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Are you ready for corporate America’s robot economy? – By Jim Hightower

Are you ready for corporate America’s robot economy?

Robots are not our enemy – the corporate bosses, bankers and BSers who own robots are the ones doing this to us.

US$500M probe at GRDB…GBTI Directors, CEO heading to court

US$500M probe at GRDB…GBTI Directors, CEO heading to court as contempt charges filed 

Investigators have filed contempt charges against the Guyana Bank For Trade and Industry (GBTI) in a major case that will test the country’s capacity to handle financial crimes.

Yesterday (19 October 2017), a number of the bank’s directors were reportedly summoned to the Camp Road headquarters of the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), where top lawyers, including Nigel Hughes and Stephen Fraser, were also on the scene.

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Venezuela Rice Deal: US$500M GBTI contempt charges … DPP still no action

US$500M GBTI contempt charge…3 weeks later, DPP still to pronounce on charges against her lawyer

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Shalimar Ali-Hack, is facing a major dilemma. She is being asked to pronounce on a case against her own lawyer, Robin Stoby.

The bank is facing off, in a case of high stakes, against the police Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU).Stoby is the Chairperson of the Guyana Bank For Trade and Industry (GBTI), a major, privately-owned financial institution.

The unit has recommended contempt charges against Stoby and his seven directors for allegedly refusing to hand over details of transactions with the US dollar and other bank accounts of the state-controlled, Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB). Continue reading

Guyana and ExxonMobil: When a wrong is promoted as right – By Adam Harris

When a wrong is promoted as right – By Adam Harris


Oct 08, 2017  Features / Columnists, Adam Harris

There is a basic rule that states, “If something accrues from an illegality then that thing is also an illegality.” Simply put, you cannot do something wrong and claim that the end product is right. The end product may be acceptable but certainly not right.

Robin Hood was the epitome of doing something wrong and claiming that what he did was right because he would rob the rich and give to the poor. He was glorified. The society chose to ignore the wrong because the end result was what mattered to them. The Sheriff of Nottingham, however, wanted Robin Hood for the wrong.    Continue reading

Former U.S. president Obama speaks in Toronto; focuses on technological unemployment

Former U.S. president Obama speaks in Toronto; fans say they left ‘inspired’

The Canadian Press  – 

Former President Obama and Prince Harry at the Invictus Games in Toronto

TORONTO — Former U.S. President Barack Obama said Friday that closing borders won’t create future jobs because what’s changing industries like manufacturing are automation and artificial intelligence.

Obama told a Toronto luncheon on Friday 29 September, that the transition from an agricultural to an industrial economy happened over the course of 150 years, but that the technological revolution is happening in 20 years. He said it’s hard for governments to catch up to the pace of disruption.     Continue reading



Back then it was Red China.    Beijing was Peking.

Its ambitions were cocooning with sights set on the Western Hemisphere.

Now, some serendipity.

British Guiana becomes independent in 1966.

Then Chinese Premier Chou En-lai cabled then Prime Minister Forbes Burnham that he hoped “the people of your country achieve new success in the struggle to safeguard national independence and oppose colonialism and neocolonialism”….and instructed the Chinese press to emblazon its pages with a salute to Guyana and its people, welcoming them to the world of political freedom.   ………………    Six years went by.


Prime Minister Burnham ascended to President and was struggling to legitimize his Presidency and the Cooperative Socialism ideology he had adopted.  His political swing to the left cost him favor with the West and as punishment, the country lost volume in the export market.


Guyana’s President invites expatriates to invest for development

Guyana prez invites expats to invest for development

President David Granger

President David Granger told Guyanese at a meet and greet reception on Sept. 22, that Guyana needs ‘brains not barrels” and called on expatriates to investment in the development of their homeland, during an address at the midtown New York Princeton Club.

“We welcome your investments. We need your intellectual capital, with your help, we could become an important manufacturing country and not simply exporters of raw materials,” Granger told a packed audience of professionals, dignitaries and diplomats.      Continue reading

When money isn’t real: the $10,000 experiment | Adam Carroll | TEDx video

When money isn’t real: the $10,000 experiment | Adam Carroll | TEDx video

Adam Carroll talks about his $10,000 Monopoly game with his kids and how to teach finance management in a cashless society. Adam Carroll is quickly being recognized as one of the top transformational trainers in the country.     Continue reading

U.S. International Trade Update – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

US Total Imports & Exports of Goods & Services 2008-2016

During the past week, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) initiated events that will impact our trade relations with our top three trading partners—China, Canada, and Mexico.

On August 16th, USTR Robert Lighthizer opened the First Round of NAFTA Renegotiations with our Canadian and Mexican counterparts, a promise made by President Trump during his presidential campaign. In his Opening Statement, Ambassador Lighthizer noted:

This is a 23-year-old agreement and our economies are very different than they were in the 1990’s. We need to modernize or create provisions which protect digital trade and services trade, e-commerce, update customs procedures, protect intellectual property, improve energy provisions, enhance transparency rules, and promote science-based agricultural trade.

He pointed out that, while many Americans have benefited from NAFTA, “[w]e cannot ignore the huge trade deficits, the lost manufacturing jobs, the businesses that have closed or moved because of incentives — intended…

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USA: Why the deep state hates Putin – By Chris Kanthan

USA: Why the deep state hates Putin

Since World War II, America’s knee-jerk response to any diplomatic challenge has been to bully or bomb.

Russophobia in America today is as intense as it was at the height of Cold War when terrified school kids had “Duck and Cover” drills and the public was obsessed with bomb shelters. However, all the drama about Russian hacking and collusion are smokescreen. The real conflict is about geopolitical power struggle for world domination, which involves hundreds of trillions of dollars, massive egos of Machiavellian elites, and nations driven by memory of the past and visions of the future.
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