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Guyana Government News Brief – May 22, 2017

GINA Guyana

Guyana Government News Brief – May 22, 2017

Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – May 23, 2017

News – 23 May 2017

Guyana’s oil may worth US$160B by 2020 – Surveys

Guyana’s oil may worth US$160B by 2020 – Surveys

If Guyana were to begin oil production now, the oil found so far would be worth anywhere between US$100B and US$108B. That calculation is based on the recent range of oil prices which bounce between US$50 and US$54 per barrel with consideration of the fact that ExxonMobil estimated Guyana’s oil found so far to be about two billion barrels.

However, with the figures being projected by experts, it seems as if the productions in the year 2020 augers well for Guyana.    Continue reading

Cabinet finalizing Diaspora Engagement Action Plan – Harmon

Cabinet Committee finalizing Diaspora Engagement Action Plan—Harmon
Posted by: Gary Eleazar – Demerara Waves – News May 22, 2017

Minister of State Joseph Harmon Monday (May 22, 2017) made the announcement as he addressed the opening ceremony of a one-week confab at the Guyana Pegasus aimed at facilitating a 10-man investment team from the diaspora currently in Guyana.

The ‘Go See Visit’ initiative was organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).      Continue reading

Water Pollution: ‘Land of Many Waters’ in danger of becoming historical footnote – GHRA

‘Land of Many Waters’ in danger of becoming historical footnote – GHRA

Gold-mining dredge

The Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) has commended the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) for its prompt action in issuing five cease and desist orders against gold-mining dredges on the Puruni River.
GHRA said this would come with promises of similar actions against others in the coming weeks.

“The accompanying announcement that a ‘multi-dimensional solution to a complex problem’ will be developed in the coming weeks opens up opportunities for  development of a more sustained response to protecting the life of Guyana’s major river systems.   Continue reading

Business is not bad. The businesses are moving out of Georgetown – Adam Harris

Business is not bad. The businesses are moving out of Georgetown

Adam Harris

President David Granger is bent on pursuing a programme that would ensure a good life for all. In the face of talk about unemployment there is increasing employment. It may not be recognized, but more people are working. The unfortunate thing is that people are still refusing jobs under the pretext that they do not want “that job.”

Many young people feel that they should all work in offices, even though they are not so qualified. So bent are they on getting what they want, that they do not take time to take what is available and work for what they want. Many do not even seek to enhance their qualifications. They seem stuck in what they have done.    Continue reading

Where is the Ruimveldt Independence Arch? – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Where is the Ruimveldt Independence Arch? – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Francis Quamina Farrier

Where is that super sleuth Sherlock Homes when you need him? The famous fictional English detective is very much needed here in Guyana at this time, to crack the cold case of, The MISSING RUIMVELDT INDEPENDENCE ARCH.

At this time of Guyana’s cold cases history, we need some help from the British, and we do have some help right now in the person of Russell Combe, a British Senior Security Sector Reform Adviser. Since his arrival in Guyana, the British Security Ace has been meeting with ministers of government and the country’s top brass in National Security, including the Police Force, the Defense Force and the Prison authorizes.    Continue reading

Guyana – Government News Brief – May 18, 2017

GINA Guyana

Guyana – Government News Brief – May 18, 2017

Guyana – Nurses’ migration considerably reduced – says Nurse Marva Hawker

Nurses’ migration considerably reduced

May 17, 2017 – Kaieteur News

– linked to wanting quality of professionals

Nurse Marva Hawker

 “People ain’t going nowhere; nobody ain’t want we now,” said veteran Nurse, Marva Hawker, as she addressed the wanting quality of some nurses that the public health system has produced over the years.

Hawker was recruited last year by the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation as a Nursing Mentor, in the deliberate quest to bring an end to the evident deficiency within the profession.

This has seen her working along with the Ward Manager, Supervisors and the nurses to guide them and ensure that they employ necessary remedial measures.

Continue reading

Guyana tourism hub potential is at Ogle not Cheddi Jagan airport, study reveals

Guyana tourism hub potential is at Ogle not Cheddi Jagan airport, study reveals

Published on May 11, 2017 – Caribbean News Now


Ogle airport

By Ray Chickrie – Caribbean News Now contributor

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — With a Category II rating of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Guyana will not be able to start and operate its own airline until all the deficiencies are corrected. However, this is not a major constraint holding back the development of tourism and attracting more visitors to Guyana.

A 2016 study titled, “Guyana Airlift Capacity,” by a Guyanese aviation expert, who wants to remain anonymous, concluded that “the hub potential is at Ogle and not at Cheddi Jagan International Airport.”

Read more: Guyana tourism hub potential is at Ogle

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