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“Listening to Members of the Diaspora, while in the Diaspora” – by Francis Quamina Farrier

“Listening to Members of the Diaspora, while in the Diaspora”

by Francis Quamina Farrier

Francis Quamina Farrier

Francis Quamina Farrier

The Guyana 50th Independence Anniversary Jubilee Party in the Diaspora, has already begun! I was recently in Maryland in the USA, and attended one of the pre-Jubilee Celebrations. It was held at the St. John’s Episcopal/Anglican Church in Mount Rainier, Maryland. The celebration was conducted in two phases; the Religious and the Civil. Guyanese, who are members of that church, have been celebrating Guyana’s Independence in that way, for many years.

Traditionally, this Independence Celebration is held on the Sunday closest to May 26. This year, it was brought forward to May 15, because many of those who attend St. John’s, will be in Guyana for the Big Celebration in the Motherland. There is much excitement in the cold air of Maryland, with those who have already bought their Air Tickets and made all the necessary arrangements for their visit to our “Dear Land of Guyana.” While some of them have been visiting regularly over the years, there are some who are returning to Guyana for the first time in decades.   Continue reading

Guyana: President David Granger Address to Parliament – May 14, 2016

GINA logoPresident David Granger Address to Parliament – May 14, 2016

INDEPENDENCE & RESILIENCE –  Our people’s path to economic progress

Here is the Full Text of the address by Pres. David Granger   << click here

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Ramotar accepts PM post in coalition government

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Ramotar accepts PM post in coalition government

April 1, 2016 | By | Filed Under News

As we inch closer to the 50th Independence anniversary, in a surprise move President

President David Granger and former President Donald Ramotar.

President David Granger and former President Donald Ramotar.

David Granger announced that former President Donald Ramotar is joining the coalition government.

Now, in a historic move by a sitting President, David Granger has announced that Ramotar has joined the coalition. His joining came after he accepted the office of Prime Minister in a Cabinet to be revamped.

Details have not been released as yet, but are expected to be known within days.  Early indications are that Moses Nagamootoo has agreed to be an associate to the Finance Minister and a Presidential Advisor.

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LOCAL GOVERNMENT – by Ralph Ramkarran – commentary


Posted on March 19, 2016 – Conversationtree blog

Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Once upon a time, during the colonial era, Guyana had a local government system that functioned. It emerged from the establishment of village democracy in estates purchased by freed slaves. It did not cover all of Guyana and its functions were limited. But legislation throughout the 20th century improved and expanded the local government and municipal systems. These became so well organized that there was a national body called the Guyana Association of Local Authorities, which had great influence in the early years of our modern political development.

Many might be tempted to attribute the destruction of Guyana’s local government system since 1970, or thereabouts, by the failure to hold no more than two elections since then, as a conspiracy between the main political parties. But it was not.    Continue reading

Guyana Local Government Elections Results 2016 – Unofficial – Stabroek News

Guyana Local Government Elections Results 2016 – Unofficial

ballot boxNote: GECOM – the Elections Commission will publish the official results later….

Preliminary results – Reported by Stabroek News

These results have been taken from polling stations visited by Stabroek News tonight (March 18, 2016), following the close of voting in the Local Government Elections.

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Guyana Government News Brief March 10, 2016

GINA logoGuyana Government News Brief – March 10, 2016

Bernie Sanders 1985-2016 – from the Rosaliene Bacchus Blog

Bernie Sanders 1985-2016. –  by Rosaliene Bacchus

As an independent at heart, Bernie Sanders has been consistent in his values and policies over the years. Are the American people ready to wake up and listen to him? Are Americans ready to change course?

Reblogged from THE ONENESS of HUMANITY:

Film clips of U.S. Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont through the years, from 1985 until today.


(Thank you to Separation of Corporation and State at YouTube)

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Guyana– Latest News from various sources – February 28, 2016

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 28 February 2016 – Kaieteur News

         (see other News sources at the end of this entry)

Western European cities top Quality of Living Ranking – Mercer


  • 23 February 2016  United Kingdom, London
  • Personal safety key factor in determining expat quality of living
  • Vienna ranks highest in overall quality of living 
  • Luxembourg ranks highest for personal safety; Baghdad lowest
  • London ranks 39th in overall quality of living in UK; 72nd in personal safety 

Despite recent security issues, social unrest, and concern about the region’s economic outlook, European cities continue to offer some of the worlds’ highest quality-of-living, according to Mercer’s18th annual Quality of Living survey. Safety, in particular, is a key factor for multinationals to consider when sending expatriate workers abroad, both because it raises concerns about the expat’s personal safety and because it has a significant impact on the cost of global compensation programmes.    Continue reading

EU deal gives UK special status, says PM David Cameron

EU deal gives UK special status, says PM 

February 19, 2016 – BBC News

David Cameron says a deal struck with EU counterparts will give the UK “special status” and is enough for him to recommend remaining in the union.

David Cameron says a deal struck with EU counterparts will give the UK “special status” and is enough for him to recommend remaining in the union.

The PM said the agreement, reached after drawn-out talks in Brussels, would include a seven-year “emergency brake” on welfare payments.

He added the deal included changes to EU treaties and would be presented to his cabinet on Saturday at 10:00 GMT.   Continue reading


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