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Jamaica decriminalizes marijuana use- Rastafarians celebrate! + video


Jamaica decriminalizes marijuana use- Rastafarians celebrate!

News Americas, KINGSTON, Jamaica, Thurs. Feb. 26, 2015: Members of the Rastafarian community across Jamaica can now burn “their herb” without fear of being arrested by the Jamaican police.

A new law passed through the country’s parliament decriminalizes the possession of small amounts of marijuana for religious, medicinal and therapeutic purposes, a move that will no doubt ease decades of tension between the government and especially the Rastafari community.

Many took to Twitter to celebrate, calling it a “special day for all Rastafarians in Jamaica.Continue reading

Climate Disruption: Thought of the Week – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Originally posted on Three Worlds One Vision:

Global Divestment Day – February 2015
Source: Go Fossil Free Movement

Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement

The fossil fuel divestment movement, now in more than 60 countries, is having exactly the impact we hoped it would. By acting together, we’ve made sure that not a week goes by without a university, local government, faith group, medical association, or heavyweight institution divesting from those companies that are driving the climate crisis.

~ Katie & the Fossil Free team, Go Fossil Free

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Guy Winch: Why we all need to practice emotional first aid – TED video


Guy Winch: Why we all need to practice emotional first aid

Guy Winch

Guy Winch

 17:24 minutes · Filmed Nov 2014 · Posted Feb 2015 · TEDxLinnaeusUniversity

We’ll go to the doctor when we feel flu-ish or a nagging pain. So why don’t we see a health professional when we feel emotional pain: guilt, loss, loneliness? Too many of us deal with common psychological-health issues on our own, says Guy Winch.  Continue reading

Fixing Things – at the University of Guyana (UG)

Fixing things – at the University of Guyana (UG)

Stabroek News – February 5, 2015 -Editorial |

To say that the physical environment at the University of Guyana (UG) is disgraceful would be to make a colossal understatement.

Over the years, students have complained about, among other things, broken toilets, leaking roofs, damaged furniture, sweltering heat in some buildings as a result of damaged air conditioning units, animals roaming the campus and thick bushes in sections which encourage the breeding of mosquitoes and could provide cover from where bandits could pounce on unsuspecting passersby.   Continue reading

Breakfast, lunch and dinner: Have we always eaten them? – BBCNews

Neon sign for breakfast, lunch and dinner

British people – and many others across the world – have been brought up on the idea of three square meals a day as a normal eating pattern, but it wasn’t always that way.

People are repeatedly told the hallowed family dinner around a table is in decline and the UK is not the only country experiencing such change.

The case for breakfast, missed by many with deleterious effects, is that it makes us more alert, helps keep us trim and improves children’s work and behaviour at school.   Continue reading

Conference on Aging – Keynote Speaker Fritz Coleman – funny video!

Conference on Aging – Keynote Speaker Fritz Coleman

Published on May 30, 2014

Part Two – Senior Conference On Aging. Held at the First Church of the Nazarene of Pasadena. Keynote Speaker Fritz Coleman NBC4’s weathercaster is a Southern California broadcasting icon. NBS 4’s Weathercaster Plus standup comedian great weather report.

If you like this then check out Part One below ..Introduction and the start of his presentation which continued in Part Two above…

Part one – 2014 Conference on Aging Pasadena   Continue reading

8 ways the world could suddenly end: Stephen Petranek – TED video


8 ways the world could suddenly end: Stephen Petranek -at TEDxMidwest

Published on Mar 11, 2014

Unintentional “Dark Futurist”, Stephen Petranek, re-visits the subject matter of his original eleven year old TED Talk and offers the audience an extraordinarily sobering look at the eight critical issues that threaten human life on Earth.

Georgetown Guyana: The municipal markets -commentary

Georgetown Guyana: The municipal markets

On Monday some 40 Bourda Market stallholders marched down to City Hall furious over the fact that the market was not scheduled to open that day and they had not been informed in advance. That was not the only reason the vendors were incensed, it was, in fact, the last straw for them.

Unusually heavy rainfall last Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, coupled with ineffective drainage in the city saw most of Georgetown severely flooded on Thursday and Friday. The whys and wherefores have already been dealt with in this column, but Bourda poses a different issue.

Bourda is one of the four major markets in the city, three of which are still functioning at a reasonable capacity. Continue reading

What the people of the Amazon know that you don’t – Mark Plotkin- TED Video


Mark Plotkin: What the people of the Amazon know that you don’t

Published on Nov 24, 2014

“The greatest and most endangered species in the Amazon rainforest is not the jaguar or the harpy eagle,” says Mark Plotkin, “It’s the isolated and uncontacted tribes.” In an energetic and sobering talk, the ethnobotanist brings us into the world of the forest’s indigenous tribes and the incredible medicinal plants that their shamans use to heal. He outlines the challenges and perils that are endangering them — and their wisdom — and urges us to protect this irreplaceable repository of knowledge.
Continue reading

Minister Whittaker and the Georgetown flood – commentary

Minister Whittaker and the Georgetown flood

Posted By Stabroek News – Editorial On November 23, 2014


Flooded steet in Georgetown

After $500 million spent, a small army of ordinary citizens mobilized to manually clean drains, and excavators pressed into service to dredge the main canals, Georgetown experienced the worst flooding it has seen since 2005. So much for the ‘Clean up my Country’ campaign; at least now we know it was nothing more than a slogan.

And what excuses did the authorities have to offer citizens this time around? Well there sat Minister of Local Government Norman Whittaker at a press conference on Friday, not displaying even a hint of sheepishness. It was negligence on the part of the Mayor and City Council, he told reporters quite unabashedly, that was responsible for the flooding, but that drainage work conducted by the ministry had helped to alleviate the highest recorded rainfall level in decades. Warming to his topic, he then adopted a posture of faux contrition by telling the media that his ministry had failed to put enough pressure on the city council to deal adequately with the maintenance of flood prevention mechanisms before the rains came.   Continue reading


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