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Suicide has to be a polygon….And here is another side – By Ron Persaud

Suicide has to be a polygon….And here is another side

By Ron Persaud

Opinion - commentary -analysis        My earliest context of the word was “high drama”. The adults in my life discussed tragedy in a manner of a ‘perai frenzy’ at the scent of blood in the water. Suicide, occasional to be sure, raised headlines and was the subject of discussion from the market pave to the cake shop which my paternal grandmother  operated.

“Bhajee” must have been a well known personality in Albuoystown; because, when he ‘drank poison’ everyone seemed to remember some event centering  around him and his dog(s).

“Manoo” was a goldsmith; and in this instance, I began to learn about the deadly ‘potash’ and ‘arsenic’. The latter, I heard as “horse nick” – subject for much derision! History was to repeat itself when I proudly labeled a container “Life Salt”. It should have been ‘Lysol’ – of course! Or “Jeyes Fluid”, which you can correctly guess, I heard as “J. S. Fluid”. More derision, at my expense.  Continue reading

How to have sex with the same person for the rest of your life + TED video

How to have sex with the same person for the rest of your life + TED video

In the first of Guardian Family’s ‘How to …’ series, we look at ways to keep things exciting in the bedroom (or at your partner’s place of work) – Saturday 16 April 2016

2 Spending too much time with your partner may be the problem. Do romantic weekends make you feel really unromantic and panicked? Seeing someone all the time is not sexy after the first few months. It leads to something called habituation, which must be avoided at all costs if you want to continue having sex with your partner. Continue reading



By  Hubert  Williams

snow       Newton, Massachusetts, April 5, 2016 — After exulting for three months in the tropical pleasures of Barbados in the Eastern Caribbean, followed immediately by a fabulous week in the splendour of the Sandos Playa del Carmen Resort on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, I had no enthusiastic welcome for this weekend’s springtime snowfall in the U.S. northeast.

At least one has to admit that the professional meteorologists were absolutely spot on with their forecast that there would be snowfall on Sunday and Monday, April 3 and 4.

That came as a surprise to me, and I quizzed myself as to what was I doing back in Massachusetts if there is to be resumption of wintertime conditions.     Continue reading

Mahaica’s ‘mad scientists’ make mosquito repellent from Katahar flower


Dolly Sooknanan, teacher Jaishree Nanku, and Darshanie Nanhu are pictured with their winning trophies at the display counter for the repellent

Mahaica’s ‘mad scientists’ make mosquito repellent from Katahar flower

“Katahar” is an Indo-Guyanese Creole word that carries the idea of nothingness. If someone were to tell you you’re a Katahar, they are really dismissing you as worth nothing.

The vegetable named Katahar is, however, not to be dismissed. Curried Katahar, added to other curries with dhall and rice, is a must-have in good seven-curry, the dish mainly served at Hindu religious events.   Continue reading

Another Side of Suicide: The Strange History of Punishing the Deceased – by Rosaliene Bacchus

Another Side of Suicide: The Strange History of Punishing the Deceased

by Rosaliene Bacchus

 Click to visit the original postMy blogger friend, Dr. Gerald Stein, has posted an interesting summary on the strange history of suicide. Despite religious and other prohibitions to what was once termed “self-murder”, those who sought to end their lives found a way.

  • Would you talk to a casual acquaintance about suicide? Probably not. Such weighty conversations most often occur with someone intimate  — a therapist or close friend. Without such discussion, full knowledge of suicide becomes difficult. Moreover, even those who understand the psychology of suicide are unlikely to know its history. They are unaware, for example, that suicide victims in Europe during the Middle Ages were often punished for the act of self murder.   Continue reading

Why do we still have daylight saving time?

Why do we still have daylight saving time?

In 1784, Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter published in the Journal of Paris, in which he claimed he was perplexed that the sunrise preceded his own waking time at 6 a.m. If he – and everyone else – rose alongside the sun and went to bed earlier, they would be able to conserve hours of expensive candle use.  [Read more]

Renowned Medical Practitioner, Dr. Frank Denbow, is a ‘Special Person’

Renowned Medical Practitioner, Dr. Frank Denbow, is a ‘Special Person’

MARCH 6, 2016 | BY | By Sharmain Grainger

“If you care enough about people (as a medical practitioner) then you will want to have as much knowledge about what you are doing so that you can help them even more.”

Dr. Frank Denbow

Dr. Frank Denbow

Anyone who ventures into the field of medicine primarily because of his or her love for humanity is definitely an individual worthy of recognition. It is for this reason that we have chosen Dr. Frank Denbow, a well-respected medical practitioner for many years, to be this week’s ‘Special Person’.
Although he migrated to the United States several years ago, currently practices as an Internist and is very involved in things cardiology in New Jersey, United States, Dr. Denbow has a keen interest in Guyana. And this is with good reason too, since he is a Guyanese by birth, and one who offered years of medical service to his homeland before migrating, and continues to find ways to do so.  Continue reading

What really happens when you mix medications? – by Russ Altman -TED video

What really happens when you mix medications? – by Russ Altman

 If you take two different medications for two different reasons, here’s a sobering thought: your doctor may not fully understand what happens when they’re combined, because drug interactions are incredibly hard to study.

In this fascinating and accessible talk, Russ Altman shows how doctors are studying unexpected drug interactions  using a surprising resource: search engine queries.  View video…. Continue reading

Released: List of Brazilian companies fined for using slave labor

Three Worlds One Vision

Charcoal Kiln Slave Laborer in Brazil

Slave Worker – Charcoal Kiln – Brazil
Photo Credit: Ministry of Labor

Made possible through the Access to Information Act, on February 5, 2016, the Brazilian National Institute Pact for the Eradication of Slave Labor (InPACTO) released the Ministry of Labor’s updated blacklist of 340 companies fined for maintaining workers under slave-like conditions. While agricultural enterprises make up the large majority, textile and construction companies operating in urban areas are not far behind.

Since 2003, the Ministry of Labor began publishing its annual “Laundry List,” as it is known, to deter companies from using slave labor. The blacklist reveals the identity of the owner, business name with registration number, and address. Those blacklisted cannot obtain government loans and participate in public auctions. Under the National Pact for the Eradication of Slave Labor of 2005, they also face private sector boycott of their products and services.

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Guyana 411- Budget allocations for Health, Education and Infrastructure – video

Guyana 411 – February 19, 2016 – Budget allocations for Health, Education and Infrastructure


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