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Global Water Crisis Looms Large – By Dr. Mercola

Global Water Crisis Looms Large

By Dr. Mercola

Favella in Rio de JAneiro

Favella in Rio de Janeiro

  • The Summer Olympic Games have brought renewed attention to Brazil’s water pollution problem; 30 percent of the sewage lines in Rio de Janeiro are exposed, allowing raw sewage to flow openly through the streets
  • Contamination of water supplies around the globe has increased the cost of water treatment by 50 percent in some areas, making it increasingly difficult to provide safe drinking water
  • Two primary contributors to water contamination and treatment costs are farms operating in areas that supply water to surrounding cities, and large numbers of people living on and around underground watersheds

Clean, pure water — in sufficient amounts — is one of the most important foundations for optimal health.  In the USA  for instance, …..    Continue reading

Real Guyana: “The Poisoned City” – Garbage Disposal – a full feature video

Real Guyana – “The Poisoned City” – Garbage Disposal – a full feature video

Published on Oct 12, 2016 – Real Guyana video

I want to tell you a story about the air we breathe. This story is about Guyana’s failure over the course of 20 years and now 5 presidents to find an effective solution to its solid waste problem despite intervention and assistance from organizations such as the IDB. For a look my review of the Georgetown Sanitation Improvement Program also executed with help of an IDB loan you can check the channel for Sewage and the City Parts one and two. In this feature I hope to provide insight into why efforts at establishing a functioning sanitary landfill and waste to energy project have had no success in two decades and counting.

With a focus on the history of the Haags Bosch Sanitary Landfill let’s take a look at how the coastal population shoulder the ultimate burden from the environmental and health impacts this failure has had and is having up to the present day. We’ll examine whether a billion dollar out of court settlement made by the new APNU coalition government with BK international is in the public’s best interest and take a look at how best we can end our run as One People with a very toxic destiny if there is no immediate intervention.

Who is at fault for the toxic plume of smoke drifting into the city at dawn every morning? Is there something about Guyanese culture that condemns us to struggle with this issue? How could this all be linked to cancer rates in the country and what does the future hold if we take the right steps now? Let’s take a trip back in time and work or way forward to the present lest we forget the lessons of the past and condemn ourselves and our children to a bleak future.

To contemplate the scale and longevity of this issue is to wonder why headlines speak of billion dollar settlements and justifications instead of criminal charges and class action lawsuits. Have a look at the evidence and make up your own mind. No human being and no child brought into this world should have to live with the injustice of having their lives shortened by toxic plumes of smog we are well within our means to both rectify and avoid in the future. Take a stand for transparency, against corruption and take a stand for the quality of the air we breathe. Take a stand for each other and it is possible to do this all with a commitment to peace and understanding.

Subscribe to the channel to be first in the loop when I post and to support content creation in a tangible way please feel free to use the fan funding feature on the channel. There is much more to shed light upon and I have important stories to bring you from Guyana’s hinterland so I have activated this option on the page to offset the high cost of travel and equipment as I view this work as public service. In return Real Guyana will be able to expand its reach and I will keep delivering content. In closing, I am grateful to those of you that help share these posts to assist with public awareness. The collective has succeeded at getting the dress code abolished or relaxed at many public institutions and I believe we can similarly succeed in bringing an end to this particular toxic situation. Leave your comments below to add to the discussion and share to help raise awareness of this pressing issue. Over to you…

Disclaimer: Any works contained herein such as videos meant to demonstrate recycling techniques are used under the fair usage policy of the copyright for educational purposes. The authors retain their respective copyrights.

How Guyana is trying to combat its high suicide rate – By Gemma Handy – BBC News

How Guyana is trying to combat its high suicide rate

  • The Guyana Foundation plans to establish more centres like the one in Zorg-En-Vlygt

    The Sunrise Center aims to help drive down Guyana’s high suicide rates

Chattering amiably, heads bent over plugs and wires, enthusiasm among students in the electrical installation class is palpable.

The bright welcoming venue, framed by rice paddies, looks the picture of pastoral contentment. But behind its creation lies an unsettling reality.

This upbeat community centre was built to address the devastating number of suicides both here on the scenic Essequibo Coast – and in Guyana itself, which holds the dubious distinction of the highest suicide rate in the world.     Continue reading

BC Organization of Caribbean Cultural Associations – Caribbean Culture Expo

British Columbia Organization of Caribbean Cultural Associations

bcoccaCaribbean Culture Expo

By Grafton Rouse

Grafton Rouse is a nurse from Barbados.   He is Program Coordinator for the Caribbean Community Health Support Group which is a standing committee within the British Columbia Organization of Caribbean Cultural Associations.

They did it, they did it, yes, they did it. The British Columbia Organization of Caribbean Cultural Associations (BCOCCA) held its first Caribbean Culture Expo on October 1st, 2016 at the Allan Emmott Center in Burnaby. With the help of a small grant from the British Columbia Government BCOCCA was able to plan and organize an event which allowed Caribbean nations to showcase their culture in the form of music, art and food. This was the first event of its kind and many people who attended were so pleased with what they saw that they said this should become an annual event.      Continue reading

Cancer Awareness – HEROC (NY) – Trip to Guyana – October 22-29 , 2016

The Health & Education Relief Organization for Cancer – (H.E.R.O.C.)

brest-cancerH.E.R.O.C is New York State Incorporated and a 501©(3) organization.  We support Cancer Awareness and the American Cancer Society. In celebration of the third year of our formation, we are embarking on our Inaugural Trip to Guyana departing on October 22nd. Our Team will participate in the following events in Georgetown.

  • On October 26th, we will host a Look Good-Feel Better session with Dr. Latoya Gooding at the Oncology Center at the Georgetown Hospital. This will consist of a Power Point Presentation on Pre and Post Care, Nutrition, Wellness and a day of Hair Care, Manicures and Pedicures.  Most importantly, a testimonial from a young Guyanese Cancer Patient currently being cared for in New York by us and her journey through stage 4 Breast Cancer. Each attendee will receive a gift bag with customized goodies for their well-being.

Continue reading

Caribbean Life News Update – October 10, 2016

Caribbean Life

Trauma center sends mental health team to Haiti


A local mental health and trauma center is deplo­ying a team of mental health specia­lists to Haiti in response to Hurri­cane Matthew.

 Carib­bean: Rethi­nking progress in sustai­nable develo­pment era


UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 19, 2016 (IPS) – Carib­bean count­ries make a special case for develo­pment. The high and incre­asing exposure to hazards, combined with very open and trade-depen­dent econo­mies with limited diversif­ication and competit­iveness portray a struct­urally and environm­entally vulne­rable region, composed, in the most part, of middle income count­ries.

Continue reading

Changes for the Better in Jubilee Georgetown – by Francis Quamina Farrier


by Francis Quamina Farrier – for Guyanese Online

 Francis Quamina Farrier

Francis Quamina Farrier

After fifty years of Independence, many improvements which discerning citizens had dreamed for our Capital City are far from having been achieved. Some citizens have been openly voicing their disappointment at the lack of a twenty first century clean capital city. However, it must be stated that there are many citizens of our fair city, who have kept the faith during the long years of massive garbage, doing the right thing even when all else seemed to have been lost. They never gave up. They never flinched. They are the unsung heroes and heroines of Georgetown.  Continue reading

Parental anger grows as ‘Children are bored out of their skulls with real life’- commentary

Why parents are getting angrier: ‘Children are bored out of their skulls with real life’

By Nicola Skinner – The Guardian UK


Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher shows parents how to deal with their rage. He’s busier than ever – partly because children would rather be on social media or gaming

It’s hard to know the difference between parenting and bullying,” admits Matt, father of two and one of a growing number of parents seeking help to control what they see as unacceptable levels of anger towards their children. Matt is an articulate and successful self-employed businessman in his 40s. After he split up from their mother five years ago, his two sons, then 11 and 14, started to act up by answering back, skipping homework, drinking and taking drugs. It marked the start of a phase of intense anger for Matt, who eventually sought help.      Continue reading

MORE DEATHS DUE TO STRAY ANIMALS – by Francis Quamina Farrier

MORE DEATHS DUE TO STRAY ANIMALS – by Francis Quamina Farrier

 Francis Quamina Farrier

Francis Quamina Farrier

Three Guyanese who today, should have been alive and well, and continuing to make their contributions to this our Native Land Guyana, in this Jubilee Year, are now DEAD; recent victims of three separate Traffic Crashes just a few days apart. DEAD are Deodat Singh, Richard Rammarace and Ramesh Singh. The similarity of their untimely demise, is that all three lost their lives on the Corentyne Coast Public Road, while in vehicles which crashed into stray horses.

The problem of stray animals roaming unfettered on public streets and roads all across Guyana, has been around in this country for many years, and it seems not to be addressed in a permanent way, by those in charge of public roadways. Many human lives have been lost in Traffic Crashes brought about by stray animals, and to the best of my knowledge, not a single owner of the offending animals, has been made to face the consequence of the death of someone, due to the carelessness they have displayed in the control of their animals.     Continue reading

Guyana: Vigil Against Violence – World Suicide Prevention Day – Sept 10, 2016

Vigil Poster

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