from the closure of the Suralco alumina plant and the contractionary impact of the fiscal adjustment.

The IMF’s mission chief for Suriname, Daniel Leigh, said at a press conference on Friday, that income from the Merian gold mine, which officially opened on Thursday, will support economic activity, and it is expected that the recession will ease in 2017. Inflation is projected to be 60 percent at end-2016 and to decline in 2017.      Continue reading

America’s cannabis industry prepares for new highs – The Economist

America’s cannabis industry prepares for new highs

Flat white joint to go

IN THE 1990s Snoop Dogg, a rapper, called cannabis “chronic”. The drug was illicit and cool. In 2016 Mr Dogg is a cannabis investor, and the drug is poised to earn another title: consumer staple.
On November 8th four states, including California, voted to approve recreational cannabis use. Four other states eased rules for medical marijuana. About three-fifths of America’s population lives in states that now allow cannabis use in some form.

So pot entrepreneurs face the thrilling prospect of normality. This week industry leaders were meeting in Las Vegas to discuss how the sector might expand. They have in prospect a vast, partially established market. More than 32m Americans already use cannabis. As the business becomes more normalised, it is sure to attract new customers.     Continue reading

Donald Trump Warns: The Biggest Stock Market Crash America Has EVER SEEN Is Coming!!

Donald Trump Warns: The Biggest Stock Market Crash America Has EVER SEEN Is Coming!!

Published on Sep 30, 2016 – Note the Date this was made

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump Believes the stock market bubble will burst BEFORE the Election! Something Very Scary Might Be About To Happen!

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