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“THE LOTTERY TICKETS” – Short story by Royden V. Chan 1995


Short story by Royden V. Chan 1995

Tumereng Landing 1960 Mazaruni River Guyana

According to the Buddha, man himself is the maker of his own destiny. He has none to blame for his lot since he alone is responsible for his own life. He makes his own life for better or for worse.

When you read the tale of Aubrey and Elsie Robinson, you can decide if this is true or if we are powerless pawns manipulated by conditions and circumstances beyond our control.


Book: JOURNEY BACK to WATOOKA – A Story Of Guyana – By Steve Connolly

Book: JOURNEY BACK to WATOOKA  A Story Of Guyana

By Steve Connolly

Journey with the author back to the remarkable country and rainforest village of his birth after more than 63 years. Experience highlights of his life as he encounters seemingly innumerable people of six races: pilots, engineers, politicians, government VIPs, clergy, educators, writers, artists, conservationists, policemen, biologists, beauty queens, commoners and many more.

Including these and those who have figured prominently much earlier in the country’s history, over 800 names are given mention, many of whom have been major achievers both at home and internationally.

Read more: JourneyBackToWatooka- Steve Connolly

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Journey Back to Watooka – Initial Book Launching Events – JBtW Book Launch Events\

Poetry and Prose Competition – Pakaraima Writers Asso. – submit by June 15, 2018   

Guyanese and friends of the Caribbean Literary Forum

Poetry-Prose Competition

Through the generous support of patrons, the Pakaraima Writers Association is exhilarated to announce a Poetry-Prose Competition which is being held in 2018 in Ontario, Canada.  Participants must be of the first generation Guyanese Canadians attending full-time Grade 11 or Grade 12 Secondary School.

Participants are asked to compose their poems or prose depicting how they see/feel being a descendant of Guyanese heritage.                                   

Submission Guidelines

  • Deadline:  Entries must be submitted by June 15, 2018   

READ MORE: Poetry and Prose Competition – Pakaraima Writers Association

The Decade of the Forties in British Guiana (Guyana) – By the late Godfrey Chin + video

The Decade of the Forties in British Guiana (Guyana)

Godfrey Chin Website Link

Godfrey Chin – “Nostalgias”

By the late Godfrey Chin

While some of this was before our time, we may have heard some of the stories from our parents or grand-parents!

Please feel free to share – Ya thin it easy! The Decade of the Forties – like milk – can truly be called ‘half and half. During the first half, the World on the Road to Ruin – the second half was on the Road to Recovery. In my Homeland British Guyana, the Forties was ‘Our Age of Innocence’.       Continue reading

Book: The Girl from the Sugar Plantation – By Sharon Maas

The Girl from the Sugar Plantation: A gripping and emotional family saga of love and secrets (The Quint Chronicles) – By Sharon Maas

An unputdownable story of a woman in search of the truth, the man she falls in love with, and the devastation of the Second World War.

1934, Guyana. All her life, Mary Grace has wanted to know the truth about who her parents really are. As the mixed-race daughter of two white plantation owners, her childhood has been clouded by whispered rumours, and the circumstances of her birth have been kept a closely guarded secret…

Aunt Winnie is the only person Mary Grace can confide in. Feeling lost and lonely, her place in society uncertain, Mary Grace decides to forge her own path in the world. And she finds herself unexpectedly falling for charming and affluent Jock Campbell, a planter with revolutionary ideas.   Continue reading

Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – October 14-17, 2017

News – 17 October 2017

Trinidad oil spill pushes Guyana to demand commitments from ExxonMobil

Govt. lacks strategic planning, vision at highest level – says IDB

US$500M GBTI contempt charge…3 weeks later, DPP still to pronounce on charges against her lawyer

Charity group digs deep to aid the less fortunate

Alleged Republic Bank robbers granted $500,000 bail each

Berbice official critical of badly-parked vehicles, paddy drying on roadways

President David Grainger exhorts at World Food Day…There must be zero hunger!

Second crop of paddy prices up to $3,300 per bag – GRDB  

….… See more News Links below  ……  

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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – October 10-12, 2017

News – 12 October 2017

US$500M probe at GRDB… GBTI should have complied with court order- Central Bank

Weeping trio arraigned for brutal murder of senior citizens

US Govt. objects to Bisram’s court request to delay extradition decision

Business Summit ignores foreign products domination in Guyana

‘Grey Boy’ gets 3 months for threatening Crum-Ewing’s mom

Private Sector has major role to play in wealth creation, job employment – President Granger

….… See more News Links below  ……            Continue reading

Guyanese author unveils ‘The Guyana Contract’ at home in Guyana

Guyanese author unveils ‘The Guyana Contract’ at home in Guyana

By Tangerine Clarke- Caribbean Life News – 10 October 2017

Journalist and author, Rosalind Kilkenny McClymont, chose her homeland of Guyana, on Oct. 4, to launch her latest book “The Guyana Contract”.

The book is a suspense / international thriller, set against the backdrop of power, influence, greed and a developing country’s economic plight, where people clash while discovering their true selves, and some find love.   MORE

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