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Guyana needs an enlightened immigration policy – commentary

Guyana needs an enlightened immigration policy

Guyana needs to improve its immigration policies. Persons coming into Guyana do not feel welcome. They are made to feel that the country is doing them a favour by allowing them in. Guyana needs a friendly environment for its visitors.

The faces of our immigration officers are not very friendly. Sometimes they make you have second thoughts about coming to Guyana. But their job is difficult and the pay is poor, and therefore the service tends, generally, to be lousy.   Continue reading

Transaqua: The Project that Can Transform Africa – video

Transaqua: The Project that Can Transform Africa

LaRouchePAC Videos  –  Published on Sep 5, 2017
Meet the Transaqua Project, a plan to replenish Africa’s dwindling Lake Chad, and bring the 30 million people who live in the Lake Chad basin, into the 21st century. The project, many decades in the making, is now moving forward, thanks in large part to a commitment from China.

Why race in Brazil is a confusing, loaded topic – 2 videos

Why race in Brazil is a confusing, loaded topic

The Globe and Mail  –  Published on Aug 5, 2015
Jessica says she’s black. Her cousin says she’s white. Stephanie Nolen spends time with one family to find out just how complicated race in Brazil can be.
  • See the second video below ……   

Continue reading

Citizenship in the Caribbean: The five citizenship-by-investment programmes

Citizenship in the Caribbean: The five citizenship-by-investment programmes

Map of the Caribbean  – click to enlarge

By Yulia Kozhevnikova

: A review of citizenship-by-investment programmes in the Caribbean – Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Lucia
 By Yulia Kozhevnikova

Hurricanes Irma and Maria, two of the strongest Atlantic storms in history, caused massive destruction in the Caribbean. To support recovery efforts, Caribbean governments have already begun raising funds. In September, St Kitts and Nevis approved a new citizenship-by-investment programme. From 23 September 2017 to 31 March 2018, investors will be able to get citizenship by donating $150,000 to the Hurricane Relief Fund.     READ MORE

Brooklyn community benefits from citizenship initiative – By Tangerine Clarke

Brooklyn community benefits from citizenship initiative

Photo: Sen. Kevin Parker (second left) and State Assembly Member Rodneyse Bichotte (fourth left) with staff and volunteers of the CUNY Citizenship Now! initiative.

By Tangerine Clarke

A wide-cross section of Brooklyn residents came out in high numbers to take full advantage of services offered at the free annual CUNY Citizenship Now! Initiative, hosted by Sen. Kevin Parker on Saturday, Nov. 4 at the Flatbush YMCA.    Continue reading

Quebec needs to be aware – The issue of Racism will reappear – By Yvonne Sam

Quebec needs to be aware – The issue of Racism will reappear. Cancellation is not equal to Annulation.

By Yvonne Sam

Denying racism is the new racism (Bill Maher)

It is my sincere hope that there is no intent to sweep racism under the rug, as the emanating dust would be too much. My recent column Political Demission at the Quebec Human Rights Commission, enmeshed in Premier Couillard’s draconian decision to rename and reframe the Consultation on Systemic Discrimination and Racism is being revisited.     Continue reading

Canada’s ‘Welcome’ to immigrants has some unintended consequences

Canada’s ‘Welcome’ to immigrants has some unintended consequences

October 29, 2017-  NPR – Lulu Garcia-Navarro

Right after the U.S. election last year, Mike Tippett saw an opportunity. He’d been talking to his friends in Silicon Valley and they were nervous about the newly elected president’s attitude toward immigration.

“Many of the start-ups and technology companies in the States and across the globe are made up of people who are not necessarily from that country,” Tippett says.

Almost half of all American start-ups were actually founded by immigrants.

When Donald Trump took office, American tech companies worried that getting international employees work visas in the U.S. would get a lot harder. But Tippett had a solution to offer them: move to Vancouver.    Read more

What is really needed to make tourism a success in Guyana? – THAG President weighs in


What is really needed to make tourism a success in Guyana? – THAG President weighs in

THAG Head, Shaun McGrath

What prevents Guyana from achieving the same level of success in the tourism industry as its Caribbean counterparts? Is it really the absence of blue seas and white sand beaches? Is it the high crime rate and poor hospitality services? Or is the problem, way more complex than it appears on the surface?

President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) Shaun McGrath recently weighed in on this issue during an informative session at the inaugural business summit of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI).

According to McGrath, there is national recognition that tourism contributes between six and nine percent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and brings in a minimum of US $250 million in foreign currency every year.     Continue reading

The History of Russian Involvement in America’s Race Wars – Julia Ioffe | The Atlantic

The History of Russian Involvement in America’s Race Wars

From propaganda posters to Facebook ads, 80-plus years of Russian meddling.

Julia Ioffe | The Atlantic

According to a spate of recent reports, accounts tied to the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency — a Russian “troll factory” — used social media and Google during the 2016 electoral campaign to deepen political and racial tensions in the United States of America.

The trolls, according to an interview with the Russian TV network TV Rain, were directed to focus their tweets and comments on socially divisive issues, like guns.

But another consistent theme has been Russian trolls focusing on issues of race. Some of the Russian ads placed on Facebook apparently targeted Ferguson and Baltimore, which were rocked by protests after police killings of unarmed black men; another showed a black woman firing a rifle. Other ads played on fears of illegal immigrants and Muslims, and groups like Black Lives Matter.   Continue reading

“Let Me Try Again” – Poem by Immigrant Salvadoran Poet Javier Zamora

Three Worlds One Vision

Border Wall Nogales Mexico Arizona USA

U.S. Border Wall at Nogales, Mexico

My Poetry Corner October 2017 features the poem “Let Me Try Again” by Javier Zamora, an immigrant Salvadoran poet and educator who lives in Northern California. Born in 1990 in a small fishing town in El Salvador, he was a year old when his eighteen-year-old father fled the Civil War (1980-1992). Four years later, his mother joined his father, leaving him with his grandparents. At nine years old, unaccompanied by a family member and under the charge of other undocumented immigrants, ‘Javiercito’ made the treacherous journey to reunite with his parents in the United States.

In “The Shatter of Birds,” dedicated to Abuelita (granny), Zamora recalls her pain at losing him.

Javiercito, you’re leaving me tomorrow
when our tortilla-and-milk breaths will whisper
te amo. When I’ll pray the sun won’t devour
your northbound steps. I’m giving you this conch
swallowed with this delta’s waves

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