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Guyana – Capitol TV News Videos – 21 February 2017

Guyana – Capitol TV News Videos – 21 February 2017Capitol TV logo

No limit on business hours – Town Clerk 

Under fire, City Hall has come out refuting media reports that it will enforce a limit on business hours in the capital. The report stated that businesses operating in the city will be closed on weekdays, weekends and holidays at 4:30.p.m.  However; Town Clerk, Royston King labeled the report erroneous, absurd and aimed at deliberately ..

Region Nine REO interdicted from duty

Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan is disputing reports in some sections of the media that the Regional Executive Officer (REO) of Region Nine, Carl Parker is still on the job. Minister Bulkan told the Government Information Agency (GINA) on Tuesday, that Parker has been off the job for over one week, and that a replacement […]

Local contractor awarded bid to construct duplexes and condos

UK to help Guyana strengthen borders against smuggling and trafficking

Community based projects geared at reviving local commerce

Small Miners taking advantage of syndicate system implemented by MNRE

One dead in Timehri fire 

A 54-year-old man of Timehri, Public Road, East Bank Demerara perished in an early morning fire which completely gutted his house. Dead is Adam Shaw. Details are sketchy but Capitol News has learned that the man was an alcoholic and had days before threatened to set the property on fire. We will provide more details […]

Losing toddlers in fire biggest downfall for CPA in 2016- Director

Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CPA) Ann Greene said losing brothers, six-year-old Joshua George and two-year- old Antonio George, in a fire last year at the Children’s Drop-in Centre was the biggest downfall of the agency in 2016. The two brothers were housed at the centre on Hadfield Street, Georgetown …

Guyana needs clear strategy on spending oil earnings- UK envoy

 Guyana needs clear strategy on spending oil earnings- UK envoy

British High Commissioner to Guyana, Greg Quinn.

Britain says while Guyana appears to be progressing towards commercial oil production, there appears to be no clear indication on how the South American nation will spend some of the revenues.

High Commissioner to Guyana, Greg Quinn said Guyanese stakeholders need to discuss how the money should be spent on the social sectors and infrastructure while putting some of the earnings in a Sovereign Wealth Fund.    Continue reading

ExxonMobil’s development plans in Guyana – video

ExxonMobil’s development plans in Guyana – video

Published on Feb 22, 2017 

Ever wondered how Hydrocarbons formed? Are you curious about ExxonMobil’s development plans in Guyana? Then check out this video.

Guyana Government News Brief – February 21, 2017 – video

GINA Guyana

GINA Guyana

Guyana Government News Brief – February 21, 2017 – video

Guyana Republic Day Celebrations – New York Consulate – February 24, 2017

Download:  guyanarepubicdayflyer-2017


Guyana Government News Brief – February 20, 2017 – video

GINA Guyana

GINA Guyana

Guyana Government News Brief – February 20, 2017 – video

Jagdeo’s presidency is synonymous with corruption, extra-judicial killings and drug lords – AFC

Jagdeo’s presidency is synonymous with corruption, extra-judicial killings and drug lords – AFC

– Has no moral authority to judge any sitting govt

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

Since Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo’ has a remarkable legacy of failure to his name then he has no place awarding any grade to the performance of the APNU+AFC Government.

The AFC stated that it finds the “F” grade to be devoid of objectivity or fairness. It said that this move however fits with the far-right extremist approach and utter desperation that Jagdeo has adopted in dealing with matters as Opposition Leader.   This comment was made by the Alliance For Change (AFC) last night. Its statement was in wake of the “F” Grade recently handed out to the administration by Jagdeo.

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Guyana: Justice must be free from undue delay and influence

Justice must be free from undue delay and influence

Letter By Shakoor Maharaj

Dear Editor:
letters to the editor logo
Chief Justice (ag), Yonette Cummings-Edwards and outgoing Chancellor of the Judiciary (ag), Justice Carl Singh, proudly cut the ribbon to formally re-open the Sparendaam Magistrates Court (see below)  which had been closed for almost a year to facilitate the construction of a new building, citing that two Magistrates will now preside to deal with the backlogs. What about other judicial and magisterial districts? Are the residents of Lethem and Bartica, for example, not entitled to speedy justice also? What about public disclosures, tenders and advertisements concerning the costs and allocation of this public works contract? We deserve public accountability.  

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Barbados: Economy Between a Rock and a Hard Place With General Elections Looming

Barbados Underground

Submitted by Inkwell

barbados-election-map-2013 2013 Final Electoral Map, the government won by a 2 seat margin

1. Consider this argument. The Central Bank (CB) Governor has refused to print any more money for the Minister of Finance (MOF). The MOF needs printing to continue to pay civil servants and keep Government running. If the Government can’t pay the civil servants this month, all hell will break loose. Therefore the CB Governor has to be fired so that somebody who will agree to print the money can be appointed. These delays being granted by the High Court are making the MOF nervous. Time is of the essence. But Jeez, if the printing continues, the economy will only get sicker.

2. Foreign reserves are at an all-time low and heading further south, and with the poor tourist season we are now having, not much hope for recovery. The Government can’t even put its…

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CARICOM Heads Meet Again: Will Anything Change? All Talk No Action? + calypso

CHALKDUST – A Trinidadian Calypsonian, summed it up in a Calypso in 1986, in the time of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, and when George Chambers was Trinidad’s Prime Minister. He was calling then for Caribbean Unity.…  Here is his Calypso.

Chalkdust – Sea Water And Sand – Calypso -1986

More on Dr. Hollis Urban Lester Liverpool, aka Chalkdust below:

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